Track Listing
Could You Be Loved (2)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (3)
Can't Get Next To You
Livin' For The City
Maiden Voyage/Butterfly
Burn Down The Mission (1)
Sunshine Of Your Love
Watching The Detectives
House Of The Rising Sun
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, And A Train To Cry

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Turn Back
IV (5)
Isolation (1)
Fahrenheit (4)
Seventh One (2)
Kingdom Of Desire (3)
Tambu (7)
XX (8)
Mindfields (6)
Through The Looking Glass (9)

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Line Up
Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, David Paich: Vocals
Steve Lukather: Guitar
David Paich: Keyboards
Simon Phillips: Drums
Michael Porcaro: Bass

Through The Looking Glass
Produced By: Toto & Elliot Scheiner
Running Time: 56.54 Genre: Classic Rock
Release Date: October 14 Released: EU
WebLink: Toto LabelLink: EMI

Any long time readers of this site should be familiar with my love of all things Toto. But in recent times, I have found a few things I haven't liked as much. Both Tambu and Mindfields had some classic moments, but needed a couple of extra great tracks to make them classic.
Before anyone comments - I think there are some Toto fans unwilling to hear criticism of their favorite band from anyone, especially 'reviewers' like myself.
I expect a wide variety of comments about this album, hence why the interactive platform has been made available.
Consider this before you cast any judgment on this review. I would rate Isolation and Seventh One as perfect 100's. I rate Kingdom Of Desire not far behind that. I love these guys are all their solo projects. Lukather's solo debut is another perfect 100. But I am not into the concept of this release. I know other long time fans that hold similar views.
In the past year a lot of excitement grew in anticipation of a new studio Toto record, with the guy's seemingly on track for something special. Then the announcement of this album. I think the guys made a mistake not declaring this was a covers album until after it was finished.
Anticipation was high for new material and the announcement dampened that. Dare I say, I'll still be highly anticipating the next all original studio album. I still believe the guys will make an all time classic when the time comes.
But more on this album...first the positives. There are several. First of all, this is immaculately produced. The sound is nothing short of sensational, with every note flawlessly executed by the guys.
The performances on here are nothing short of fantastic, but we already know the guys are as good as they are. It's no surprise to hear them play as good as they do here.
The band's version of some of the song sis also quite unique - well worthy of a mention and some praise for musical intelligence.
So let's cover these songs. This is the part I am having trouble with. I just don't see the average Toto fan having much interest in any of these songs. Yes, they are all classics - no one doubts that. But I think the only thing going on as far as Toto fan curiosity, is how their favorite band has put their own spin on these songs.
As I have said, that performance is perfect for sure, but that out of the way, what interest in the songs remains?
For example, I personally don't hold any passion for songs by Bob Marley, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan or Herbie Hanock etc... No matter who's playing them, the songs are what they are.
Let's take a look Track by Track:
Bodhisattva is an old Steely Dan track. I know there are many fans of Steely out there, but I am not one of them. This track lends itself perfectly to be covered by Toto, as it runs close to the band's early more Westcoast & Jazz influences. Maybe one for the oldest of the old Toto fans.
Could You Be Loved is a unique version of the Bob Marley classic. Well, classic for Marley fans at least...I hate reggae with a passion, but you know what? I dig this track. This is what doing covers is all about - making a crap song good. Paired with a Jamaican rapper, Bobby Kimball sounds like he has grown dreadlocks and Steve sounds like he would be right at home in Antigua. Given the track listing, a good choice as a single and quite catchy.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a more rock friendly track and given that George Harrison has only recently passed away, is a fitting tribute to the man. This version keeps the feel of the original, but sees Lukather add his distinctive tone - both vocally and musically. The feel of the track and musical additions is excellent and I must say - and I'm sure others will agree - the soloing by Lukather on this track is sensational.
Can't Get Next To You is an old Al Green track and should again appeal to older old fans of the band. This harks back to a blues/jazz feel, with a powerful horn section and guitar sound. Some solid vocals from Bobby, but not a track I'll listen to a lot.
Livin' For The City is a former Stevie Wonder track. Once again, I wouldn't listen to the original to often, but do enjoy this cover. The guys let loose a bit and it's generally a good fun song to hear.
Maiden Voyage/Butterfly is an 8 minute soft Westcoast Jazz instrumental and although perfectly executed holds little interest for me and I will presume many of Toto's 'rock' fans.
Bobby Kimball does an absolute killer job on the old Elton John track Burn Down The Mission. This is probably my favorite track of the album. The guys capture the essence of the original and the 70's feel perfectly and add their own Toto spin to the style. Clocking over 6 minutes, it could have gone 10. I love the last couple of minutes especially, it features a full orchestral arrangement as done on the original and should be the next single for sure.
A prime reason my feelings for this CD being mixed is explained with this next track. Sunshine Of Your Love is a song that should be outlawed from existence. I hate the original and hate every version of it I have ever heard (all 412 versions), this included. It's just a song that has been so over done and done again and with respect to the guys, am not sure why it was done this time.
Time for a little light relief after the heavy dose of Sunshine. Steve Lukather is again at the mike, this time totally taking the piss out of Elvis Costello. Watching The Detectives was recorded because Elvis apparently hates Toto. For this reason alone I approve of this track! It's very well done and Lukather does a great 'Elvis' impersonation, but I won't be listening to this much.
House Of The Rising Sun is another track I am not a big fan of, but credit to Toto - this version is fantastic. It rates as one of the album's best tracks, with Bobby singing his ass off here. The guys have added lots of interesting musical twists to this track, not least a huge Hammond organ sound. Add some great guitar parts and an excellent track is made.
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, And A Train To Cry features Dave on vocals. Recorded live in concert, this take on the old Bob Dylan track is ok, but I will presume to say you need some appreciation of Dylan to dig this bluesy version. Another track I will skip.

