1. Neworld
  2. Without You
  3. One I Want
  4. From Afar
  5. Dirty Water Dog
  6. Once
  7. Fire In The Hole
  8. Josephina
  9. A Year To The Day
  10. Primary
  11. Ballot Or The Bullet
  12. How Many Say I

So where do I start here?
First and foremost, I am a Sammy Hagar fan, and never have been a fan of Gary Cherone. Strike One Van Halen. Secondly, if the band were to go on without Sammy, Dave was my choice to lead the nostalgia train. Strike two Van Halen.
But all that aside - what about the record?
Okay - this album is a rocking album. No denying that. Eddie plays like a demon all over it, and sounds great for it. The production is great - no worries there.
The main problems I see are these: The songs just aren't as strong as in previous efforts. Some tracks sound like the rejected ones from the Balance record. Others just don't cut it.
This album took me around 15 listens to get into, and I liked it from there on, but I am not sure your average fan will have as much patience.
Cherone in most places has extended his vocal range to include just about all of Sammy Hagar's manerisms, and while screaming to hit the high notes, struggles to fill Hagar's shoes.
Surprisingly, the songs where Gary sounds the best, and rather good even, is where he is alowed to sing the most naturally. This surprised me, and makes me wonder if the band shouldn't have taken a more radical departure from the past.
There are a few great moments on the record where the band take a chance, and come out on top. This also enforces my theory that they should have really gone for it, rahter than the play safe - please everybody attitude.
To the songs:
The album kicks off with Without You, the first single and most recognisable Van Halen classic. The songs matches Sammy's vocal sound, with something like the Dave sung Me Wise Magic from the 'Best Of' album. A likeable song, and a grower.
One I Want is where the band take a rare moment to extend themselves, and come out winners. This song is one of the highlight so the album, and Gary soundds great. It's a heavy track, that seems to get heavier with every listen. Some smoking guitar and a killer finish. A very Sammy vocal in the chorus and the end, but a big rock track that will please most die hard fans.
From Afar is another track that highlights the good points of Gary's singing, with both a high and a very low range used. Good pace changes and some cool work from Alex. One of the tracks that wins on VHIII, and one that helps the album get off to a good start.
Dirty Water Dog is a track that I initially thought was a throwaway track, but on about the 10th listen go right into the groove, and like it. The vocal is more natural, and Gary's use of that low growl goes down very well. This will be very cool live.
Once was a track that I hated first up, but after several listens was the first one I wanted to go back to. Same sort of vibe as Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight, it is a real departure for VH, and has a moody new age rhythm, that builds to a classic smoking but restrained Eddie solo, and some really cool dum rhythms and melodies. The sort of track they may be critisized for, but is actually rather classy.
Fire In The Hole is unfortunately on of the tracks that no matter how much I play it, it still sounds like a Balance reject. An average rocker, with a very average chorus.
Josephina is the track that held the album back amonth, for the label to ad the song. They liked it that much! Now I can see how they liked it, as it is a cleaver pop/rock track with a darker undertone, that weaves through some nice time changes, but I would never say it would be a single, adding to the intrigue of why would they hold back an album for a song that isn't a sure fire hit. (Which this album lacks and needs)
A Year To The Day is another track that I just cannot get enthusiastic about. A big ballad with a big Sammy vocal and very similar to that of Feelings from the Balance record. Just not emotionally convicing, as Gary screams way too much, losing all credabilty.
Ballot Or The Bullet , while seems like another Balance reject, actually grows quite nicely on you as the listens wear on. I didn't like it at all to start with, but it is quite a groover, and much like the very old VH.
How Many Say I will be hated by some and loved for it's difference by others. I think it is pretty cool, and original at least, but not a classic. Eddie's lead vocal takes some getting used to. I Like it!
So the verdict is great when it's great, and below par when it ain't great!
On a whole - dissapointing. It could have been a lot more if the band had of gone out on a wing like they did with 5150 and Sammy's arrival.
Some will love the album, others are going to hate it with a passion.
My opinion is that it wil not really win over any new fans, just alienate old ones.
For those who have the patience to stay with it, and listen hard and long - you will get something more out of it. I did.
Final word - a good rock album - but not and nowhere near a classic.

27/08/07: Van Hail In -
Almost 10 years of nothing. What Happened to VH?

I loved Dave and Sammy both.

Van Halen III was just a bad dream.

Let's hope Dave sticks around a while this time.

30/07/07: VH 78-85 rocks -
CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! No comparison to roth amazing raspy, bluesy voice. Its if all of Van halens energy just stoped, its as if they did not even care anymore. Gary cant be hagar, I respect Gary cherone but trying to be hagar terrible choice. This album was just a bad move for Van Halen. Eddie best damn guitar player in the world Alex great musican same with the chubby bass player, along side Roth they made magic inspiring music. With hagar they became ok. But this... is not good. From best to worst
1.Van Halen-(some of their best music)
2.Van Halen 2
5.Fair Warning
6.Diver Down-(better vocals then fair warning)

25/11/06: VHFan -
10 years or so later, I can honestly say that in my humble opinion, this CD is crap!
What was Eddie thinking? I've listened to Extreme's stuff and Gary Cherone sounds great in that band, so I'm thinking maybe it's not the new guy's fault.
It seems the band on purpose set out to do this:
1. Changed frontman
2. Changed the musical style

But the side effects were these:
3. The songs are not inspired.
4. The songs are too long

You cannot have all these changes going on at once
If Eddie wanted to sing lead, why didn't he package VH III as a solo album?
Why did they make Gary try to sound like Sammy? He certainly has his own style (check Extreme's Pornograffitti) and he rocks on that band.
Who told them we wanted 6 minute songs. Anyway, the ones that aren't are so boring they feel like 8 minutes of crap...

Imagine if VH classics like "Jump" or "Love Walks In" were 5-6 minutes long? And I mean, at least those songs were inspired!

If you take a good song like Without You and edit it with any WAV Editor and take away all the filler, it sounds much better.

I've tried to sell this CD but nobody I know wants it...I loved the DLR and the Hagar era, but this was an insult and please do not blame the singer.

07/08/06: Bob -
your right. I had to listen to it alot of times before I could get used to it,just like I did with fair warning. I kept wondering why everone says fair warning is their best album. I like 1984 the best. I don't have to listen to it alot of times before i like it. I'm not a sammy fan, but I love 5150. I still miss david lee roth he was the best.

25/08/05: ron wilson -
Better than anything Hagar did in VH, Montrose or in his own horrible solo career. Come to think of it, most things are better than Sammy Hagar-root canals, audits, castor oil. VH is Roth period The 2004 reunion tour was a horrible joke played on all VH fans for the money.The Cherrone tour was a great tour, with a great set list. The Hagar 2004 reunion tour was supposed to feature many older songs sung by Sammy, where were they?
Anyway, back to VHIII. Not great, but betetr than expected on multiple listens. VH punked out when they refsed to put Without You on these best of cd. Mush better than Up for Breakfast or any other of the Sammy 3rd grade sexual crap.
What a waste. Buy VHIII, skip the Waboritas garbage.

19/10/04: Sanchez -
Get ridd of Cherone's voice and the whole thing is much better to digest.
A good thing Sammy is back!!!

10/10/04: Harv -
Andy, you listened to this cd 15 times???? You're a better man than me, Lad. I received it for my birthday (the year it was released) and I think I played it three times. I played it once on my birthday and twice more to "give it a chance." It's been collecting dust ever since.


19/09/04: August -
"15/12/00: joe d -
no matter what you say about vh3 it still makes a great drink coaster at my house!"

LOL thats the fkn funniest review ever!
That's Why I Love You shouldnt have been scrapped for Josephina (its a crap/weird song)

04/09/04: bob g -
there is no possible way to listen to this album. Its just horribly bad.

I love all other VH. This one just flat out sucks.

31/01/04: Kurt L -
Van Halen 3 is overall, the worst album from Van Halen. There is no excuse for "How Many Say I", it's almost disturbing to listen to. I also disagree on "Fire In The Hole." I find it to be one of the stronger songs on the album, a legitamitally good song. I agree with your review to some extents, Van Halen 3 takes a while to grow on you, I actually have some liking towards it now. Anyway, here are the finest Van Halen albums in my opinion, in order...

