Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD041
Produced by: Kevin Chalfant

Released: JUNE 1 / Website
Closest Relative: Journey, The Storm

  1. My Love Will Be There
  2. I Won't Give Up On Us
  3. Piece Of My Heart
  4. When Love Is Gone
  5. Summer Of Love
  6. Surrender
  7. A Man's Gotta Do
  8. Remember
  9. Never Stop Loving You
  10. Alyssia
  11. I Believe In You
  12. I Can See You
  13. River Of Destiny

Two Fires is a project involving vocalist Kevin Chalfant and guitarist Josh Ramos, both last seen together in the AOR super group The Storm.
They are joined in Two Fires by session drummer Kenny Aronoff and bass player Willie Weeks.
This is indeed a monster AOR album. Smooth as a baby's bum, soft and tasteful all the way and filled to bursting point with a range of melody filled AOR ballads and pop rockers.
This is a record made for fans. This is for those who wanted a 100% AOR by numbers release. This is for those that want the AOR formula rolled out and executed precisely, which is what Kevin and Josh have delivered.
I asked Kevin about this and he said their vision is simple, stick to what we know! We know AOR!
Two Fires is a record where the voice rules the day. The vocals have been moved up in the mix to the point where they are the defining element of the record. The music seems secondary, but of course, is flawlessly constructed with plenty of smooth Neal Schon like guitar solos, great keyboard melodies and AOR anthems.
Having the voice as the driving force of the record, one needs a quite inspirational performance to pull that off. Fortunately this is done with ease as Kevin is in wonderfully fine form.
The only criticism of this album I have is that in some points it is a little too smooth! A little rough round the edges is sometimes appealing.
The Storm's Eye Of The Storm is one of the landmark AOR records of all time. This album is in that style, without quite reaching that album's heights.
It's like a Steve Perry solo album - great, but missing the crunch of a full Journey album. But these points are to be taken lightly, as the album does still provide the best and smoothest pure AOR I have heard this year.
The best songs are tracks like My Love Will Be There, Summer Of Love, Surrender, I Won't Give Up On Us & Alyssia; which are just 110% the best soft rock anthems one could hope for.
When Love Is Gone & I Believe In You are beautiful soft ballads and River Of Destiny is the best of Chalfant and co-writer Jim Peterik, finishing the album off with a Survivor-ish high moment.
BOTTOM LINE: A flawlessly written and performed album of pure AOR just like the fans like it. It is a little musically safe and restrained, but the smooth songs and perfect vocals will make just about every die-hard AOR fan happy.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Chalfant, The Storm, Journey fans and lovers of smooth pure AOR.
DISCOGRAPHY:The Storm - The Storm, Eye Of The Storm . Two Fires


16/10/05: Bulgaria -
Could you give me the lyric of the song: Two Fires - Somewhere Far Away. I can't find the text in the internet. Please help. I will be grateful!

01/02/01: hans haak -
hello two fires and kevin chalfant fans
i work for a locall radio station in holland and last year i did an interview with kevin he is a great guy kevin say,s it come s on the clickrecords site soi enjoy if people want to email me that,s allride

16/09/00: Greg Makris -
With "Two Fires", Kevin Chalfant continues to build on his legacy as modern AOR's premiere vocalist. Let's face it - he sounds more like vintage Steve Perry than does Perry himself these days. Chalfant's soaring, crystal-clear vocals harken back to Journey's glory years ('78-'83, in my opinion). As for the songs themselves, the high points of the album ("My Love Will Be There" and "River Of Destiny") are on par with the best rock anthems of The Storm's two projects and, arguably those of clasic Journey. The remainder of "Two Fires" offers a variety of solid to very good tunes that generally include mid-tempo rockers with occasional poppy or bluesy flourishes. The lone ballad, "I Believe In You", is pleasant, but essentially uninspired, particularly as compared to Kevin and company's phenomenal "To Have And To Hold" from The Storm's second lp, "Eye Of The Storm". Overall, "Two Fires" is a most welcome addition to anyone's AOR catalog and is an essential buy for those who have been longing for a kick-ass Journey album for the past decade and a half.

18/08/00: Noddy -
From the snippets of Journey's Arrival I have heard so far, the material conjoured up by Chalfant and Ramos is far superior and truer to the sound and feel of classics such as Escape and Frontiers. Roll on 2 Fires part 2!

