a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Cary Sharaf
  1. No More Heartaches
  2. Crazy For Love
  3. Heart In Pain
  4. Rolling Down That Road
  5. Love You One More Time
  6. Hold Out
  7. Burning Desire
  8. Crossfire
  9. Always On The Run
  10. When You Feel Lonley
Under Fire are a US act that have been given a second chance at fame through a release of their shelved album via AOR Heaven's cool Rock Classics range.
These guys are classic mid 80's keyboard anthem rock. Like fellow AOR Classics signings Hush, they offer a fairly solid album of hooks and classic style commercial FM rock.
They must have been close to a deal and could consider themselves unlucky not to have had this released, as it is pretty good.
The songs trail off a little towards the end, but the opening anthem No More Heartaches is almost worth the price of admission alone.
Big keyboards and big backing vocals and a big melodic hook. The best track of the album easily.
The style is almost a heavier Stan Bush style of AOR rock, when he was playing in his heavier Barrage days of the mid 80's.
Vocalist Moki Demarco is certainly admirable.
And as added bonus the mastering was done by Hirsh Gardner of New England fame.
Heart In Pain has a nice melodic intro and is a pretty cool track all round. Nice mellow mid paced rocker.
Rolling Down That Road suffers from a sub par production, but is still OK.
Love You One More Time is more like it! Big anthemish rocker again that rolls a long at a good pace. Good track.
Burning Desire is not quite as good. Sorry guys, but the song has dated more so than the rest of the album and production lacks also.
Crossfire is a cool instrumental guitar solo that leads into Always On The Run, another good hard rocker.
When You Feel Lonely ends the album with a track that has also dated but sounds OK.
It is a mid paced rocker with heavy keyboards and some solid vocals.
Fans of mid 80's rock and keyboard heavy albums will love this. Hush was a better release, but in the same vein and New England fans might also get a kick out of some of these tunes.
Highlights are definitely the opening number, Love You One Time and the second track Crazy For Love.
ESSENTIAL FOR: 80's pop rock/aor fans. Keyboard stadium rock fans.

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