1. Fair Warning
2. Balance
3. Van Halen
4. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
5. 1984

07/01/04: Robert -
Pure crap! Cherone has the vocal chords of a german shepard. Why didn't Eddie get a good singer? They should have got a chick with soaring vocals.

07/10/03: Rick Johnson -
First off I love This album! Secondly I loved Extreme even more so than Van Halen and it's about time they had some relevant lyrics, Thanks Gary. Thirdly I hated the Hagar era and loved the Roth era.
To me this album is great till the last song.... Eddie you are a guitar player... stay off the mic. To put it in perspective:
1. Van Halen
2. Van Halen III
3. 1984
4. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
5. Women And Children First

... the best 5 VH albums

05/08/03: BRUSH -

28/10/02: michael - n/a
Boy does this suck,,.... how many say i?

14/10/02: mike -
my cd-player refused to play this piece of sh..

07/09/02: Nigel Tufnel -
Shit Sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/07/02: Edu -
Although most of VH fans didn't like this album, I liked it a lot. This is not an easy album to get, I know, but once you get into the melodies and, most important, the lyrics (best VH lyrics ever), you'll understand the message. Songs like From Afar, Once and Josephina are some examples for you to try. Most of this can be credited to Gary Cherone, in my opinion a great singer and songwriter. Like the title of the album, this is an new fase in VH (that means no comparisions with Dave or Sammy era).

01/04/02: Gary Boole -
Forsale: One aluminum Coster. Has the name Van Halen 3 on it. Perfect to put your drinks on. Can also be played in your CD player if your in the mood to torture your friends.

12/01/02: Martin -
Great Album.It kicks ass brutha.Fourth place behind Fair Warning,Van Halen and FUCK!

12/01/02: Martin -
Great Album.It kicks ass brutha.Fourth place behind Fair Warning,Van Halen and FUCK!

28/12/01: Billy - ????

VAN HALEN IS 1978 - 1985


12/12/01: Squire348 -

03/12/01: Mike -
Jeez!!!What the hell is Ed doin??This is not a departure,or something different,this is crap!!Ed sounds like the kid in a music store trying to be Edward VanHalen. Buzzy guitar sound,nonstop cymbels {did I spell that right}.Michael is the only sign of light!!Gary should have used his own voice,its much better.Glad I only paid $7.00 for it in a discount bargain bin in Tenn. Can you beleive I am a big It has a nice cd cover.

21/10/01: echo-hill -
u gotta let it grow on ya
this album is great i give it 85/100

16/10/01: Harv -
My question is "How in the hell were you able to listen to this CD 15 times?" I tried, I really tried to like this cd, but in the end it is garbage. If you don't have it, have someone tape "Fire In The Hole" for you and then you will have everything worth hearing on this CD.

06/08/01: Mark -
I love that "I'm a musician, so I know what's good" mentality (are you reading this, Rich Cudd?). The fact is, this album is by far their worst effort ever. We don't have to like something bad because you told us it's great, and your opinion isn't any more important than anyone else's.

15/12/00: joe d -
no matter what you say about vh3 it still makes a great drink coaster at my house! the cd is a pretty good frisbee I must say.

10/09/00: wudawg -
could have been a great cd, should have been a great cd, but alas it's far from it. gary cherone is a great singer. emphasis on singer. he's not sammy hagar, unfortunately, someone in the van halen camp didn't realize this. so, instead of getting a bunch of great funky rock tunes, you get van halen III and a some sammy sound alike vocals. like i said, could have been great, if they let gary sing.

21/08/00: Omeir -
Aaaah... Love it when this happens... A controversial CD. Good or Bad? Can Eddie still play? Well this is not Van Halen's best CD. There are some good songs on it. Without You is good One I Want is good. Year To The Day is a ripper. Fire in the Hole is the hardest rocking and the most VH sounding track here. Josephina a slow progressive country rock song. Well o.k. the album only goes gold. And people start blaming Gary dumb vocalist...yeah right here him with Extreme... I don't know why he doesn't sing like that here. What really pissed me off is that people say that Balance is VH's worst album. How could you? "The Seventh Seal" is a VH classic "Can't Stop Lovin You" probably the most beautiful song sammy has sung. Balance has a great new sound to it as well. I loved it. "Take Me Back" and "Feelin'" Just check out the fuckin' amazing guyitar solo on it and don't just lissen to eddie lissen to how the drums and bass shine through... as Sammy said "It was the last track on the album because it was the most important." Anyway back 2 VHIII ohk it had some weak songs. But after selling so many platinum records? and something sells gold only? Think about it and tell me how would you feel? Give them a break? It's probably the first bad album DAMMIT!!!!!!

17/08/00: Mark Borowicz -
Top Jimmy- Hasbro Close and Play Turntable? I almost fell off my chair when I read that!
Anyway, just because certain of you people saw them live and it was a good show does NOT make this a good album! Hello McFly! Anybody home?

14/08/00: Mark Borowicz -
What a piece off crap! The songs are uniformly weak, I don't care much for the production, and what happened to Eddie's guitar skills? Was he abducted during production? The amazing thing is, I LIKED Cherone with Extreme! He sounds very strained on this album. Where are the big choruses? Missing in action, I guess. I liked both the Sammy and DLR versions of this great band, but I don't like this one. Bought it right when it came out, and sold it to a gal I work with about a week later for 7 bucks or so. I warned her first. The best tune on this album wouldn't make the reject pile on most other VH albums. If you don't already own it-you were warned!

12/08/00: Goofy -
The music,songs and production on VH3 Are FAR BETTER than Balance (the worst VH record,by far)Unlike most people I liked the album better the first few times I listened to it. Recently I just can't get beyond the vocals. Gary may be a nice guy and he may fit extreem but VanHalen and Gary Don't mix! The one thing that was improved greatly on 3 is the production. The previus album Balance was the worst sounding VH record of all time and I wont even mention the songs. Yuk !
5150 was by far There best album with Sam and although Gary's voice is tough to listen to at times, Because of the writing,performance and production VanHalen 3 ends up being the best VH record since 5150.

10/08/00: Karametropolis -
"VH III" was basically an Eddie solo album in my opinion. While it's admirable that VH tried to stretch itself artistically while simultaneously breaking in a new singer, the result is an unfocused, flat-sounding album with none of the energy that infused such albums as "VHI," "Fair Warning" or "5150."

I think part of the failure of "VH III" lies in the fact that the band didn't have a strong producer to help shape the material, say like Bruce Fairbairn ("Balance"). Mike Post is well-known for his TV and movie scores, but I never knew him from any rock album productions. It seemed as though Eddie wanted to work with people who didn't want to or couldn't challenge him a bit. Maybe after the Hagar and Roth fiascos of 1996, he just wanted to take control and keep a tight rein on the creative end of things. That's pure speculation on my part, but you never know.

Getting back to the important thing, the music, it's clear that while VH attempted to launch a Brave New Era, the Gary Cherone era will merely be a blip on the radar. I was actually interested in what the now-shelved second Mark III album would have ended up.
But I guess we'll never know, will we?

09/07/00: Jon Paine -
The songs fall into three catagories, Good, ok, and Crappy. The good: "One I want" is a cool rocker with some great hooks like Alex's double timing the end of the solo; "Year to the Day" is a killer blues based, Stevie Ray Vaughn type song, that allows Eddie to go off and jam for a few minutes live; "Fire in the Hole" is a great anthem rocker, very hard, cool song writing hooks toward the end, but uping the tempo would have made this even better; "Ballot or the Bullet" rocks plain and simple, but has a very dissapointing solo, kind of like when Eddie took the easy way out on "Everybody Wants Some", but it still rocks. The ok: "From Afar," is hard but slow, and has some weird drums in it; "Dirty Water Dog," is catchy, and up tempo, but has a weird sampled intro and is too acoustic; "Josephina" is fairly mellow, which is bad, but it has some cool dark undertones, some cool guitar tricks in the solo, and a weird but cool vocal melody. The bad: "Without You" has no structure. It sounds like the verse
and chorus come from different rejected songs. The verse is a rap-like piece of crap, although the chorus is kind of catchy, and the double time at the end is cool-should have made the whole song this tempo; "Once" is just too mellow with a decent melody, but never reaching an acceptable climax in the song-it's just there; "How Many Say I" is, bar none, without a doubt, the worst Van Halen song of all time. it is entirely piano and fake strings with Eddie (I'm sorry Bro, but you're not a lead singer) off key in his vocals almost the entire time--where's the guitar? This song makes me cringe. Ok, Cherone does a good job filling some big shoes, and Eddie hasn't played this good sinse "5150," but the songs are just too inconsistant. Oh yeah, the two instrumentals, "Neworld," and "Primary" are good, the former using themes from the good parts of "Without You," the latter a sitar solo. This is an "ok" album, better than "Diver Down," or "ou812," but still dissapoints.