12/08/00: cruz -
What can I say,incredible cd,this is the best cd I have heard for a while.I'm a huge Steve Perry fan and of course a Journey fan also,I love to listen my Journey cd's because of Steve's voice,well, let me tell you this, this is as close as it gets to Steve Perry,I would buy Kevin Chalfant's cd's even if he is singing Barney's songs.This guy has the most incredible song since Steve lost his.So, if you don't have this cd,you better go get it right away cause it is a classic.

08/08/00: willie -
this is a really fantastic album
2 weeks ago i was in a record shop here in holland
and wanted to by a cd of bon jovi when they excedently put in the wrong cd 'two fires' when i got home i listend and found out this is so fuxx better than bon jovi
you agree
i do

05/08/00: Jadir Oliveira -
Como gosto Muito de Journey, fiquei apaixonado poer esta banda !!!

04/08/00: JACE - JACE5150@AOL.COM
NO ONE was more anxious for this record than I was. The Storm's self titled album just happened to come out the year I turned sixteen and it was part of the soundtrack to my adolesencse. And then "What's Ya Doin Tonite" on "Eye Of The Storm" damned near tore me in two. I must admit that I was a little disappointed with Kevin's solo album "Running With The Wind". I'm sure it's my own fault, I'm guilty of wanting bands to stay consistant with what they do... which I realize is an unrealistic expectation. At any rate Two Fires is a very good disc in and of itself. I still don't feel it's of the same caliber of The Storm records, but WHAT IS?? The Storm was one of the greatest AOR bands ever. The disc... "River Of Destiny" alone is worth the $20 (or whatever it is) you'll spend on the CD, those 3 part harmonies kill me. "My Love Will Be There", "When Love Is Gone", and "Alyssia" are all very strong tracks. "I Won't Give Up On Us" and "I Believe In You" are rather boring, bland tunes. But "Piece Of My Heart" is probably my favorite, a great little rocker. The Song "Summer Of Luv" definitely takes me back and it WOULD be my favorite song, BUT (and I hate to say this) doesn't the little intro guitar riff sound JUST LIKE "Faithfully"? Unfortunatly that kinda blows it for me, I don't know why. But all I can think of when I here it start is how similar it is. Now of course I realize that no one can do anything TOTALLY original and at some point something you will do will sound like someone else. But most of the time it's some obscure song or some older tune that no one hear's anymore... not "Faithfully"! It's on the radio every single day wherever you go, any similarity to a song that popular and classic will be noticed. Sorry... I'm rambling alot about this and it's not fair, it's just one little thing I noticed and it probably gives this review an overall tone of negativity which it doesn't deserve in any way. As a whole it's an extremely good piece of AOR and something all fans of The Storm or Kevin Chalfant should get their hands on. There's nothing very deep or touching on this record, but it sure is alot of fun! Thanks for listening to me ramble, jace. ----------------------------------------------

29/07/00: Alex Lee Ericsson -
wow! A Killer Album!!! Good Singin´,Good Songs,this is more like look NO MORE!
One of the best records this year,and why not say ANY-YEAR!!!But if i`ve to say somethin´negative,it´s just that tempo of the songs is almost the same thru´ the album,and almost every song opens with a guitar intro (solo) But Hey! who cares! It´s a Masterpiece, anyway,and maybe it´s their singnature? So now i just waitin´ for a new Journey Album to come,and that´s about it....keep rockin´Kevin & guys,we don´t let you down..EVER!!

27/07/00: Keeven Marcus -
Just fininshed listening to the opening track... great album.. I am definately looking forward to picking this one up!

26/07/00: JSP -
For all journey and The storm fans, this is a must buy album. This is close to perfection if you are a freak of storm's album! Try listening to catchy tune like Alyssia and Summer of love. Not forgetting the killer ballad I believe in you!

24/07/00: Nick Green -
I was so looking forward to this release espeically after the gods performance so the question is was it worth the wait?

Overall i am disapointed with the finished result as to my ears they try to hard to be Journey and seem to have lost any individuality along the way.
The production is good but this makes the overall experience worse to my ears as the songs seem to have very little substance with the majority at best Journey cutting room floor fodder.

What a shame, still the real deal will have their new album out in September.

23/07/00: Marcio Giacomini -

21/07/00: Ivan -
Simply one of the best CD's I've heard in a long time!

19/07/00: Tim Cunningham -
I am ecstatic about this Two Fires release.
River of Destiny is my favorite. The whole
album is great. There are zero bad songs!!!
Did all of you Journey fans know that Hugo
has released a new album? Hugo really sounds
like Journey and "This Love Song" may be my
favorite track of all time! Hugo - Time on Earth
and Two Fires - Two Fires can be bought in
the United states here:

Click music link in middle, once at next site,
search for Two Fires and Hugo. You will love
the reviews there.

