a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Craig Porteils
  1. Fanfare
  2. One Of These Days
  3. Luna Eclipse
  4. Hello The Moon
  5. Mister Rain
  6. Naice And Green
  7. Strawberry Wine
  8. Magazine
  9. Nothing In Moderation
  10. The La La Song
  11. Best Of Times
  12. Have You Heard The News Today
Utopian Babies are a relatively new Aussie band and this is their debut album.
Their style is basically modern rock. Melodic rock with a 90's pop edge.
Comparisons can be made all over the place for the tracks on their debut.
The better tracks are infectious pop rock, while some others fail to hit the mark and fade into each other.
The album's strengths lie in the precision playing and strong rock production but whether that is enough to hold your attention through a few of the more standard tracks remains to one's personal tastes.
I can make comparisons to several bands.
A few tracks, like the opening number hit me as Goo Goo Dolls type rockers, while the vocalist is a mix of Steve Brown from Trixter and Danny Wilde, plus a little more GG Dolls.
Other tracks mix up similarities to Australia's acoustic rockers The Electric Hippies as well as The Beatles, Trixter and the Rembrants.
Basically it heads into melodic commercial rock territory, but ends up a more laid back acoustic driven pop rock.
Danny Wilde had a similar problem with some tracks from the last Rembrants album.
One Of These Days is the lead single and is easily the most commercial song on the album. A mix of a hard edged Julian Lennon song with Trixter and 90's rock.
Listening to it more I can clearly see that there are going to be some people that really dig this.
I am not one of them as I have never really been a fan of psychedelic pop rock.
But for anyone that owns the Electirc Hippies album or really likes the less commercial moments of the Rembrants.
Mix that with the comparisons above and if that does it for you - check it out.
Personally I don't think the songs are strong enough or memorable enough to find a mass audience.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of acoustic driven & 90's modern pop/hard rock bands.

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