Track Listing
· Cyberdreamer
· When I Come Home
· How Good It Feels (1)
· A Million Miles (3)
· What If
· Look To See
· Righteous One (2)
· Misery Loves Company
· I Can't Run
· Neon Knights

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
· Westworld (3)
· Skin (2)
· Live
· Cyberdreams (1)

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Z Records
· Produced By: Westworld · Engineered By: Bruno Ravel
· Running Time: 47.58 · Genre: Melodic Rock
· Release Date: October 28 · Released: EU US JP
· WebLink: Westworld · LabelLink: Z Records

Westworld return for album number three. Their self titled debut started out as a project, with the band finding their feet. Skin was a more cohesive album with a darker vibe and somewhat retro rock vibe.
On Cyberdreams everything you could possibly hope for has come together for a simply brilliant melodic rock record that sees the guys nail every aspect needed for a great album.
This CD is the best produced album of the three – collectively produced by the band and expertly mixed by Bruno Ravel, there isn't a single note that's not clearly audible.
This is also the best set of songs the guys have written. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, making this one of the smoothest running albums in recent memory.
And best of all, this album is pure melodic rock bliss. Every single track has multiple hooks which get better with every listen.
As instantly memorable as many of the tracks are, the real beauty of this record is the extra layers that are revealed with each listen, thanks to some intelligent songwriting and excellent production.
Cyberdreams retains the vibe the band created on the first two albums, but is even more melodically enhanced – it reveals a very commercial side to the band that I am sure will strike a chord with old and new fans. The overall style remains dark, but in places the choruses are pure pop. It's that contrast that I really love about this band and in particular, this album.
Tony Harnell puts in the best vocal performance I have heard in years, dominating the record with some big vocals. The rhythm section is as tight as ever, lightening up some after the moody vibe of Skin. And Mark Reale riffs hard when needed, provides some blistering solos, but also plays with some refined and truly melodic harmonics not previously heard from him.
Cyberdreamer was previewed here earlier, so should be familiar to most. The track features a moody feel not unfamiliar to Skin, with the band seemingly starting out where they left off. String orchestration through the track adds great depth and feel.
A strong beat kicks off When I Come Home, a solid hard rocker that lifts the tempo from the opening track. It's right here you are truly aware that this band now has their own sound.
It's a verse – bridge - chorus affair, with the song likely to appeal to classic TNT fans, just with that Westworld feel. It's not a huge chorus, but the authority with which it is sung makes it a classic. There are some classic Harnell high notes featured as the song goes on.
How Good It Feels again features a solid, heavy rhythm and strong guitar break. The verse features Harnell in dark and moody mode, but then this monster melodic chorus crashes through, with one of the better instant classic hooks of the year. A dark rocker, with a feel good heart. Immaculately produced.
The intro to A Million Miles is classic Westworld – seemingly dark and moody, yet it features a cool melodic guitar riff riding over it. The song detour's for the bridge, seemingly getting the listener ready for something else and sure enough, totally back flips when the big happy-go-lucky melodic chorus bursts through. The songs continues to feature a great contrast between the darker verse and the very uptempo, happy pop-rock verse, piano accompaniment included!
What If is another track that clearly stamps out the band's distinct sound. This is another cool song of contrasts. The intro is layered synth/keyboards solo, moving into a dark and heavy guitar riff, added to by an effects-filled lead vocal. The songs builds into a really rocking, but slow tempo'd moody rock ballad, with pounding rhythm and again features a verse – bridge - chorus set up.
Look To See is the only real slow ballad of the album. This track features a piano lead, with acoustic guitar joining in eventually. The soft ballad retains a dark mood, with orchestration adding more depth. Tony's haunting vocals give the listener a sense that the song is about to explode. I'll leave it for you to discover if it does or not. The great piano parts here and on the whole album are supplied by Ice Age's vocalist/keyboardist Josh Pincus, who is now an associate member of Westworld.
It's time to rock again and Righteous One does just that. Leading off with another heavy guitar riff and some additional soloing, the song features another classic Harnell / TNT vocal. Then there's the chorus – great stuff!
It gets better with every listen, with the chorus short in length first up and then longer with each occurrence. It's a big rocking track this one and the very melodic chorus is an instant classic. The addition of keyboards within the chorus just add to the melodic change of pace. Lyrically and stylistically, this track is an aggressive burst of venom!
Misery Loves Company lightens things up just a touch. At least, it isn't as aggressive as Righteous One. This is a mid tempo rocker that features another strong chorus that is more melodic than the rest of the song. Add in an acoustic and then electric lead break mid-track and it makes an interesting listen.
And that's the whole point isn't it? Make the choruses stand out so the listener loves both parts of the song structure. This band does it time and time again on this album and I suggest some other artists that seem unable to do as such, should take a listen to this.
I Can't Run continues the mid-to-uptempo vibe, with another strong guitar track. This one isn't as instant as some other tracks, but adds texture and contrast to the album, varying the pace, without sounding out of place, brilliantly.
And what better way to close the album than a blistering rendition of the Ronnie Dio sung Black Sabbath number Neon Knights.
This is possibly the heaviest and most aggressive track the buys have put down on record. What a huge effort from all – they nail this track with their own individual style clearly stamped on it. But boy, does it rock!