Happy listening. Both albums are A+.


First of all let's get the record straight ! Kevin Chalfant is NOT Steve Perry, Josh Ramos is NOT Neal Schon and Two Fires is NOT Journey. However, every new A.O.R release is invariably compared to Journey and like comparing a Ford to a BMW, the Ford will never be better but it will have a CD player as standard. So it is with eager anticipation that most people will approach this album, especially with the quality of the two Storm albums already under their belts. Two Fires provides a touch of class in a time when fans of this rock genre have been served sub standard product for too long. Opening tracks "My Love Will Be There" and "I Won't Give Up On Us" are classic melodic rock anthems which really capture the mood of this whole album.
There are the obligatory ballads of which "I Believe In You" is the best but the album is not ballad heavy. For me there are two highlights, the first being the inclusion of "Remember". This track appeared on a demo of another project (The View) that Mr. Chalfant was involved in - this may see the light of day later this year. The track builds in stature incorporating all the elements that purists will be having orgasms over. Best is saved until last. Co written by Jim Peterik (ex Survivor) "River of Destiny" is an imence slice of A.O.R excellence. Two Fires is a release which, for once, lives up to the hype and delivers exactly what the punters are crying out for. If I was being highly critical I would say the drum performance is …….what's the word? Basic. Of course people will draw parallels with San Francisco's finest but if Two Fires were a Ford I bet it would have a Cosworth badge on it's ass! A great album in it's own right.

13/07/00: jmaureen -
Kevin has ONE incrediable voice that detours from structured vocal and adds that touch of good old rock and soul! There aren't too many artists that can do that, but this man's got it! What more can I say,,but buy it!

09/07/00: Mike -
Pretty good cd. If you like the old hard rockin Journey, you'll like this. I think the new Hugo cd is better in my opinion though. Hugo sounds like the ballad Perry, Chalfant more the rockin Perry. By the way I bought my cd from for $16 (not too bad). They are in the US, and it took 2 days to get it.

06/07/00: Kevin Chalfant -
I just wanted to check in and see what is up at the coolest site around. Hey Andrew have you found Two Fires a sponsor yet? I want to come the Olympics dude. Thanks to all of the good people who work hard and spend some of their money on our CD's. You keep me singing. My secret for being able to keep my voice in shape is AOR music isn't as played on the radio these days. This gives me much time to rest...too much time to rest! But this year, we plan to hit the road and cross our fingers. Many bands are doing well out there and we will give it a go. Shows in Chicago area in Sept. godsfest in UK in Oct. and many meetings with booking agents. Keep the Fires burning Mates!
Best wishes from the Two Fires Camp!

03/07/00: Yahir Arreola -
I think this is very good band in a solid journey style. This kind of music is the best think to listen. AOR kicks ass because it can be as complex as a progresive song as also commercial like a pop rock song, it hasn´t limits. Anyway Two Fires is a excelent band, only for knowers

27/06/00: James Niklam -
Fans of the Storm, Journey and Chalfant's solo material will be knocked on their collective asses at how great TWO FIRES is. Kevin's voice soars with heart-wrenching soul, and Josh's guitar playing is tasty and melodic, not quite as flashy as with The Storm. For those of you in the United States, their is a US-based distributor called Sumthing Distribution that is slowly starting to bring Frontiers/Now & Then titles to the US. We need to petition distributors and record stores to carry more AOR! I'm tired of paying $30 for stuff that you can only get in Europe & Japan! (eg. TNT, get the picture).

26/06/00: Pelpa -
"Two Fires" is simply one of the best AOR album ever made. I think The Storm released two essential AOR masterpieces of
all time and this CD is a perfect carrying on. Two Fires is a little less keys-oriented than Storm's CDs but I can say this CDs will be considered very soon as a fundamental CD.
Kevin Chalfant (with Jimi Jamison and Freddy Curci) is the best AOR vocalist of all time: hear what he do whit his incredible voice in "Never stop loving you", "Surrender" or "Piece of my heart".
His vocal lines are really impressive, and he can show his perfect vocal tecnique in all the tracks: he can sing hi and low, hard and soft, loud and smooth.
Josh Ramos is the right partner for Kevin: his guitar seems to sing and his solos are played whit the heart.
BUY OR DIE!!!!!!