13/03/00: Doug -
I must start by saying I am A DLR guy. I will also start with that fact that this album has been out for about 2 years and I am just now listening to it... With that said. I must say.
Eddie is still awesome. However these songs have absolutely, NO SUBSTANCE. Where is the chorus on any of these songs??? Whatever is about to happen,(bringing DLR back or whatever) I hope they bring in a songwriter.

22/09/99: krazy -
i work in a guitar store in western australia and have
found that people that like extreme, also like VHIII.
those, like myself, who find extreme's brand of funk-based
riffing crap, also despise the new van halen.
there are moments of eddie excellence on the new album,
but overall the recording lacks the sparkle of previous days.
however, on the live side of things, the concert
with gary was great. he managed to do more than just pull off sammy and daves'
songs. he definitely held his own in the vocal department.
i hope the next recording marks a return to earlier style van halen.

13/07/99: Markus -
The worst album of 1998. I listened to it twice and will never again. Bad sound, crappy artwork and ... there is NOT EVEN ONE good song on there! I don't blame Cherone, he's a good singer, I'd just say there is an absolute lack of good songs here. "One" starts off very well, but after 2 minutes you ask yourself "OK, and where the heck is a chorus??", that's with all songs here and I wouldn't give the album more than 40%. Very disappointed. Proves that good musicians don't necessarily have to be good songwte

Okay...yeah Im a lil late with this, and prolly NOONE will see it, but at least Ill get it off my chest right? You people who call yourself "fans" and are unfairly ragging the album...get over it already!! No "fan" of any band would EVER take their CD back and DEMAND their money! How DISRESPECTFUL is that??!! NO band out there owes you seems as though a lot of you people are wanting 5150 EVERY time a new VH CD comes out...well I, and quite of few others on here as well, appreciate something differnt every now and then!! Sorry most of you people have your heads so far up your own asses, that you cant see VH3 for what it is...a great album...yes its different from your typical VH fair, but WHO CARES!!!! And as for the bring back Dave, Sammy bullshit....I bought the DLR Band CD..have ALWAYS been a Dave fan..and it is beyond me how you HIPOCRITES can say that VH3 sucks, but DLR Band is great! Come on it is HORRIBLE..I was totally dissapointed! As for M2M..its "ok" but I expected a lil more from the RED ROCKER. However his new CD RED VOODOO is GREAT! So we have THREE..or sorry Dave..TWO separate band to put out great music for years to come...what the hell is the problem with that?!! And one more thing..someone above said that VH3 was "alternative" WTF!!!!??? It is ANYTHING BUT alternative dude, so I think you bought the WRONG CD or something...I hope the next Vh album is STELLAR, and sounds like "VH", so all you whiny people will finally be shut up!! Cherone is a GREAT will see in the future. Thanx for letting me vent...and to all who have given the CD a fair shake...Kudos to you..opinions are what make the world go round....=)

30/06/99: twylyght -
I am going to make this short and sweet. Essentially, when you take all of the individual parts of the songs on this album you have uncompromising vocal and instrumental performances. However, when you put the pieces together it does not work. With the addition of Cherone, the talent in this band is overwhelming. However, the music needs unity and direction to make us of the vast repertiore in their hands. If Eddie and crew are smart they will not abandone Gary as many are crying for, but will take him on and INTEGRATE him into their sound.

18/05/99: Paul McCanny -
I don't blame Cherrone all the blame for this dreary CD lies at Eddies feet. What a dismal, dissapointing record. Back to the drawing board guys!

26/04/99: Brad -
I've taken this long to review the album because I've given it the 15/20 listens recommended - and unfortunately it still sucks! I don't blame Gary though...Balance with Sammy was ordinary as well, but is a masterpiece compared to this. Two tracks worth listening to (but both go on too long) - Once and Year to the Day. I remember wanting to hear an EVH instrumental album - not any more. How Many Say I would have to be the WORST song ever record.

23/04/99: Marc A. Dominguez -
This CD was so bad, that I took it back and demanded my money back from the store. They gladly let me exchange it.. I was claiming they damaged my ears from listening to that crap. Cherone should hit the road, and VH should start the search over. I wonder, How does it feel to them that Sammy, and David both put out better music than they did? Marc D.

19/04/99: Me - no e-mail
This is just fucking shit. Dont't beleive the people on here who say it's decent. It isn't. I'm not biased against it either, like a big Dave or Sammy fan may be, I actually thought this album would be good, but it wasn't. I thought Balance was a letdown and was quite disappointed with that, but this makes Balance look like a masterpie.

Well VH3 has been around for a good few months now and songs like "A year to the day","Fire in the hole" and "one i want" still hit the hot spot.I just wish Gary Cherone would sing more elegantly like he did in extreme in stead of screaming.On reflection vh3 is the band most diverse piece,to set them up well and truly into the millenium.
Final verdict:Gary Cherone is the man 4vh roll on the next cd!!!!!!!1

14/02/99: Danny Danzi -
Like someone posted previously, I too have seen the band every year since 78 with Sabbath. The Dave years were years I'll remember for the rest of my life! The Sammy years in my opinion, howed the bands true talent for songwriting, and now? I'll never go to another show, nor will I ever buy one of their records again. This is by far the worst. Never a Gary fan, but liked him with Extreme. I would say get Sammy back, but maybe that's better off done s well. Sammy actually doen't need them! I always thought that Dann Huff from Giant would have been an excellent choice for the singer in VH. But though Eddie is and always will be one of my favorites, Dann will show him a few tricks himself, and really explode as the singer of that band. Just a thought though;-

21/12/98: alliedforces -
After all has been said about this album they are still going with gary...Eddie did they replase your brain instead of your hip...The album still sucks...AF

28/11/98: Robert -
As a big fan of Sammy Hagar, I have gone through the withdrawl period only to rebound with my second listenig of Van Halen 3. Instead of sounding like a major departure from the 2nd incarnation, VH 3 sounds like the next logical step in the post-Roth era. I for one can"t stand Roth, but love the old stuff just the same. As for Gary, the guy deserves a chance. I think he is great. His voice is versatile and he is a regular joe (not some fame boy milking the media). I think Van Halen fans just signed on for another 15 years of great music. Gary is way different than I imagined and I personally recant all negative outlashing that went on when I found out he was the new singer. The live show is awesome now. I wish gary was a little less feminie with his moves, then again maybe I"m a closet case cause I did get wood watching him gel with the music and crowd. Eddie"s prescence on stage is monsterous now. He seems relieved and alive. Al needs to hang it up if he"s such a cripple. Mike, well he"s just there now since there isn"t much harmonizing on the new stuff. Overall, vh3 gets a 7 on a 10 scale. The next one will blow us away.

27/11/98: Frank van Assen -
Crap has a new name....VHIII....Dave...DAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!

18/11/98: Thomas Hoeifors -
Why listen to this boring disc when you can have fun, rockin" out with Night Ranger"s "Seven" record? "Seven" is a true masterpiece!!!
I am a Night Ranger fan, but I also like Van Halen. I liked Van Halen"s "1984" album... but this new one is just SAD!!!


07/11/98: Dan -
I really love this album a lot. That"s about all I can say.