The Bottom Line
Where do I start? Simply put, the album improves on every aspect of the band's first two albums - which were already great records. It's the sharpness in production quality, melodic hooks in the fabulous songs and the sheer likeability of the album as a whole that leads to a high mark like this.
The songs are just so good...
There's not much more you could ask of any band - these guys have truly delivered with this album.
Sundries - Artwork is interesting, and running time and song order is just about perfect. No fillers in sight here.
For me - one of the best albums of the year. It's moves the melodic rock cause into the future, while retaining the best elements of the past.

Line Up
· Tony Harnell: Vocals
· Mark Reale: Guitar
· John O Reilly: Drums
· Bruno Ravel: Bass
· Josh Pincus: Keyboards

Additional Ratings

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27/09/04: Charlie B -
Rating: 100
So consistent it hurts. Not a bad or weak moment.

Cyberdreamer - An incredible opener, and one of my favourite Westworld songs. Tony's vocal talent shines so strongly.

When I Come Home - Great, flowing and brilliant.

How Good It Feels - Takes you along like the shooting star Tony sings about.... er... yeah, another great piece.

A Million Miles - The clever contrast is so flawless I could listen to it all day.

What If - blew me away the first time I heard it. So intense in the chorus, the verse can be deceptive.

Look To See - A break from the powerful stuff, and great at it. Soft in Limbo style, just without the perfect guitar solo at the end.

Righteous One - Clever, witty and strong. Tony sings brilliantly as usual, and I love the bridge and chorus.

Misery Loves Company - Tony's intense vocal blows you away on the bridge, but the chorus is slightly dull in comparison. Still, it's not flawed. Another great song.

I Can't Run - slow, but so strong. It draws the album to its closing stages nicely, smooth and flowing and powerful.

Neon Nights - A perfect closing song. Roaring, fast and raw. Reale takes the guitar solo to a new level.

Beautiful (Japanese bonus track) - If you get this, then be happy. It's awesome. Complements Neon Nights very well, because one is about falling in love and this is about that love breaking down.

Bur. Perfect, flawless and something I listen to all the time.

25/06/04: guillermo -
Rating: 85
un album con buenas canciones pero ninguna sobresaliente.

15/01/04: Sneider -
Rating: 100
One of the best CDs I've ever owned. I play this one all the time and never get tired of it! I haven't been this crazy about an album since Kip Winger's Songs From The Ocean Floor.

22/08/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 88
What a great, pleasant surprise ! Fantastic hardrock, never expected this from Westworld ! The best Z Records ever released. Great ! And 88, that's superb !

14/07/03: eddie -
Rating: 95
Fantastic melodic hard rock at its best.
Superb melodies, heavenly vocal harmonies , out of this world lead vocals. Comes very highly recommended.

Thanks Andrew for your great review !!!

12/06/03: Adrian Jenkins -
Rating: 100
Thanks, Tony,Bruno and Westworld. It's refreshing to hear a great hard, melodic music CD nowadays. It puts faith that there is still some great music to be heard.

18/04/03: Tom Timmermans -
Rating: 99
Amazin'! I know this has been out for a while, but this record is not that available where I live. Ordered it and had to wait two months to get it.

Well, it was worth it. Ordered it together with the also fantastic III from Giant and Not 4 Sale by Sammy Hagar. This one's the best of the three, I figure.