26/06/00: Mike Allen -
Gosh - the USA SUCKS - we don't get this CD at all in the states. High Gas Prices and Stupid Record Company Distribution - 2 BIG reasons to move to EUROPE . The US no longer rocks - yet so much of the Talent comes from here! - I just listened to several tracks - an man AM I pumped . TWO FIRES IS KILLER! Great Stuff from Chalfant and Mr. Ramos too - In addition - can't find a decent Rock radio station in this Stupid wasteland! America sucks! Europe Rocks! I hate having to order over the "Net" - I should be able to find this stuff in the stores - as a Non Import - at regular pricing. Instead - I can buy Crap like Korn and Limp Wristed Bizkit . Oh yeah - Let's not forget White Trash God - Kid Punk! What is up with record companies - ONLY promoting CRAP in the US?? What a bunch of idiots! If only I had a way to become a distributor - or run a record company - Good Rock and Roll would be available everywhere in the US.

22/06/00: Todd -
Just got my CD in the mail yesterday! I could'nt stop listening to it. I can't believe how good this guy's voice is! Since listening to "The Storm's two albums i'm convinced this guy keeps gettin' better! Journey must have wanted to go in another direction in picking Steve Augeri and passing on Kevin. He's the next best thing to Steve Perry in my opinion. Either way i still LOVE Journey and can't wait for their new cd with the new Steve! But now i have this to tide me over until that happens and this CD is truly amazing! Even though i've lived with this for a day i had to give my opinion right away! Even though i had a preview of the samples listening to the full songs are much better. I'm glad this is not crammed with a ton of ballads. I think "i believe in you" is the only slow one in this set. The rest simply rocks! Josh Ramos plays excellently through out but not much inspiration except for the intro to "my love will be there". But Chalfant, MY GOD! How do you keep your voice in such awesome shape? Do us wanna be vocalists out there a favor and release a instructional video on vocal endurance! Well anyways anyone who has doubts on this and is reading these reviews for that "second opinion" should definately pick up this disc! Thanks to for helping me find some great music this year!(i.e. HUGO,Survivor,Jim Peterik. these Cd's rule!)I'll be jammin'! Thank You!

22/06/00: Mike Allen -
What sucks is that the idiot record companies and their PIPOSQUEEK Marketing Geeks don't think that this album can sell in the US - so it is not distributed in the US. What a crock. Here the American public is being deprived of a great band once again. Those of you outside the states who get all this great stuff should feel lucky. The States really don't rock anymore and folks - that sucks! Great stuff Two Fires!! I just wish I could find your CD in OUR record stores!

21/06/00: Susumu -
Hi, Kevin. Two Fires was just released yesterday in Japan. I will recommend Rivers of Destiny as the monthly push track candidate for the local community FM. Personally I like this Cd better than Eye Of The Storm the sound became more solid and convincing than the last one. I just look forward to the nest Storm album or hopefully Chalfant/Peterik/Slamer project.(MTM people will like this sort of things).

16/06/00: Dave -
I heard the soundbytes to the Two Fires album and i'm certain this is some of the best sounding melodic rock i've heard since the mid eighties.It's a shame you don't hear music like this on the radio today. Heck I can't even go up to Best Buy and buy the album because it isn't released in the U.S. I have both Storm albums and except for " I've Got Alot To Learn About Love" this Two Fires album has both of those beat easily. My Love Will Be There, Surrender, River of Destiny, I Believe In You.....All great songs. Kevin Chalfant sounds great right up there with Brad Delp and Steve Perry. I believe this album well be better than Journeys fall release with Augeri. Does anybody know if there is anyway I can get my hands on 707 megaforce from 1983. That song hit #11 and I can't remember what it sounds like. I did order the new Two Fires cd 6/12 through Neh records, can't wait to get.........

15/06/00: Ron Vining -
Andrew, I just received my copy of Two Fires in the mail yesterday. It is just awesome! Your reviews are usually right on the money, this time however, you are way off!

Please take another listen to this one – an 84% is much too low. This album is a perfect ten in my book!

In my eyes, The Storm’s Eye of the Storm was a landmark album, but it was a 9 / 9.5 out of 10 where the Two Fires Project is simply a 10 out of 10 from the first listen on…

I must also disagree with your comment about it being “like a Steve Perry solo album - great, but missing the crunch of a full Journey album.” Not true – Perry’s For the Love of Strange Medicine and his heavily influenced Trial By Fire are the best in the JRNY catalogue in my opinion.

