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Kivel Records
Produced by: Tour De Force

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Frontline

  1. Stand Up
  2. All Nite Long
  3. On My Way
  4. Diana
  5. Over 'n' Over
  6. City Nites
  7. Roads
  8. Can't Change
  9. Lies
  10. Take My Love
  11. Back To Basics
  12. Can't Wait
  13. On The Edge

Tour De Force already have an underground following and their status as an AOR cult favourite should only grow with the release of this package of unreleased songs.
Previously the band's only album was released by the now defunct Long Island Records. It was one of their better releases as this is one of Kivel Records' better releases to date.
The reason Tour De Force have a reputation as such is their song writing. Simply put, they know how to write catchy AOR songs and good choruses.
The production on the debut and here again is not great, but these are unreleased songs, so it's the best on offer.
That isn't going to worry those with the band debut World On Fire, they know what they like and tracks like Stand Up, All Nite Long, City Nites and Lies add to that.
Vocalist Chali Cayte has a great set of pipes and compares favorably to Jeff Scott Soto in places.
I would certainly like to see him get the benefit of more studio time and a proper production budget.
BOTTOM LINE: If it is pure AOR you are after - mid 80's style with an equal mix of keyboard and guitar - and as long as you don't mind that the album is previously unreleased material rather than a new album, check this out. The quality of the songwriting and the vocals of Chali Cayte are highlights. Looking forward to that new studio album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of classic 80's keyboard AOR
DISCOGRAPHY:Tour De Force . World On Fire . Unreleased

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