The opening, ominous sounding keyboards made me think of Van Hagar's Why Can't This Be Love. Cyberdreamer reminded me of a more down to earth Dream Theater with its tight riffs and high vocals.

The rhythm section is tight and although Mark Reale's riffs are heavy... The choruses are usually catchier than a flu in December! Their heavy verse - melodic chorus songwriting reminded me a bit of Europe's Out Of This World album. Of course with a more modern sound.

I love Mark's sound. It's not overly processed yet very in-yer-face. Tony's voice is great. He seems to sing with tremendous ease and effortlessness. Not like some, who sound like their lungs are about to pop out of their chest.

Neon Knights is a great cover. The music is kept very "Sabbathy" and the vocals here made me think of Dio. Or Tony... Can't remember his last name. The Tony who sang on a.o. The Headless Cross and Tyr.

This is truly great stuff. You know how sometimes you listen to an album and it's just... It's just all there. You couldn't change one note to make it better. Steve Vai's Alien Love Secrets EP for example. Well, Cyberdreams is that kind of album.

Now stop reading my rantings and buy this album!

22/03/03: Daymond -
Rating: 100
By far the best CD I have purchased in YEARS. If you are even looking at this website, you absolutely must purchase this CD. Have you ever listened to a CD at work for 8 hours straight, and then again on your commute home, and still not tire of it? I have, and this is the CD. Every listen is better than the last. Absolutely phenomenal lyrics and vocals by Tony Harnell. After buying TNT's "Transistor" and then purchasing this, I came to the conclusion Tony was saving all the good stuff for WESTWORLD. Hopefully TNT's new album will be more like WESTWORLD. Phenonmenal musicianship throughout and absolutely no filler whatsoever. 10 great songs in perfect order(11 if you get the Japanese pressing or download "Beautiful" from their website). This album should have sold 10 million copies easily if times were different. Might as well put away some additional cash, cuz once you buy this, you will want their first two efforts. The first album is almost as good as this one! While your are at it, pick up Tony Harnell and Morning Wood as well. I think after purchasing over 700 CD's, I've finally found the diamond in the rough. Thanks guys! Can anyone arrange to have them open for Def Leppard? I'm going to see them next month, and this combo would be perfect!

13/02/03: Tony O'Grady -
Rating: 98
This CD took 2 or 3 listens to get to know the songs enough to make up my mind about it...on listen no.4, it hit me* This cd is a modern classic,I have been listening AOR,rock,classic rock,metal.for many many years,and i just love's got power riffs galore,topped with lush vocals, A must for any self respecting music lover of any genre....great stuff.

22/01/03: John Ferguson -
Rating: 100
In many ways Westworld are the finest melodic rock band in the world today as they have taken the classic themes and reshaped them into a tour-de-force which has set a new bench mark in the genre. As a singer, Tony Harnell is quite simply awesome. ( If this album doesn't convince all, check out Tony's Morning Wood CD)

19/01/03: James -
Rating: 100

It was a long time coming and with great anticipation to hear the 3rd installment in this bands ever growing catalog. Westworld for a number of years now (oh how fast 5 years can go by) has been one of those bands that I look forward to a new release on a higher level than most bands.

With this release, the band firmly plants their foot in the melodic hard rock stable whilst continuing to give us the glorious melodies and deep lyrics that I have been so accustomed to by now. Except that with this release, they turn it up a notch (if that's possible) which to be honest, was not surprised at all to see. I was expecting them to outdo themselves, which they did.

The thing that separates this disc with their two prior ones in the most immediate way, is the production and mixing of the disc. This is easily their best sounding to date. Bassist Bruno Ravel did a wondeful job in getting the best possible sound out of the band. This reminded me alot of Danger Danger's "The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves" in terms of that full and lush sound.

The other thing where they keep growing and growing is in the ability to write a great catchy, melody and chorus. They've always been able to since their debut,which was filled with great harmonies and choruses all the like. It's just that here they bring it to such a dramatic forefront, that it becomes intoxicating as you go through each song on the disc.

