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Zebra Records
Produced by: Lea Hart

Released: OUT
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Long Gone
  2. We Belong To The Night
  3. Only You Can Rock Me
  4. Too Hot To Handle
  5. Love To Love
  6. Shoot Shoot
  7. Doctor Doctor
  8. Natural Thing
  9. Let It Roll
  10. Lights Out
  11. Let It Rain
  12. Rock Bottom

This UFO tribute is thanks to one of the other gang doing a few tributes - the ones headed by ex-Fastway vocalist Lea Hart. Their previous efforts include tributes to Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy. Good ones too.
Featured on those tributes and here again is Nicky Moore, Bernie Shaw, Lea Hart, Paul Di'Anno, Steve Overland, Steve Grimmett, Doogie White, Mick White, with musical backing from Pete Jupp, Bob Skeat, Phil Campbell, Cliff Evans, Ray Callcut, Ian Nash & Buernie Torme.
So what have they done with UFO?
Rocked it up big time of course! This is more for die-hard followers of a band than even most tributes out there. As with the last 2 tribute albums the guys did, this is very well produced and has a big hard rocking sound.
This tribute is cool enough and will no doubt be picked up by fans of the band and some fans of the singers involved and has most of the energy it should.
A couple of tracks don't do it for me, and a couple of vocal performances, like Light Out for example, left me cold. Maybe that's because I am not a long time fan of the band, more a recent convert.
BOTTOM LINE: Another fan only affair. But a well producer and hard rocking one.
UFO are a more European cult act, rather than Poison and Bon Jovi tribute for a US audience. So I suggest it might suit the European audiences better, plus those die hard UFO fans and collectors.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard UFO fans and collectors.

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