UFO You Are Here SPV
Produced By: Tommy Newton

Running Time:

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU US

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 65%
Sound: 85%
UFO return with the legacy of their past behind them a new line-up has emerged out of the departure of Michael Schenker and it seems he won't be back this time. But never say never in the land of UFO, where anything is truly possible.
Joining band regulars Mogg, Way and Raymond are guitarist Vinnie Moore and drummer Jason Bonham. Both Moore and Bonham have extensive and respected histories and although their joining UFO is a little surprising, both fit the band rather well.
The overall energy of the band seems to have lifted, with the songs of You Are Here all representing an air of positivity it's clear to see the band enjoyed recording this album.
Sound wise, Bonham's authorative drumming ties in beautifully with Pete Way's bass playing and Vinnie Moore proves himself to be a great fit for the band, helping UFO cover their blues rock roots, while also providing all the required guitar acrobatics expected of any role that Schenker previously played.
The production from Tommy Newton is also fitting not too over the top, nor too technical or crisp, but nor is it rough or loose where it shouldn't be.
However, there are a few points to be made about the album.
I found myself getting half way through the album without realizing how far into the album I had come. There is a distinct lack of memorable choruses in play. Where there are choruses, they are short and rather featureless. The instant hooks of classics like the early days and recently Walk On Water are not present.
I like the sound, I like the delivery, but their definitely needs to be some work done on those choruses!
Additionally, thanks to some information from long time Vinnie Moore fans, some of the tunes included on this new album are his old solo demos. Maybe the band are a little out of ideas then?
The Bottom Line
I have enjoyed listening to the album - I like the overall vibe of the tracks and I always enjoy listening to Phil Mogg. I think the album is more enjoyable than Sharks and I think the guys are moving in the right direction, but it still doesn't come close to the magic of Walk On Water.
More work is needed on the overall songwriting - the rest the band has nailed down.
I also hope that this line-up can stick it together for a while to come yet, as there are some promising signs of what is possible.
Recent Discography / Previously Reviewed
Walk On Water
You Are Here

Line Up
Phil Mogg: Vocals
Vinnie Moore: Guitar
Jason Bonham: Drums
Pete Way: Bass
Paul Raymond: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Vinnie Moore
Track Listing
Daylight Goes To Town*
Black Cold Coffee*
The Wild One
Give It Up
Call Me
Slipping Away*
The Spark That Is Us
Mr. Freeze
Baby Blue
--*Best Tracks

18/09/05: MetalDen -
Rating: 85
This album validates the good work of the new line-up, the contribution of the "news" Vinnie and jason is excellent, and the "olds" make also a good job, there is a good balance between hard and melodies, a stable characteristic of the band, in the hard part, I found a lack of moelody in Black Cold Coffee so that I don't appreciate a lot, but it is the only one. Finally doing the total of the stars (see below), it gives a rating: 85, that represents well the good level of this album. It lets some possibilities of improvements for the next album !
Track Listing
01 - When Daylight Goes To Town ****
02 - Black Cold Coffee **
03 - The Wild One *****
04 - Give It Up *****
05 - Call Me ***
06 - Slipping Away *****
07 - The Spark That Is Us ****
08 - Sympathy ****
09 - Mr. Freeze *****
10 - Jelloman ****
11 - Baby Blue *****
12 - Swallow *****
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11/02/05: Shelby -
Rating: 75
Poor UFO, they just can't seem to reform themselves of past glories. While they sound tight and fairly convicted on this outing it is the song quality that hampers the whole experience. Their "Walk On Water" album gave me new hope when it came out considering it amongst their best ever but ever since then it's been a ruff road. Only a few songs stand out of the crowd on this record but it's a short crowd to begin with.

25/05/04: stone88 -
Rating: 98
I've been listening to this cd for a couple of months now and I love it even more. Great band that still knows how to rock. I recently picked up the Japan cd with the extra track "Messing Up The Bed". Well worth the money to hear another song with this lineup. Can't wait for the US tour!!