08/09/98: marian rue -

29/08/98: Don Cameron -
First of all, I loved the cover. It's a big man taking a chance like a big band taking a chance. We all heard that this album was one that will take some getting used to. Here's my opinion:
NEWORLD -- Great opener. I heard it and it showed me that this was going to be a little different.
WITHOUT YOU -- Classic Van Halen. Gary looks like he's trying to pull the same deal that Sammy did on his first album.
ONE I WANT -- My first favorite song on this album. Great chorus.
FROM AFAR -- Took some getting used to, but now I like it.
DIRTY WATER DOG -- Great song.
ONCE -- One of their best ballads.
FIRE IN THE HOLE -- Great rocking song. Classic VH.
JOSEPHINA -- Love this song. It gets stuck in my head and doesn't want to leave.
YEAR TO THE DAY -- Equivalent to Stairway to Heaven or Dream On. Great song.
PRIMARY -- Why not?
HOW MANY SAY I -- Good ideas in the song, took some getting used to. Nice harmony.
In all, I'd give this album about a B. Good travelling album in the car while going long distances.

15/08/98: Jeff -
Bring Sammy back. VHIII SUCKS!!!!

15/08/98: Dave -
In regards to Rob's review, I agree to some of his points because I don't really dig Gary's stage presense or voice. On the other hand, I really like most of this album. I think that too many people pay too much attention to the politics. I think that we should stop dwelling on old news and be more open-minded to new material. With a new singer, it's like a new band. Ed can be a dickhead all he wants - it's the music we listen to!


11/07/98: Todd Hendrix -
I must say, this CD makes an excellent coaster to put your beer can on while you listen to Dave's new CD. There's nothing worse than a band who takes themselves way too seriously. Apparently Dave was can't get this stuff no more.

08/07/98: Carlos Baez -
I'm a huge lifelong VH fan, seen them every tour since the first when they opened for Sabbath....this album just isn't up to the illustrious standards they have set over the last 20 years. I can't figure it's an OK enough album, but it just doesn't "grab" you. Eddie's guitar playing is pretty lackluster IMO, it's actually kind of sloppy and the solos feel like an afterthought rather than the emotional rollercoaster rides we've come to expect from the greatest rock guitarist of his generation. I'm kind of waiting for the next VH album, to see if they shake off the doldrums and come out blazing. I've got 7th row seats for the 7/31 Atlanta concert and am very curious top see how it all feels live. The MTV Live at the 10 Spot from Australia wasn't the greatest, either....

07/07/98: top jimmy -
If you like classic Van Halen, go buy the new David Lee Roth cd. 14 songs that remind one of tunes like Unchained, Runnin' with the Devil, Aint Talkin' Bout Love, Panama, etc.
If you don't like classic Van Halen, but instead prefer artists like Tom Waits, Spandau Ballet, or Shirley MacLaine, then buy Van Halen III. It will sound swell on your Hasbro Close N' Play turntable.
(Only regret with Van Halen III - it doesn't provide any liner notes on how Eddie Created the World or how Alex gave the Sermon on the Mount. But I'm sure they're still the all-powerful gods they act like. After all, they ARE Van Halen.)

29/06/98: John Tyler -
VH3 sucks. Buy DLR band, it's much better. Hell, I'd even recommend Hagar's Marching to Mars over VH3. What a hunk of crap.

19/06/98: Carl Reinhardt -
I am quite dissapointed in what I read from "fans" in this review. I am a fan of Edward Vanhalen, I am a supporter
of Edward Vanhalen and I always will be. I enjoy The bands music very much, I very much enjoyed the whole VH3 album.
Why? Because it is different than anything I expected. Some reviewers called some of the songs "rejects" from Balance.
As far as I'm concerned there no reject vanhalen songs except for maybe some of the lame remakes on diverdown(Dumbass Daves idea).
If they had to expand because sammy wouldn't thats fine with me.

08/06/98: Rich Cudd -
Being a musician I can appreciate that Van Halen feel like they need to take different directions with their music. The "bring back Dave/Sammy" crowd needs to get a clue. They both wrote average and often juvenile lyrics, a challenge to which Gary is more than up to. And anyone who is a serious Extreme fan can tell you that he is not trying to sound like Hagar. I like Sammy but Gary definitely has more range. You all would be so dissapointed if Dave were to rejoin the band. Then you'd really have something to bitch about. I can't believe how many total idiots took the time to add their apparently musically illiterate opinions to this page. This is a very good album, which improves every time I listen to it. I almost never think an album is great the first time I hear it. Most of you morons must be part of the instant gratification crowd--you have to like it right away or you go on to the next thing the establishment puts in your face. It's like listening to a Dream Theater cd, you have to take some time to truly absorb the music and begin to appreciate it. As far as Eddie's vocal debut is concerned, he's not the greatest singer in the world, but I bet most of you listen to singers who aren't that good but sing with conviction. I give Eddie credit for having the balls to do it. For those of you who think guitarists shouldn't sing, you should check out any of Eric Johnson's cd's or Nuno Bettencourt's solo disk. Nuno's cd has gotten little publicity but it truly kicks ass.

22/05/98: Mike Pietersen -
My mother told me if I can't say anything nice....

I can't. WORST Van Halen ever. I'd sooner listen to Milli Vanilli.

20/05/98: Craig Bishop -
What a waste of time ! What was Eddie thinking ? This album was a big disappointment. First of all Gary does not sound like Sammy so why try and make us think he does ? VH should have tried to be bold and taken a different approach. Eddie's guitar sounds great but drowns everthing else on the album. Was he trying to hide Gary's flaws ? The songwriting is crap as well. Too many throwaway tracks on this one. Being a long time fan of VH I had to buy it. Now I wish they had split up. SAMMY IS KING !!!!! Nuff said.

16/05/98: Neal Techau -
Well - from all the pre-release hype I can honestly say that I am truly disappointed in this album as I have been with the band since 5150. I think Gary has a pretty good voice but not within Van Halen. I think the real problem lies with the new direction(or lack of) that Eddie has gone. The one thing that I really miss about the band and their music is the "brown sound" Eddie was famous for. The production and the guitar sound on his last few albums(with the exception of a few tracks on "Balance") has been too slick and thin-I miss that "meat and potatoes" sound. Also, they used to have killer hooks and coherent melodies in their songs-their new stuff sounds like filler material or outakes. Oh well, hopefully one day they'll be back.

12/05/98: Robert -
Gary needs to go back to Extreme and do a decent album such as "Pornograffitti". Eddie and the boys need to figure out why the hell they let go of the guy who kept them at the top. Sammy needs to bring all of us to Cabo Wabo and party. In short...Van Halen 3 Sucks.

06/05/98: alex merlo - j lotz mindspng
First, I want to say that I have been a Van Halen
fan since VH , and I am also a big fan of Sammy
Hagar and Extreme. I was really bummed when the Van Halens (Eddie and Alex) gave Sammy the shaft. None the less I tried hard to like this new album, but I just can't. There are not enough listens in the world that will make me like this album. Without you is a decent song, but it sounds like Eddie joined Extreme, instead of gary joining Van Halen. Fire in the hole has smoking guitar rifts but you almost can't hear gary he's so low in the mix. It sounds like Eddie's in your face and Gary's underwater. Honestly, gary is a pretty good singer but it doesn't show on this album because he's too busy screaming. From afar needs to stay far away from my ears. Then there's the chouruses of Dirty Water Dog and One I Want, they are not melodic (like Extreme and VH was) and the lyrics are just downright stupid. The rest of the songs just aren't worth mentioning. How many say, we never want Eddie near a mic again and Sammy is the one we want in this band. Old VH was great and Dave was entertaining, but once you get past reliving how much you partied in high school to Dave VH, the truth is that we wouldn't be still talking about Van Halen had Sammy never joined the band. Sammy, far and away pushed the band to greater heights. They still maintained the edge and the energy that Dave brought, but Sammy can actually pull his stuff off live and plays a pretty mean guitar himself. He also wrote great lyrics and allowed Eddie to diversify the music a little. The Extreme albums and Sammy's new album are better than this effort. Eddie and Alex need to take those fingers that they were pointing at Sammy about having a big ego and do a 180 towards themselves. Maybe now they'll realize that the singer does matter. If the VH bros don't come to their senses, maybe Sammy ( if you read this stuff) will give Neal Schon a call and start HSAS again until they do.