Their previous two discs I liked tremendously, so much so that I thought the debut was a perfect cd. I thought it was one of the best debut releases from any band ...ever. "Skin" was a great follow up to the first, although the experimentation of a track or two kept it from being on the same level, even if it wasn't 'that' far off. Cyberdreams for just the little amount of time it's been out, I can safely say surpasses the greatness of both of those.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that lyrically this is the best that vocalist Tony Harnell has done. That's saying quite a bit since he wrote some very deep songs on the first two disc, i.e. "Black Shadow Sympony", "Limbo", "Little Voices", etc... I would love to just be able to be in one the writing sessions to see how he comes up with some of these ideas to put into words. Escpecially for somebody like me where the lyrics in a song mean alot. Listening to a song such as "What If?" you can hear the conviction of his beliefs for believing in world peace and a better place for all to live. That is just one example from the many that I conjure up while listening to this.

Vocally, Tony is once again in fine form. No surprises here. His range is quite diverse, showing that he still has it after all these years in his ability to hit the high notes and also in his mid range (which is still sonically high). Mark Reale very quietly shows as he always has, what a tremendous and gifted guitarist he is. He comes up with some incredible chops and riffs all the while maintaining the oh so important melody.

One of the things where I think we finally get to see, is the creative genius of one John O'Reilly on drums. Not sure if it was the production or what have you, but he really seems to stand out on this disc more than the others. Bruno manages to also put some tasty bass lines in, so they're heard alot more clearly on here.

Here's a rundown of my thoughts on a song by song:

Cyberdreamer - The opening keyboard segue from Josh Pincus brings to mind a very atmospheric and retro sound that gives this song real depth. Josh's influence from his progressive band Ice Age really shows on here in a very haunting, magnificent way. The song while being retro in nature, is also very futuristic as in the lyrical content, and Tony makes sure that the listener gets the message with the way he projects each line. One of my favorite moments is the emotion that he puts in the song towards the end in the line "and love is everythiiiing" so delicately, yet so heartfelt with conviction. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful spoken part done by Judi Harnick (who doubles as the band's manager). The way she says "we are love", you'd think she has more than just her daytime job, hehe... ;-)

When I Come Home - Very cool riffage from Mark to open the song seguing into what is one heck of a catchy tune. It's nice to be able to dissect a song like this because you can hear so many different takes on it, yet like Tony says...nobody is wrong! It's all up to the listener, and I what I get out of this is somebody who grew up in a place where he was pushed around and not thought of very highly. He's determined to go back to this place after many years and show them what a person he's become and that I'm not the same anymore. Look at me! Of course, YIMV (your interpretation may vary).

Feels So Good - Maybe one of the more uplifting, positive songs on the whole album and probably that they've ever done. Just a feel good sing along with more catchy melodies and hooks. I get a "Realized Fantasies" vibe on this one in the guitar riff and tone. Harpens me back to a song like "Mother Warned Me About You". This is what I would call a car tune. Nice one to cruise down the highway with the top down cranking out to the speakers as the wind blows in your face.

Million Miles - Possibly my favorite song from the cd. One of those songs that gives me goosebumps. Features Mark's choppy, spine tingling guitar to Tony's emotionally charged vocal prowess. At first I thought this song dealt with two people that were physically far away from each other, but I was soon pointed to and realized after reading the lyrics closer, that it was really on an emotional level. Just the fact that it made me think about what it meant, is a winner in my book. Add to that, the voice, the music and you have yourself one fine tune.

What If - This is in my opinion the best song Tony has ever written. The lyrics are superb and very personal. It deals in the concept of 'What If' we had a better place to live? 'What If' there was peace tonight? (love that line!) This is another one of those bone chiller songs that you should be prepared to get goosebumps with. There are so many genuinely well written lines on here with a strong message, that it's hard to not fall in love with this song. This is especially a song that hits on a real meaningful level considering the aftermath of 9/11, and the fact that we could be on the verge of war. "What if there was no addictions, no enemies...what if everyone was free...what if we could have whatever we believe...what if we could" AMAZING.

Look To See - Talk about emotion in a song! They really know how to pen a good ballad, and this one ranks right up there with "Limbo" as their best. Not only is it an emotional song, but one with major hooks and melody. This is how a well done AOR ballad should be done.

Righteous One - Kind of a tongue in cheeck lyrical approach to this one is what I get. Perhaps their heaviest song outside of the Neon Knight cover. Just another one of those fun songs that doesn't challenge the mind lyrically so much, but one that possesses a nice groove. Possibly their most commercial sounding song and maybe my least fave on the disc, but still a very good tune.