19/04/04: Brian Burgess -
Rating: 80
The end of the Michael Schenker era (again) brings mixed results to me. Firstly, the last two UFO cd's "Sharks" and "Covenent" were okay efforts but not much to write home about. Michael seemed more interested in bringing MSG back to the forefront. He accomplished this with the successful "Arachnophobiac" cd(one of his best) and a solid tour to follow. Then I started thinking about the incredible artistry of the 1996 UFO reunion cd "Walk On Water" and wondered if a new line-up could revitalize UFO and possibly record a masterpiece such as this minus Schenker. I knew Jason Bonham was a top notch drummer but hadn't heard much from guitar whiz Vinnie Moore. "You Are Here" brings some solid musicianship (especially with Paul Raymond back into the mix) but few, if any classic UFO songs. The band is very talented but the song writing does not reach much higher than UFO's last two efforts. Vinnie Moore's playing is solid but not spectacular. Showcase his style more! Jason Bonham's drumming is very impressive.(Unfortunately Mr. Dunbar he has been practicing much more than you...) Pete Way is solid throughout as always. Mogg's vocals are excellent(his voice sounds as strong as ever) but the lyrics and melodic structures are somewhat lacking. This band (if they stay together) has alot of potential. But with so much talent it will take at least another cd for the new guys to gell with the UFO veterans. Some good songs though and a pleasant listen...maybe a classic UFO release is just around the corner???? Finally, I wish success to both UFO and Michael Schenker, no bashing here...

04/04/04: Ignacio -
Rating: 75
My opinion is that is a little better then Sharks but not superior to Covenant. Rating 75 is ok. Vinnie's work makes it sound like UFO, and i like it. Not classic songs, but not bad songs. Specially i love Mr Freeze. Anyway it is always a nice surprise an UFO record.
Seen them in concert: Fantastic!!!
PS: For UFO fans check it out "Sign of 4: Dancing with St Peter", a very surprising record

02/04/04: Dan MacDonald -
Rating: 90
A really great effort by my all time FAV band,totally hooked on UFO since "Obsession",this is their best since WOW.Phil's vocals
always get me right to the bone,especially on "Baby Blue",another nice track is "Slipping Away",finds the boys right in that groove! Miss Schenker,but don't miss his shenanigans.
Like to see this unit stay together for another one,I'm thinking
even better next time around.The other 10% was held back-5% for bigger production(Ronnie Fury) & 5% for keyboards(more Paul,please !)

31/03/04: Stuart Hann -
Rating: 90
A real `return to form`, thankfully the addition of Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham have proved to be real positives not to mention the return (again) of Paul Raymond who has been really missed on the last two releases.
This really is up there with the best of them,great songs performed with real commitment and style,and an astute choice of producer.UFO fans can rejoice at something old,something new and somthing (Baby) blue,don`t hang on the thought of this line-up making it to album number two - enjoy this against the odds classic release now.

31/03/04: frank maynard -
Rating: 100
For UFO fans this is one of the greatest album by UFO.
great songs,PHIL MOGG never sing so good since long long time ago,we knew he can do it and HE DO IT,Jason bonham and vinnie moore,bring with us a spark that UFO miss because of somes olds

30/03/04: Sharky -
Rating: 77
It's kind of ironic that Vinnie Moore was opening for MSG a few years ago...