03/05/98: Jose Davila -
The production is excellent. Even thou Eddie plays great through the whole album, he is not flashy, but then again, he doesn't have to remind everyone he is the best, cause he is. VH experimented a lot in the form of tracks like From Afar, Once, Josephina, and How Many Say I. I think that this experimenting and the fact that they have a new singer(instead of a reunion with Roth) pissed a lot of fans. Maybe the experimenting should've been on the second album with Cherone. Anyway, overall, the album isn't a rocker, is easy listening to me, but it's not bad. About Gary, he sound like Hagar, whether on purpose or not. About the songwriting, not impressive, as was said it was. Sammy writes the same or better. Likes: Without You, One I Want, and Ballot or the Bullet. Dislikes: A Year to the Day. Overall, I would recommend it over any of the crap MTV is airing regularly.

03/05/98: Jeremy Ulrey -
I have the standard complaints against this album:
weak songwriting, Gary sounds like Sammy, etc. But
if it hadn't been for the change in vocalists, this
would've been just another mediocre Sammy album. The
band has been going downhill steadily since OU812-
F.U.C.K. had several good songs, but the closest thing
they came to a classic (using stuff like "Why Can't This
Be Love" and "Panama" as examples) was "Right Now",
which got old pretty fast and hasn't triggered any
nostalgia in me lately. The live album saw the band
pretty much going through the motions- big whoop. And
I think we all know Balance was the weakest album
since Diver Down. If 3 would've been trimmed by a few
tracks it would have been the equal of Balance, but not
much more.

26/04/98: Mike -
Okay, so I buy this CD on the way home from work. Pop it into the CD player. It plays and I think "oh God, this really sucks"!

Being open minded, I think I need a few more listens to get into it. Well, I gave it more chances than any CD I've ever bough, and still find this CD repulsive.

Dave was the real songwriter in VHI, Sammy in VHII, and Nuno in Extreme. VH got a vocalist who isn't a strong songwriter, and face it, Eddie, Mike and Alex certainly aren't writers (although VH always gives equal credit). The result is this, a CD that is an emetic. Look up the word, an emetic is something that makes you throw up. This CD is sickening to those of us who have loved this band since their classic debut.

The bad thing is that Cherone will take the heat for this becoming VH's first album to fail to go double platinum, when it's Eddie's fault.

All I can say to VH is hire a real songwriter, get a real producer, and try again. I'd rather listen to the Spice Girls than VHIII. Yep, it's that bad folks!

24/04/98: Rock -
good solid album

23/04/98: rockwood -
ED is the best ax player around! This CD Is very poor. Although i think i know why they let track 12 fly, the record company said " Great song Ed baby love ya" walked out and said screw it he's made us a ton of money, if he wants to sing a crappy song let em!! man that song sucks!! But i guess we will just have to look back to the good ol days??

23/04/98: Dave -
If a ROCK album does not grab you by the balls by the second or third listen, why bother. I have not spent a dime on post-David Lee Roth Van Halen. Do you miss Big Rock like I do? Listen to Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind, or Dio's Holy Diver, or Appetite for Destruction from G&R, or better yet, Fair Warning. These masterpieces grabbed you by the nuts 10 seconds into the first track! Long Live Diamond Dave...Bring on the Tour!

22/04/98: Ian -
Why does Gary Cherone try to sound like Sammy Hagar? To me it sounds like a bad b-side album to For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (the absolute worst studio Van Halen album ever). The songwriting is average at best on VH III, the guitar work definitely did not break any new ground, & the songs are just completely forgettable. I really thought that VH at higher standards than this. Definitely a 5 rating out of 10.

P.S. bring back either Sammy or Dave!!!

19/04/98: Aram Karakashian -
Well, where do I begin? First of all I tried to listen to the new Van Halen with a completely unbiased mind. I have known Gary Cherone for many years now and I tried to put that aside. I remember sitting in his living room playing Sega basketball and borrowing his enitre Queen collection one of the albums reading, "To Gary, best of luck, and was Signed Freddie Mercury". I also interviewed Gary and ran them on the cover of my June issue of "Tunes" magazine. So, I am going to try to review the album based on it's musical make up alone. Part of the problem, I find, is that many reviewers and fans have a hard time getting past the fact that Van Halen is now fronted by a new singer, a singer that pales in comparison in popularity with either David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. I have seen many comments that are along the lines of this, "Well Gary Cherone does his best job to sound just like Sammy" and other comments of a similar nature. Gary has been singing like that since I first met him. It is true, Gary has been very heavily influenced by Van Halen and I implore anyone to pick up a copy of the First Extreme record and listen closely to "Mutha, dont want to go to school today." Well, getting to the album. I am somewhat dissapointed in the record overall, not because of Gary but because of the freakish nature of the songs. There seems to be a real lack of substance the entire way through. I was talking to a friend of mine that is a dj at KOMP "the Rock of Las Vegas" and they were playing the album, track by track before it was actually released without knowing what each song actually sounded like. When they played the six minute ballad "How Many Say I" the entire studio was just agapst at how bad Eddie Van Halens vocal was. After playing the song my friend, the DJ didn't know exactly what to say on the air so he said, "Well, that was certainly different". During the next hour or so the station phone rang off the hook with angry listeners that were venting their frustrations with how bad they thought the album was. I agree, the album has an ecclectic mix of styles that has not been seen on any VH record in the past. I believe that Gary has brought somewhat of a new focus to the band. Remember, Gary is a very versitile singer with many different ranges. He is definitely not your average, run of the mill, rock screamer, remember "more than words, or stop the world?" I think that once the public gets used to Gary and that Sammy and Dave are never going to be back the album will receive an average amount of credibility and popularity because the album itself is very average. I am very interested to read Andrews review of the live show because Van Halen has always been a "live" band and I would assume that the true VH fan is going to be very skeptical with Gary being the third singer in a band in which the singer played such an intergral part. Nobody really cared that Bad Company or Survivor or many other bands went through singer after singer but with Van Halen, it's almost like the average fan bought the record or went to see the shows for two seperate reasons, one: to hear the music and two: to see the lead singer. Well, I have rambled on enough about the new Van Halen. In a nutshell, I bought the album, not on the first day it was out but when I got around to it, I may or may not go see the tour, I don't know. I guess the reason that I am not very excited is because there really isn't anything to be excited about. In a word, I find the new Van Halen very AVERAGE>

19/04/98: craig -
3 is the best vh album since ou812....and the best before that was fair warning.....i would bet that most musicians would agree with me!!!
if you compare this to 5150 then it is a masterpiece......2 bad songs(fire in the hole & how many say i ?) the rest is very solid and grown up....but everyone has opinions..thank you andrew for letting us express ours.

19/04/98: David -
All you non believers-wait till you see VHIII in concert!!
I`ve just seen them on their 2nd show of the new tour,and while obviously only early days yet,they KICK ASS!
Gary is awesome on stage,and his voice rocks.He said little between songs,and let the music do the talking.
He sung both Roth and Hagar songs real well, especially the nights opener, Unchained.
(and no Wham Bam Amsterdam lyrics to be heard!!!)
And of course, Ed is a true rock guitar messiah!
So see the show-then pass comments!!!!!

19/04/98: David -
All you non believers-wait till you see VHIII in concert!!
I`ve just seen them on their 2nd show of the new tour,and while obviously only early days yet,they KICK ASS!
Gary is awesome on stage,and his voice rocks.He said little between songs,and let the music do the talking.
He sung both Roth and Hagar songs real well, especially the nights opener, Unchained.
(and no Wham Bam Amsterdam lyrics to be heard!!!)
And of course, Ed is a true rock guitar messiah!
So see the show-then pass comments!!!!!