Misery Loves Company - Just from the title of the song, you'd think this is another tongue in cheek song, but that's not the case at all. The lyrics are very insightful in that almost anybody will be able to relate to at some point. One of my favorites lines... "I don't wanna say to my children, you know daddy could have been" is so eloquently put because I think any man strives to be the best he can be to make their children proud. The song starts off with an intoxicating and highly addictive riff from Mark that just refuses to let you go. Another one of my favorites for sure.

I Can't Run - This is my sleeper pick on the cd. A real hidden gem that may not get as much props because it's towards the end of the cd behind all these excellent songs before it....but this is an excellent track in it's own right. The chorus is awesome with a catchy sing along, and Mark's solo is beautiful...probably the best on the entire cd. It starts kinda melancholy and then he just lets it rip for an extended, long winded solo. Some great stuff on here.

Neon Knights - This is easily the heaviest tune ever recorded under the Westworld name. Mark gets a nice beefy tone to really do this song justice in a big time way. They keep it pretty true to the original which is fine by me. It's so nice to hear Tony do the rendition of this classic song. This song has been covered many times by different bands, but I have to say that (in a biased way, but still) that this is the best I've heard.

Beautiful - It's amazing to think that this is a Japanese bonus track, yet still managed to make it's way to being the #1 song of 2002 at!! That is quite an accomplishment and kudos & congratulations to the band. Talk about a highly catchy chorus. I can see how this one was voted as such. I'm sure it was hard for the band to decide on what song to relegate as being the bonus, because no matter what, they were going to get a good one.

I would say that on this disc you could hear a more positive vibe going on than on the darker, more brooding "Skin" or the moodier debut. It sounds like it must have been a fun disc to record, and hopefully it'll be yet another appetizer of more things to come.

If you haven't heard this disc, do yourself a favor and get it now! You can easily get it from the bands website at or any fine music store.

My rating: **10/10**


13/01/03: chris -
Rating: 97
I just read this Kevins comment. Kevin, Lou and Steve are great vocalists. I have seen Tony live many times, have you? He is a "Beyond amazing" vocalist" and i can guarantee that Steve and Lou would agree. He can literally do anything. Also, he has tons of soul and great phrasing. You cannot compare apples to oranges! So, I appreciate you loving good music . However, that comment was immature. You don't know the dynamics that go into the studio etc. Trust me, Tony is right there with Dio. Iv'e been a hard rock vocalist/bassist for 20 years and have seen them all! Tony is , objectively one of the best.

13/01/03: anthony britt -
Rating: 70
lacks balls! I now know not to just pay money for what others think.

10/01/03: Howard Arenz -
Rating: 100
This is my favorite WESTWORLD cd so far. I love every song, there isn't one song I skip while listening. All I can say is Tony,Mark,Bruno,John and Josh thank you for a KICK ASS CD. If you don't buy this one you are missing one ROCKIN cd.

31/12/02: Tony Harnell -
Rating: 0
To Kevin, I would usually not bother debating someone's negative opinion of me, but in this case I just have to say something.

First of all I do not strive to sound like the people you obviously like. Also, you have never heard me sing music outside this genre live and that I promise you would make you feel stupid for your comments below. My soulfullness being in question is just an uninformed comment. But I am not Steve or Lou and though I love their voices am not the same kind of singer in this type of music. Westworld isn't even close to sounding like Journey or Foreigner. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

Finally, I sing in a pretty "held back" style on these albums, in some ways to please a certain type of listener. It works for many, not for all. I didn't produce this album and was therefore guidied to an extent by the producer for what was right for the songs in his opinion. I think he was right in how he produced me. I think the subtley soulfull approach worked more than an over the top fake soulfull thing that so many incorporate these days.

Funnily enough I have had a similar problem with TNT.

Wait till the solo stuff. I don't need the world to love my singing, but I love to make people eat their words. Most people who have heard me sing live feel that I have yet to record an album which truly represents my ability. This is a major source of frustration for me as you can imagine. Maybe hard rock isn't the vehicle for me in the long run. One thing is for sure, I love it.

Thanks for your opinion though. I appreciate all comments.