For anyone interested in some of the best AOR your CD player can spin, be sure and order a copy of Two Fires today!!!

12/06/00: Kim -
Now that I actually own the CD, I have to say that I can't stop listening! It is th ebest darned CD I have hear in a loooooooooooooong time! Each and every song is EXCELLENT! Kevin's voice is right on, Josh's guitar is outstanding, and the songs are perfect for all AOR lovers! Want to laugh, dance, cry, reflect, think, have fun.........GET this CD! it will undoubtedly knock your socks off and keep you hooked as I already am! I liken it to JRNY/Storm (OBVIOUSLY), however, don't be fooled...this CDhas a heart, soul, and personality of it's own! Go and get it. Support and request airplay! Gotta' love it!
A perfect 10 in my books! ;-)

05/06/00: Dave Williams -
I gotta agree with Kevin here! Andrews marks for this CD are too low. I haven't heard the whole thing but unless it strays very far from the soundbites this should at least be in the 90's!!! Great stuff! I, (and many friends) can't wait to hear the whole thing!! Kevin, You are the Bomb!!! Keep it up.


02/06/00: mike -
thank god for this site i have been floundering listening to garbage on the airwaves and now there is new hope of aor's return this cd is unbelievable, thank god for kevin and josh pure talent and heart flawless work best of luck to both this site and kevin you both deserve it

28/05/00: Cheryl Ann Battista -
Andrew-nice workup with this cd,interview,songs all in one here...good for my buddy Kevin..hey dude! Miss talkin to ya in chats, I got a feeling this cd is gonna bring ya a lot of new fans and I hope to see ya on the road sometime. The tunes sound really, really good,your voice is shinin thru on these and it's long overdue to hear that voice again on the radio and in concert! Best of luck, the cd will be great, however reviewed, received, whatever, coz your heart is in it, and that's what counts, your fans see that. Take care dude~ BBaby

20/05/00: Kev -
I have a 1 hour drive to work every day and I can see this CD being on right thru the summer. Top class AOR. These guys were great at Gods99 (both on and off stage) and I hope Mark can get them back for Gods2000

18/05/00: Kim -
I have had the pleasure of hearing 6 of these songs live in concert!!!! They are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the CD to come out. GET IT!!!!!! You won't be disappointed!

Love ya, Kev! ;-) Hi to Josh!

17/05/00: Doug -
Andrew...great site! I'm glad that there are people like you who have the patience to do something like this...I check it daily! Now, about the Two Fires CD...the soundbites that you and Kevin have provided are amazing! I have always enjoyed Kevin's voice, as it is one of the premier voices in the music industry...and, with this new CD, he proves it once again. I am anxiously awaiting it's release, so that I can add one more great CD to my collection. And if anyone out there hasn't done so yet, get over to Kevin Chalfant's website,, and get his solo CD, and check out the artists that he is helping. Kevin Chalfant is a great human being, on top of being a wonderful musician. I wish Kevin all the best, and hope that he continues providing us with his great music...two thumbs up, once again, Mr. Chalfant!

16/05/00: jesus -
This is what A.O.R stands for. Truly good.
Chalfant's voice is great.The same to Josh.
We have a long summer now...and I'm looking forward to listen to these songs in my car, very very LOUD...
Keep rockin'...

16/05/00: Harry -
Sounds great so far, hope will be released soon in Holland, Europe.

16/05/00: Lance -
Like Todd, I'm listening to the soundbytes now. I loved both "The Storm" albums. Actually,they got me in to AOR. A lot of feelings goes into this music. Just listen to Chalfant's voice...amazing. If anyone knows any "Storm" related news, email me. I've been waiting for an album like this.

15/05/00: Kevin Chalfant -
Hey Andrew-Thank you for the kind words about the New Two Fires CD. I guess I am doomed to the
word "Smooth" from now on. Well, as wines are concerned, that is a good thing-so
I guess that just means that I am aging nicely :) Other than a few typos and a surprisingly
low score given by you to my project, over all, I would grade your interview and review as an 80%, but I
must admit that the writing was very "smooth", truly you are an AOR writer/critic Mate! G'Day!
Thanks, Your friend Kevin (Smooth) Chalfant

15/05/00: Greg -
Kevin's voice is unbelievable. I hear a Storm brewing here!

14/05/00: Todd -
I am listening to the soundbytes right now! WOW!!! What a voice! I can't wait to get my copy! Hey Kevin please talk with Neal and open up for Journey this fall. Take care everyone. RULES!!!!