18/04/98: Kevin Villines -
All things must change. Never has this statement been more true than with Van Halen. Seems like every 10 years, it's time for a new singer.
For whatever reason, they have always had a falling out with their singers and I'm afraid that Cherone's is pobably already on the clock.
Why am I afraid? Because this is the most engaging, energetic, and diverse Van Halen album in years. I'm a fan of both the Roth and the
Hagar era, as well as Extreme, so I cannot claim, nor be slagged, as a biased listener. I've never been a fan of getting into an album though.
Usually it hits me right away or it's trade bait for another cd. I had a feeling this would be one of those that I might have to give a few
listens to like. Both of the past singer debut albums were the best of their era (save maybe Roth's mammoth 1984), and immediatly struck me
as classics. With III, I found a near immediate feeling of the other two (I and 5150). Although I do feel that once Cherone tours with VH and
they each get a better feel for each other, III will be topped (Cherone is a wonderful singer who's talents are not fully utilized on III, but
will on the next album). This crap about him trying to sound like Hagar is another unneccesary defense for those who dis-like this album.
Cherone should not be screaming. Plain and simple, my only complaint with this album is having Cherone scream. His voice is too clean for that
and hopefully the music will be written more to his abilities for the next go-round (His knack for changing octaves was very under-used on here).
Eddie's still one of the best and proves he can even sing a little (granted, it was no Nuno/Gary inter-change, but decades of smoking will
usually render a throat in much worse shape than Eddie's. Anthony does a good job with the bass (his one niche in the scheme of things is that
you hardly notice him, meaning he is neither over used, nor perfoming poorly). And, Alex may finally be turning down the cymbals (VH has always
overused the cymbals in my opinion). So, all in all, everyone is at the top of their craft and if VH III is a sign of things to come, I'm
still as excited about Van Halen as I ever was (Well, after OU812, I was not too pumped, but with Human Beings and the two DLR tunes from the
GH cd, my enthusiasm had returned and was answered). Too those who have lost their faith, do yourself a favor and catch them on this tour. Not
only will your faith return for such a great band, but you'll see just how great of a frontman, both musically and energetically, they have found
in Mr. Cherone. I'm just excited to know I'll get to hear some old pre-Hagar era songs. With Cherone, there is no ego involved. And VH III is

18/04/98: Tony -
EDWARD, PLEASE take that annoying chorusing off your guitar! I know you've spent countless hours and dollars getting the sound you want but I beg you to listen to your first album with an open mind. You're playing great stuff but that over-processed sound is just plain hard to listen to!

17/04/98: Jan -
Van Halen is finished. The worst part about this new CD is that Gary Cherone will get the shaft and the blame
for the fall of the Mighty Van Halen. GARY CHERONE IS A WONDERFUL SINGER!!! Ed Van Halen has lost it. Everyone
who could have helped this new effort are gone. Where is Ted Templeman? Donn Landee? Andy Johns?

BOTTOM LINE: The songs are weak, the sound quality is very sub-par (read: a bad demo) and where's the hooks?!?!


15/04/98: Chris Fehling -
I have everything VH has put out but I gave this one a listen and couldn't bring myself to buy it. I'm not going to repeat all the comments everyone else has already said. All I can say is, I expected more from all these guys. This is pretty weak. Where is the songwriting that made VH and Extreme what they were? Where is Eddie's guitar tone? It, like the album, is WEAK! If you want rock that has substance, songwriting, musicianship, and attitude, try something else. Here are some sugestions: John Norum/Another Destination, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow/Stranger In Us All, Dio/Strange Highways, Union/Union. These albums rock and they can play, TRUST ME!

15/04/98: Troy -
Well, I'm a big VH fan as I was an Extreme fan, so straight off the bat I thought it'd be cool.
I bought the limited edition tin of III and first listen I was shoked, more disappointed than anything.
BUT, 2nd, 3rd, 4th listen, it got better and better and if you really listen, the production is great,
the songs are awesome and you just think, those clever bastards.

So, I love it! but as I said it took a few listens, let's hope Gary can cut it live, I know he could with Extreme!

14/04/98: Ron Burns -
As a long-time VH fan, it's really hard for me to pan the band. However, this CD is a disappointment. When I heard of Sammy's replacement with Gary, I wanted to have an open mind. Now hearing the final product, I'm convinced that VH has made a big blunder. Despite the protestations of all involved, it is obvious (in tracks such as Without You and Fire In the Hole) that efforts were made to make Gary sound as much like Sammy as possible. Mike Post has done a good job with sub-par material. It's my belief that he was brought in to rescue this production from complete failure. Like some others that have written here, I'm glad I listened to someone else's CD (and let them waste their money) before throwing my money away. I would give the effort a 72% - barely average.

14/04/98: Laurent -
I've never been a Roth fan and was more than pleased when Sammy joined VH. With him they were one of the greatest band ever. I liked Gary with Extreme... but VHIII is without the shadow of a doubt VH weakest album ever. I have a great deal of respect for people creating and playing music, I won't therefore say that VH III sucks but it's not an album I would recommend. OK, it's time for me to play Marching To March !

14/04/98: Stephanie Bearse -
It absolutely stinks. I have never heard such crap coming from Van Halen. This is one less person going to attend their concert. I waited for this release thinking it was going to be good. The only decent track is "Without You".

14/04/98: lou -
2 words - IT SUCKS

13/04/98: Matt -
Being a long time fan of VH, and a big fan of Extreme, I was really anticipating this release. I thought this album was going to be much more than it actually is. Eddie had said (in quite a few interviews leading up to VH3's release) that this one had to "grow" on you after a few listening sessions. Well, I've listened to it roughly 20 times since I've bought it, and I still think it's a subpar effort. The tunes, for the most part, are pretty weak. Sure, Eddie plays some great guitar on the album, but it sounds very disjointed, almost like it was forced out, instead of letting it happen naturally. Even though this one's a bomb in my opinion, I don't plan on giving up on this lineup for Van Halen. They have the potential for making some great things happen with Gary in the's just unfortunate that it wasn't on this album.

13/04/98: wayne -
i've been a fan of vh since day 1. i loved diamond dave,he is the only guy to lead vh.when he left i was in shock. i liked sammy as a solo artist so i was stoked when sammy was hired,only to be disappointed that he put his guitar down when he joined. think of what could have been. when he left, i thought "great! now some ass is gonna get kicked when diamond dave comes back" psyche!!! we were only teasing. that left a bad taste in my mouth. then i hear that gary cherone is joining my favorite band. that sucks, i only liked nuno in extreme anyway. ok, i'll give it a chance. vhIII hits stores,i buy it. it sucked! i know why eddie is saying you have to listen to it several times... if you listen to something long enough it will grow on you. try it with any cd out there. buy it,listen to it over and over and over. some song will begin to grow on you and you will even like it too. i hope the reverse happens with gary that happened with sammy. sammy era=album rocks,tour sucks. i guess that means cherone era=album sucks,tour rocks. come on eddie, get back to hard rock & roll like you were born to play.

11/04/98: danny -
- favorite SAMMY-VH CD is 5150
I couldn't wait to buy this cd and i heard the world premiere two hour special. I was hoping like hell the new cd would be like old VH-ROTH. Even though it's nothing like the old VH. i some how love the songs with about 3 listens. Finally, a VH cd, not including best of, that is over 65 min's long. Thank god there's nothing like "can't stop loving you" SHIT. Only 2 times sense i bought the cd, the day it came out, have i played another cd in my car when i've gone out.
2-WITHOUT YOU - love it. when i first heard the song. I said. Damn he does sound like sammy. But if your a VH fan. You know it's not sammy.
3-ONE I WANT - favorite song. I love the way gary sings on this and all the songs.
4-FROM AFAR - cool song. but hard to listen to the words at the same as the left and right speaker guitar goes back and forth.
5-DIRTY WATER DOG - 2nd favorite song. great guitar solo, but wished it was longer. - " sometimes a certain tom gotta peak"
6-ONCE - it's o.k.
7-FIRE IN THE HOLE - love it. hard rockin' song.
8-JOSEPHINA - ok song. Love the guitar solo.
9-YEAR TO THE DAY - like it alot. Eddie kicks ass in the 2nd guitar solo.
10-PRIMARY - I was hoping it would be another eruption, but it's cool.
11-BALLOT OR THE BULLET - like the song, but hate the solo.
12-HOW MANY SAY I - uh. it sucks. Not really because eddie is singing it. It just SUCKS.

At least this cd is not alternative shit. I don't understand why some of my favorite bands put out a new cd that sounds terrible like NIGHT RANGER'S neverland and RATT'S collage.
VH please put out songs like old VH ON YOUR NEXT CD. PLEASE!!!

10/04/98: Greg -
I listened to the album the whole way through, over and over again, then I began to like it. This tour will be great, so is VH3. I am afraid that many fans will not give VH3 a chance though. Trust me...listen to it, begining to end, for a few more times. Give VH3 the benefit of the doubt. If not, Eddie had better start practicing his TUBA.........