Cheers, Tony

30/12/02: Chris Ryan -
Rating: 95
I should give this a 100% rating, but it's too early to tell if this will truly become a "classic" CD. It is by far the best Westworld CD, and is MUCH more listenable than 99% of the crap thats on the radio these days. It is truly a crime that this CD will probably go unnoticed by radio and video all over the world. had this been released in 1987 Westworld would have been one of the biggest bands in the world. Cudos to the band for sticking to their guns and playing from the heart. The Japanese understand this music, why do us anglos rely on radio and MTV to dictate whats cool and whats not! American radio programmers should be ashamed NOT to put this in rotation. Oh well, keep melodic rock alive. Check out Hardline 2 and Hughes Turner Project. AWESOME stuff.

21/12/02: David Collins -
Rating: 87
This is a very good CD although, unfortunately, there is something that is just not right although I can't exactly put my finger on it as of yet. (Perhaps, it is the fact that Tony Harnell's vocals tend to overpower the music throughout this CD.)

The first four songs on Cyberdreams are killer gems that have a rather modern rock appeal that even incorporate a little funk. The highlights of these songs features guitarist Mark Reale who reaches into his bag of tricks and throws out some old-fashioned "guitar shredding par excellence". I know that many musicians have succumbed to the notion that long guitar solos are no longer applicable to modern rock music. However, if this album ever gets the exposure that it deserves and reaches platinum sales status, Mark's axemanship on this album may hopefully cause many to rethink this ignorant philosophy.

Unfortunately, some of the momentum starts to fall off as the fifth song begins. (It's not that the later songs are inferior as much as it is the running order of the songs on the CD.) Anyway, by song eight, I found myself to be a little bored even after repeated listenings. However, Westworld does close this album with a very good cover of Black Sabbath's Neon Knights. This song is very heavy and it stays pretty much true to the original Sabbath version. Overall, it is a very good cover song. In fact, Mark Reales' guitar playing is superior to Tony Iommi's although I still prefer Dio's vocals to Tony Harnell's. (Dio just has the power, grit, and rock n' roll charisma that Harnell's vocal style seems to lack.)

In fact, if you listen to Westworld's version of Neon Knights and compare it with Black Sabbath's original version, you start exposing the main fault with this album--the production. Perhaps, Westworld and Bruno Ravel are just following "The 2003 Guidelines for a Good Rock n' Roll Production" which include an overpowering bass and an underpowered guitar. Nevertheless, to Bruno's credit, all of the instruments are clearly audible and their is some very creative studio wizardry demonstrated on this album.

However, deep down inside I feel like the production for this CD (and to some degree the mix) was overly-influened by Tony Harnell. I think that the strong points of this album (Reale's axemanship) should clearly standout and be much more dominant than they are on this CD. Another thing I don't like about the overall production of this album is the fact that I think that Tony Harnell's lead vocals overpower the music itself. Although Tony has a great voice, this CD features some very heavy music and I think that it is a sin to have overpowering lead vocals on a really musically-heavy CD.

With all things being considered, Cyberdreams is definitely better than Westworld's last and rather disappointing studio effort, "Skin". However, many may argue (including myself) that Cyberdreams is not as good as the debut, which features better songwriting, a slicker production, and more melodic rock appeal. On the other hand, Cyberdreams does have its good points including the fact that the band is starting to finally develop a very strong and unique musical style--a process that began rather unsuccessfully with "Skin", but has since been improved and refined in this latest release.

One must remember that Westworld was originally a collaboration between Tony Harnell (TNT), the band's singer and leader, and guitarist and co-leader Mark Reale (Riot). Paul Orofino who did some of the production/engineering work on the first two albums talked the band into picking up Bruno Ravel of Danger Danger to play bass.

Although the first Westworld CD was more like a one-time collaboration project between various artists of different bands rather than a true band, one of the most positive things about Cyberdreams is the fact that the band as a whole is starting to finally gel. The tremendously talented Bruno Ravel sees his role expand beyond that of a bass player. First of all, Bruno has now been given the opportunity to contribute creatively and co-wrote at least half of the songs on Cyberdreams with Harnell and Reale. Secondly, The "Mutt-Lange of Queens" (Ravel) has definitely taken a more active roles in the production of the CD as well as being the principle engineer and mixer.

