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Record Heaven RHCD042
Produced by: Vick LeCar

Released: OUT / Website
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. I Don't Want You
  2. Son Of A Witch
  3. Never Stranded
  4. Between Heaven & Hell
  5. Take My Hand
  6. Run Like A River
  7. Turn & Burn
  8. In New York City
  9. One More Shot
  10. Condor Pass

This album is a hybrid of a few different styles. It's roots lie in heavy retro 70's style heavy blues hard rock and a more contemporary style with a more modern aggressive edge to several tracks.
The best part is the soloing and heavy guitar riffing of the album's creator Vick Le Car.
There are plenty pf great solo's and examples of fancy playing, but the great thing is there is plenty of heavy guitar riffs and solid song bases.
Vocalist Ed Terry does an admirable job of providing some big over the top vocals in most places, in the inimitable style of Joe Lynn Turner - further adding to the blues base of the album.
On some tracks like Never Stranded and Between Heaven & Hell, things work close to perfectly.
On a few other tracks like the big power blues ballad Run Like A River, things don't quite match potential. I think songs like that call for a singer with a little more soul, rather than the gravelly rasp of Ed Terry. As good as he is in other places, this is where he falls short.
Joe Lynn Turner sung on the 4 track demo that launched this album, and he had the range to deliver on such tracks.
This is however, primarily a blues hard rock album, and for that cause, Terry does a good job.
BOTTOM LINE: The album could have gone two ways - a smoother melodic rock sound or the darker bluesier and more contemporary route. It chose the latter. It's a solid album of bluesy hard driving songs, with the best part of the album being Vick's guitar playing and the strong songwriting involved.
Definitely room for improvements, but a very promising start and over all a very good debut CD.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of blues driven hard rock, fans of darker, moodier sounds.

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