10/04/98: Jerry Oliver -
majorly sucks, BTW Eddie-don't try to sing anymore.......
beg Sammy for forgiveness!

10/04/98: tom -
vh does it again! this album rocks

10/04/98: Astro -
Think of VHIII this way: You have a kid, smart kid capable of making straight "A"s. Then he
brings you home a report card full of "C"s and "D"s and a BIG "F" (How many..). If VH were
so interested in not "ripping off the fans" by going on tour with Roth without a new album, they
might consider refunding a few bucks to those of us who purchased III. Somebody get Ed a shot
and an ego check. You can't blame Gary...what would YOU do if they offered you the job?

10/04/98: Richard Schwartz - RUSH326@AOL.COM
I wonder if Gary was listening to the music when he laid down his vocal tracks. I was VERY dissapointed w/this album....I thought maybe 2 songs were salvagable, the rest is a bunch of meandering, almost sophmoric poor excuses for music. My buddy Jordie seems to like this album, but I just can not give it my votes (except for maybe most dissapointing album of the year)

09/04/98: Brandon -
Somebody get me a bucket!!!!

09/04/98: David Pound -
Well I always liked Extreme, but thought Van Halen sucked since Dave left. So I was excited to hear Gary was gonna be the new singer. Well I don't think the album is bad, but why is Gary singing like Sammy? He sounded much better when he sang for Extreme. If Gary would just be himself they would have made a much better album. I'd rate it a 7 out of ten.

09/04/98: Rob -
Well this definately is a weaker effort on the part of VH. It does have some really good songs on it like "Dirty Water Dog", "Without You", "One I Want", "Ballot Or The Bullet" and a few others. There are too many songs on it that are very weak (putting it nicely). Eddie is very good on the album as well. Like EVERYONE else has said, he has become a major ass these days!!! I'd give the album the same grade as Andrew! It's good, but not good enough! Get Sammy back PLEASE!!!!

09/04/98: Robert Landrum -
I still remember the flax when Sammy entered the VH scene. But even though I was sorry to see Dave go, I still thought that Sammy was a great choice for the band. after listening to 5150, I knew it to be true.

Well, I'm sorry. But I cannot say the same for this new incarnation of VH. When I heard who would replace Sammy, my stomach just cringed. After listening to the album, I took it back and got a refund! Eddie, what were you thinking? You had VH fans eating out of your hand when you let in Dave. But what did you do? You threw him away! WHY!!

At its best, VH III is a average rocker. At its worst, it's flat out boring!

09/04/98: Stallion -
Everyone bashing this CD now will NOT be allowed to act as though you've always loved it from the beginning when it goes down as an absolute classic!!!

NOBODY like Physical Graffitti when it first came out and where are those people right now? They're the ones bashing this stellar piece of work.

08/04/98: Paul -
Worse than leftovers... Washed up... Eddie retire before you embarrass yourself more!

08/04/98: john dokken -
...shit sandwich!!

08/04/98: gregr -
I feel sorry for gary cherone for while this would have been a decent effort and one that I thought would have sucked more it will never be accepted by vh fans. The problem doesn't lie with him though or with sammy or with dave or the musical talent because eddy plays his ass off on this cd. The problem I am sorry to say lies with mr edward van halen and his attitude. Face it with dave he might have been able to say well look at his attitude I can't work with him but when the same thing happens with sammy it is obvious. Anyone who doesn't think eddy is an ego manical dick head should listen to track 12 on the new cd. A decent song that he ruins by trying to sing. I don't blame gary cherone for this album being lame or dave for not doing the reunion thing, I blame eddy for screwing up one of america's all time best bands.

08/04/98: Kman -
As a LONG time VH fan, this CD sucks! Pure and simple. It joins
the dust bin of CD's, along with the multitude of disks to be sold
at the next garage sale. Looking forward to Dave's new CD coming
out soon... It HAS to be better then this worthless hunk of plastic.

07/04/98: Ralph -
you people are all wasted !!!!! for one i didnt
like the idea of sammy joining van halen, but
i heard "why cant this be love" and the rest of
5150...sammy really did a great take-off
with part two of vh. let me tell you all
something , no one wants to listen to a cd
20,000 times to get into it..2 or 3 listens fine
but that even doesnt make for a GOOD cd. come
to grips people vh sucks!!!! daves return w/
"me wise magic"..and "cant get this stuff no more"
were instant likeables and blows away anything on
the new cd HANDS DOWN!!!!! im not listening to
this cd 20,000 times to try and like it!!!!!


07/04/98: Eighty Seven -
Eddie is right. You won't get this album in one listen. It took me 2 or 3 days to get in the groove with everything. On the whole this album reminds me of the reckless abandon of Fair Warning. I thought band was in big trouble with Balance ("Can't Stop Loving You"? gimme a break). It's nice to see them not give a fuck anymore and doing some crazy shit again. Now for my .02's on How Many Say I, I would've liked it a lot better had they not put those damn harmonies all over it. It just doesn't sound good.

07/04/98: Kevin Hammond -
I can't begin to say how disappointed I am in this CD. I've loved Extreme since their first album came out so I was jacked to hear that Gary Cherone got the lead singer spot. Unfortunately, it sounds like he's trying to be Sammy instead of Gary. I'm all for a band experimenting with their sound but the song-writing here is lackluster at best. I've really tried hard to give it a few spins and let it grow on me but there's only about three tunes I find worth listening to. Eddie's playing is great as usual but that's about the album's only strong point. I also think Alex is an amazing drummer but he sounds like he had one beer too many while recording this CD. It's like he's dragging the songs and holding them back. Next time their producer should make him use a click-trak in his headphones so he stays on beat. I just hope the next album is better after they've had some time to hang together and gel a bit. Until then I'll stick with the old good VH stuff with David Lee.

07/04/98: Drew -
Oh My God--This cd is lame.Where`s the brown sound ED!!!3 songs even come close to reminding me of Van Halen-Without you,Fire in the hole,Bullet or the ballot.The rest is UGGHHH-I tried to like this cd.I`m a guitar player,I liked Dave,I liked Sammy too,I even liked Gary in Extreme-[kinda]but this is a lame effort.Almost seems rushed.I was really geeked with Me wise magic,and Can`t get this stuff nomore-I thought another pinnacle for the greatest band around,a new singer would take them even higher......Nope

07/04/98: Christian Turner -
Well, personally, I am a HUGE fan of Sammy Hagar, so I guess that would make me a little bit biased. However, I did say before the album was released that I would give it a fair chance then I could praise it or damn it. LET THE DAMNING BEGIN. I have the utmost respect for Gary Cherone and Michael Anthony, but as for Eddie the egomaniac and his brother...NO COMMENT. This truly proves that it wasn't Van Halen before, it was Van Hagar. The lyrical content of the album is ,at times, brilliant. However, the music is sloppy and just downright dissapointing. I hope Sammy is laughing his ass off, although, unlike Edward, I'm sure he won't make an unprofessional ass out of himself by stating how ignorant Eddie and Alex were by running him out. Also, to get my full two cents in, I heard about a "possible" statement made by Alex Van Halen and I just felt the need to question it. Supposedly, Al said "where does Sammy get off talking trash about the greatest guitarist alive?" Now, I have tried & tried till I'm blue in the face, but NOWHERE can I find Sammy saying one negative thing about Neal Schon??? LONG LIVE THE RED ROCKER!!!!

07/04/98: Rob Freiman -
First off, I love the new album. "Once" is the only dissapointing song. The rest of the album (especially "From Afar", "Josephina" and "Without You") is very cool. True, it may not be what we have all come to expect, but it's a fresh new sound. Everyone keeps complaining that they want the old singers and the old stuff back. But I mean, come on, quit living in the past people! If I want to hear the old stuff, I just pop in the first CD or F.U.C.K. I think this album presents a mature, refreshing change from previous efforts. I love the old stuff too, but to me this is some of their best to date. We finally have a cool lead singer too. Dave is a flake and Sammy's kinda old, fat and worn out. Cherone is all style. True rock fans will definitely appreciate this album.