One of the things that I like best about Cyberdreams is the fact that it is a very musically advanced album. Not only does this album have a lot of attitude, the music is carefully chosen for and blended with the lyrics so that each song incorporates its own unique "MOOD. In my opinion, one of the biggest injustices done to rock n' roll over the past 20 years, is the fact that the recording industry no longer seems to recognize the value of carefully crafted "MOOD". When "MOOD" is carefully crafted both the lyrics and the music are totally integrated and equally important. Mood was a very prominent element in music from the 60's, 70's, and the early 80's. (Listen to the older albums by such groups as Led Zeppelin, Yes, Queen, Rush, Kansas, Deep Purple, Boston (as in the first 3 albums, definitely not the new Corporate America bullshit).

There have been a few exceptions over the past 20 years of good rock n' roll that recognizes the importance of Mood. This includes Queensryche (Empire and Mindcrime) and many of the Dream Theatre CD's. Interestingly, I find a remarkable similarity between Westworld's Cyberdreams and Dream Theatre that goes beyond the similarities in the sharp piercing vocal styles of Tony Harnell and James Labrie.

I'm really looking forward to the next Westworld release. This band really has the potential for greatness. No doubt about it!

21/12/02: Jason Bullinger -
Rating: 90
A very solid album from a group of very talented musicians. I don't consider it a classic yet. Andrew's 98 rating has to be taken for what it is. I do think there are a few fillers on this release. The best song by far is "What if" Very cool. I would not have include any keyboards. It softens the guitar and overall hard edge. By far better than a lot of music out today. Tony is amazing!

18/12/02: Hanuk Baac - temporarily unavailable
Rating: 83
Starts off strong but loses the attitude after the first half. Still very good melodic rock album.

04/12/02: Don Hosler -
Rating: 100
This is just a comment on the post immediately below...
If Tony Harnell and the guy from Creed were in a singing contest, Tony would emerge victorious in just about every aspect - must certainly RANGE (as the Creed dude is always montone!) as well as emotion and feeling. What the hell is this guy listening to ? And I'd put Tony right up there with Steve Perry and Lou Gramm any day of the week...both are great singers, granted, but Tony stands on his own as a melodic force to be reckoned with ! There is absolutely NOTHING missing from this CD's perfect !

01/12/02: Kevin Betts -
Rating: 85
Difficult to describe what stops this album rating 'classic' status, at least as I see it. It sounds great, the band members all play/sing at the top of their game, I play it often yet, ... yet ... The songs lack that 'killer hook' that make for a true classic album - think 'Escape' by Journey or 'Foreigner 4' or (on a more contemporary note) 'Weathered' by Creed. They all have those moments that make your spine 'tingle' (or whatever). It simply isn't there on 'Cyberdreams'. I would place the blame squarely at the feet of Tony Harnell! Let me be clear, he IS a very good vocalist but he ain't Steve Perry, Lou Gramm, or Ronnie Dio. For me his voice lacks that Xtra, that 'soul', that 'feel', that defines the true greats. It doesn't stop me playing the album and enjoying it but ... to many buts for me!

15/11/02: Kevin B -
Rating: 98
Super melodic music wih the absolute BEST vocalist in the world, Tony Harnell!! These guys are AWESOWE! A must have cd for those who love melodic music played by top notch musicians! GO GET IT!! Great job guys!!!!

13/11/02: Kelly - kelly61614
Rating: 100
This is an awesome cd, one of the best of 2002. Wonderfully done, A must buy for everyone. Great job guys.
Thanks for the music.

12/11/02: Kevin -
Rating: 100
This album totally rocks from the opening song "Cyberdreamer" to the closing track cover of Black Sabbath's "Neon Knights". Not 1 filler song! The WW guys have gotten better with each new cd. The sound is totally fresh and the production by Bruno is excellent. Songs that stick in your head and have you singing along with Tony Harnell's awesome vocals. Kudos to the WW gang for a superb cd!!!!!!! This band deserves to be huge. Treat yourself , GO BUY THIS CD!!

Dont forget to check out the website, post in the forum or join in the chat room!! Everyone's welcome.

12/11/02: Jason R -
Rating: 95
...great album with some real hook filled tunes like 'How Good It Feels' & 'A Million Miles'. Plus a awesome cover of Sabbath's 'Neon Knights'. If you like melodic hard rock, esp. Night Ranger - then buy this CD.

09/11/02: Steve15 -
Rating: 95
Just listened to the Cyberdreams cd VERY COOL!!!
It's the best cd i've heard since their last studio cd SKIN.
It's not as heavy as skin But the Production is better!
Tony really sings his heart out. There isn't another singer that can touch him!!! These guys should leave their other bands & commit 100% to WESTWORLD!!! It doesn't get any better!!!