I have no complaints about Vinnie or Jason's contributions (except for Bonham's throat shredding & jarring background vocals on Daylight Goes to Town.) In fact, Vinnie does a very good job of balancing taste & flash. The songs themselves are another situation though...Every song seems to have incredible promise, but many of them are shot in the foot by an unmelodic/unmemorable chorus, weak mix or a somewhat "by the numbers" arrangement. Apparently, the whole band wasn't together for most of the crafting of the album (Way was late, Mogg's melodies/vocals were done separately from the rest of the band...) I do believe that this UFO MK V (?) lineup has real promise, but I think that they need to be truly together as a band to reach their true potential.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge UFO fan (we're sometimes the harshest critics...) and You Are Here is a good rock disc that is definitely superior to Sharks & Covenant. What is disappointing though, is that where the seeds for a REALLY cool disc are all there...the execution isn't...On the bright side is that when these guys (hopefully) get together to make the next disc after touring, there is a possibility of something special being created.

30/03/04: kahl -
Rating: 90
It took me a couple of litens to really get into this cd but then it hit me how great Vinnie Moore is. Jason really did him self proud as well. Of course Phil,Pete and Paul were up to thier usual high standards. I cant stop listening to this cd.

30/03/04: Jay -
Rating: 90
Access mistygreen and blue website. numerous UFO reviews are posted (magazines etc.). It is the best since walk on water. I think it has more quality of songs than walk on water. I don't ever seem to get past the first 3-5 songs on walk on water. This is great start to finish. More importantly: "Most" seem to think the next UFO cd will be a "classic" due to this lineup and everyone "gelling". (Very promising). Secondly: Thank God Schenker is gone. In this day and age he does not stand out like he did in the 70's (too many good players out there). Plus I am tired of his mental problems. Finally, a worldwide tour will be COMPLETED and I expect to hear songs that are great, that Schenker would not perform. Keep re-hashing your MSG Michael...meanwhile I will see UFO in Philadephia and Baltimore next month.AND guess what...I won't have to get me ticket refunded!!

29/03/04: Johan -
Rating: 94
As far as I'm concerned, this is their best since "The wild,..." If you like classic UFO you will like this album. UFO have never been about catchy aor-like choruses. They deliver raw, groovy hard-rock in a way that no one else does. Vinnie Moore fits in perfectly, and Jason Bonham kicks ass. This is probably their best line-up in twenty years. (Yes, I know Schenker is/was a genius, but I have had enough of the other side of the coin...) To me, "Covenant" and "Shark" sounded tired and uninspired. This album is the very opposite. Listen to it. This is real music from real musicians who know how to rock!

29/03/04: Wil Engemann -
Rating: 89
I am very suprised at how much I enjoyed this CD. I think that the new musicians have done themselves proud. Vinnie Moore wisely avoids being a Schenker clone, but is melodic and tasteful most of the time. There seems to be a spark of energy that has been missing lately and the production is very good. I was also suprised at Andrew's review, but that may be down to his personal taste, he has changed his mind before and may change it on this CD. Other reviews here will most likely come from those like myself who want to make sure that others who like the europeon hard rock will give the CD a chance.

29/03/04: RL - n/a
Rating: 85
I dreaded a non Schenker or Chapman released album at this stage of UFO's career (following relatively weak showings with MS in "Sharks" & "Covenant"...) and I'm happy to say I was floored by the high quality of this record. The production is first rate the songs are well writtten and consistant. Jason Bonham and Vinnie Moore have proven themselves more than worthy to be on 'the team'. Finest all around release since "The Wild, The Willing, & The Innocent". NOTE: I tend to have similar taste as Andrew for the most part, but believe this album recieved a bit of a quick assesment due to 2-3 average choruses. Recommend another listen or two, AM (the album is a complete 'grower'; more classic hard rock storytelling then AOR hits; Phil Mogg's lyrics and presentation are brilliant). Think you'll looooooove the hypnotic yet ballsy "MR. FREEZE" - a stunning track. Also give high points to "Slipping Away", "Sympathy", and "The Wild One"... Guaranteed not to dissapoint the long time fan or a casual listener of classic Euro hard rock. Enjoy...

29/03/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 74
A decent Ufo record, but not on the same level as their best albums.
I'm glad they still release albums every year and I'm still a fan of the band, but their heydays are over.
Good, decent, but not special !

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