07/04/98: andre -
count me in the category who believes that this is the worst vh album in a decade.
what a bunch of annoying songs those are. Unfortunately for him, cherone sounds a lot like sammy but in sad way.
bring back sammy, eddie, or call it quits

07/04/98: Andy Buchanan -
Well, what can I say. It's over for VH. A friend of mine has suggested that VH now stands for Very Hyped. I personally thought they lost there hard rock image when Dave left. Don't get me wrong, Sammy can sing, but when one of your favorite kick ass rock band starts writing cheesy love ballads, it's just disappointing. The two new Dave tracks on the Best Of records is probably the best hard rock stuff they've done in a long time. I give the album a 2%.

07/04/98: Paul -
Let's face it people, whether you like Extreme or not, you have to admit that Gary Cherone is technically the best singer Van Halen has had as a frontman. Period. Hagar and Roth are both one dimensional performers, whereas Cherone has great range and can competently sing a multitude of styles. Cherone's singing prowess lends well to VH, and I've come to really appreciate the new album (although it did take some repeated listenings). VH III takes the band in new directions at times (no doubt due to Cherone's influence) and yet still retains that classic VH sound. Also, in disagreement with other opinions, I happen to think that Alex did a great job on this CD, his playing is very tasteful and is true to his unmistakable style. Two thumbs up, and I can't wait for the tour! (Extreme, RIP)

07/04/98: Henry Bocanegra -
I just have to words to say:


07/04/98: Mark -
First off, I'd give this CD a 87% (B+). There are only 10 complete songs on VHIII. The instrumentals are throw away tracks. Out of the 10 songs, I love 8 of them. "Without you", "From Afar", "Dirty Water dog", and "Ballot or the bullet" are my favorites. The 2 songs which I wish were left off of VHIII are "Once" and "How many say I". Overall, I think Gary did a great job both singing and writing. The production on the instruments is great, but I think Mike Post mixed down the background vocals a little too much. It's an album worth owning and IT DOES GROW ON YOU AFTER A FEW LISTENS!!!

07/04/98: Dave -
Uhh...will the REAL Van Halen please step forward? What is this crap? Ok, I recognize the guitar, but why is there a Sammy Hagar wannnabe singing on this album? Is that Gary Cherone singing? It sounds more like a cat in heat to me. Maybe if I listen to it 20 or 30 more times I may start to enjoy it. After I play "Without You", I skip to "From Afar". The rest of it is annoying. I used to like Eddie Van Halen, and he still is a guitar god, but the new songwriting doesn't work for me. Gary can write good lyrics one minute, and crap the next. Get a real singer/songwriter, and Eddie, leave your ego at the door next time. Now, where's my "Marching to Mars" CD?...

06/04/98: Asa -
I liked Extreme before Waiting for the Punchline. I loved VH with Sammy. I loved the old VH. Usually, I just buy the new VH albums. Never need to hear anything first, just buy it and love it. For some reason I decided to listen before I bought this time. Good thing. I just don't like it. I'm not even willing to buy it and try to let it grow on me.

06/04/98: Jeff Mc -
This isn't an album that jumps out and grabs you from the first listen, but it's a solid album. It's been in heavy rotation in my CD player since I bought it. I only wish they would have finished the album a little stronger. Tracks 1-9 are all solid songs (some better than others, some rocking, some mellow, but all definitley solid). They could've left the last 3 songs off and it would've been a better album, in my opinion. They leave a bitter taste after the enjoyable flavor of the rest of the album.

06/04/98: troy -
Just want to say I love this album. I really do believe this is some of their best work. It's a departure from previous albums, but I don't want the same exact sound on every album. Since 5150, I've bought every single album the day it came out, but this one has stayed in my cd player the longest. "Without you" kept growing and growing and It's one of my all time favorite VH songs along with, "5150", "panama", and "unchained". My favorite new songs in order Without you, dirty water dog, from afar, fire in the hole, josephina, once, year to the day, one I want, primary/ballot or the bullet. I really could have done without Neworld and how many say I . stick to guitar ED!!!!!!

06/04/98: danny -
I give it an 80% I loved VAN HALEN 1.-favorite one-MEAN STREET. I loved VAN HALEN 2 5150 and i loved VH3. I know it's different. Yeah i was looking for songs like ERUPTION or MEAN STREET. (I never liked Exteme). So when i heard gary was going to the lead singer i said what!!! But i said i'll give it a chance. When i heard "without you" i said wow. I love the way gary sings, i love the drums, the base, the guitars, everything, but the first and last song. favorite line-superman he looking for lois. Part two of my review will be of each song.

all in all. IT ROCKS.

06/04/98: Mike Beer -
They might as well have called the band "EDDIE Van Halen". Gary Cherone is given virtually no freedom to use his own style. Eddie's (oh, sorry, I mean EDWARD's) ego is even apparent in the CD booklet: His picture is on the first page, with no lyrics covering him up, while the 'other guys' are shown on the last three pages, with a blank page separating the leader from his tag-alongs. Eddie's guitar playing is very good throughout, it's just too bad he had to mold Gary Cherone, an incredible talent, into just another formula singer in the Eddie Van Halen band.

06/04/98: Mark Bair -
First of all I am a big fan of Extreme and Gary. Second, I love the new CD. Just as I expected the songs were written by Gary, automatically giving it the Extreme vibe. This is obviously not a classic VH album. I was a fan of Van Halen before Gary and before Sammy. Gary brought some new ideas to the fold, like One I Want, From Afar, and Once. I can't really pick a favorite song yet, but I am leaning toward One I Want.
I am not a fan of the instrumentalist singing(Sorry Eddie and Tommy) leave the singing to the singers. I love this Cd though. Too bad people let "More Than Words" keep them from buying it.
Great site Andrew.

06/04/98: RainbowChaser -
First I have to say that I did enjoy Van Halen's music prior to this, even though it wasn't some of my favorite stuff, I still enjoyed their music alot. But no more it seems. I despise Gary Cherone's voice, and even though he did fairly well in Extreme, here he just seems to try and sound as close to a no-talent alternative singer as possible. In fact the whole album sounds quite alternative. Unlike bands like Keel, Manowar, Iron Maiden and dozens of others, Van Halen has not stuck to the metal/hard rock sound, and has decided to go alternative rock. Sorry, VH, that just doesn't work. And their new video is terrible, Eddie looks like he trying to be 16 again, and looks simply rediculous and Gary Cherone is just plain irritating. 'Nuff said.

06/04/98: Dave Leon -
Well, I have always been a Gary Cherone fan. I anxiously looked forward to each Extreme album. I liked the way Gary could scream at one point and sing soft ballads at another point. He had great range and a talented voice. However, why he decided to imitate Sammy Hagar's vocal style, I will never know. Hopefully on the next Van Halen cd he will be himself.

The best songs on the cd are Without You, which is getting major radio play, Josephina, and Once.

The song Once took me by surprise as it was a great departure from the sound of the rest of the album. Nice, but unusual balad from Van Halen.

Eddie's playing on the cd was energized and spectacular at times. This is the best guitar I have heard from him in a while. Unfortunately, the rest of the band, including Cherone, let him down this time.

I rate this cd a C+. Get it for 3 or 4 songs, and then put on your cd shelf to collect dust.

06/04/98: Marc Leenders - leenders@telusplanet
This new album took me for surprise.I had read
many reviews about it before I purchased it.I was
expecting the worse,but recieved a shock.I loved
what I heard.To me,good hard rock is almost
impossible to find in North America these days
except for VH.All my cd's have to be imported at
a great cost.I give VH credit for staying tried
and true.I will say that the last three songs on
the cd are crap and that was the only
disappointing thing for me .

06/04/98: Michael Kumm -
Forget it! I listened to it once and that was enough for me. I wished VH would have chosen a new direction instead of trying to incorporate 'all the past' sounds. The album just does not flow and even the individual songs sound 'choppy'. The only thing worth listening to is Eddie.

05/04/98: AlliedForces -
Bring back sammy now.This record has to be the worst VH record of all time.The songs a long and boring.Gary should have joined queen instead of VH.Who really liked extreme anyway.I liked what gary did at the freddy mercury concert with queen but with the album it just doesnt fit the vanhalen sound.Vh1 was a great album 5150 also was a great album now you would think that they would have kept that streak going,,No way.Pure garbage.