09/11/02: don watson -
Rating: 99
All I can say is WOW!!!! I agree with all reviews so far. I am estatic that there is still a band playing this type of music. The down side is, it does not seem fair that this cd will probably not sell millions like it deserves. Ten times better than DEF'S new one!!!

08/11/02: SunlessStar -
Rating: 100
I love "westworld" and "Skin", but this is the best!
Tony is awesome. He´s a master... There´s nothing more to say
If you like TNT or the other WestWorld albums: buy Ciberdreams!

06/11/02: P77 -
Rating: 100
Without a doubt, this is the best cd of 2002!!
This cd has more melody than the previous two studio efforts. Tony's vocals are as ever brilliant, the band sound tighter, the music and production more focused. the cd has been excellently engineered(courtesy of Mr Bruno Ravel), each and every track a rock masterpiece.
CYBERDREAMS is a cd of real quality, standout tracks here are: Cyberdreamer/A million miles/what if? and Look to see.
a real megetastic experience!!
westworld have shown us what a great Rock cd is made of.....come back and play here in the UK again guys!!!
Astra, Jude and Wiz

05/11/02: Randy -
Rating: 100
Absolutely the best rock album of 2002. The first two releases by these guys were very good but the one thing they were lacking were the showcasing of Tony Harnells vocals. This time around the record really lets Tony shine. This is probably the best vocal effort of his career. The songs are great and the production could not have been better. If you like this band this cd is a must no doubt. If you don't like this band you must be crazy!

04/11/02: Tracey -
Rating: 100
In my opinion, this is the best WW album to date! An absolute must have!!! It is very crisp, the lyrics are awesome, the melodies are superb, and the production is very tight. The music absolutely rocks and Tony has never sounded better! There are so many catchy songs, there's no way I could pick a favorite. I was completely blown away on the first listen!! If you don't own it yet, I highly reccommend you add it to your collection ASAP!!!

Don't forget to visit (you can purchase your copy from there!) Drop in and say hi to the guys - post a comment on their forum... let them know what you think!!! :)

03/11/02: Joel Red -
Rating: 100
this is the album that all heavy metal and rock fans wanted to have. It has the best of the 80's hard rock and metal with this unique 2000 melodic sound that makes it the ultimate all around album of the for it you won't be disapointed.

03/11/02: Heather Cooper -
Rating: 100
I can't say enough great things about this record. I enjoyed the two previous albums but WW has outdone themselves with this album. The songwriting is not as dark and moody as skin but more upbeat. The songs seem more melodic but the guitar playing is heavier. Mark Reale has really stepped up to the plate with his guitar playing on this one. He ABSOLUTELY SHREADS!!!!!!!!! Tony's voice has never sounded better. If you are already a WestWorld fan then Cyberdreams is a must have and if your not already a fan then this album will make a fan out of you!

02/11/02: kittipong -
Rating: 100
This is one the best melodic rock I have listening in this year. A must for all listener in ROCK genre!!

29/10/02: Gav Bolton -
Rating: 100
What can I say about this album?!!!! Without doubt the most accessable Westworld album to date! Intelligent songwriting, monster sound and killer hooks! Streets ahead of anything else on the indie scene right now, this album should set the standard for melodic rock in the millennium. A classic!

29/10/02: Don Hosler -
Rating: 100
Don't know what else to say but this CD is an absolute monster. Tony has never sounded better, and songs have more hooks than anything these guys have ever done. While there may be slight touches of modern overtones and undercurrents, there is thankfully no bandwagon jumping at work here - and the harmonies are awesome. If you miss the way rock and roll used to be, then for God's sake buy this CD !

26/10/02: Daniel -
Rating: 99
Finally it is out, the new album by "Cyberdreams" by Westworld and it was surely worth the wait. This band could be the link between the glorious eighties and the new millennium as Westworld combines the energy and positive vibe of former days with today's standards of what intelligent melodic rock should sound like. Needless to mention that the musicianship and songwriting are suberb.
The Japanese version of "Cyberworld" contains a bonus track titeled "Beautiful", a cool song which grooves and has a great hookline.
Hopefully this great band will get the recognition it deserves.
Thank you for the music!

21/10/02: jose j. maya -
Rating: 99
the best new band in the world

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