The Bottom Line
Despite being only 10 tracks, this is a very diverse record. For that reason, to accept every track on here will require a Toto fan with wide ranging tastes. That isn't me I'm afraid. I can really appreciate a few tracks, but not each and every one.
If every track was of the caliber of While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Burn Down The Mission, it would be an easier review to write.
The quality of performance and production is consistently high throughout, but the variety of songs places limitations on the overall enjoyment.
Sundries: Running time and artwork both good value - track running order ok also - providing you like the tracks.

Additional Ratings
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26/02/03: Rich -
Rating: 85
First up , this isn't exactly a melodic rock album.It's an amalgamation of all sorts pop,reggae,rock,contemporary etc. classic tracks done over by Toto the only way they know how to........very well.Toto can do no wrong but this album seems more self indulgent than anything they have released before but then again .....why not? They've earned the right to enjoy themselves and it really shows on this release.It seems to be a collection of songs they love and obviously wanted to put out a product to pass the time till their next studio release and that's just fine.Definetely an album for the more open-minded.It'll grow on you,don't think of what they've done before just appreciate it for what it is..........Toto having fun playing covers.

05/12/02: itchyscratchy -
Rating: 75
Well, I enjoy cover songs because when I was in an original band we always shocked people with the covers we played and turned them into our own. We always brought the house down with a rock version of "Send In The Clowns"! Now, onto the album...
1.)"Bodhissatva" kicks ass. I love Steely Dan and Luke shreds here. Only problem: aside from the end solo, too close to the original.
2.)"While My Guitar Gentley Weeps" is beautiful. I like the idea of using synth and drum programming in the beginning, then rocking out mid-tempo. Luke's soloing is awesome and very inspired. No doubt George Harrison was on his mind.
3.)"Burn Down The Mission"-phenomenal! This is killer and Simon's drumming along with the production make this a winner. Awesome. Very stirring and explosive and proof that elton John did write some pretty progressive stuff at times. Great vocals by Bobby.
4.)"Watching The Detectives"-to those who foolishly say Elvis Costello sucks, I say: what? He's great. Admittedly, he's a pretentious boob and his 90's stuff was God-awful, but his late 70's material such as this song is fantastic. However, Toto do absolutely nothing with the song, so this is very forgettable. I ask, why?
5.)"Could You Be Loved"-it's OK. Nice production, but it's just too obvious. I've heard worse that's for sure, but my ultimate feeling was, who cares?
6.)"House Of The Rising Sun"-this song has always sucked. It's one of the first songs I learned on guitar and I hated it. I actually like some of The Animals' songs, but this sucks. As for Toto's version, Bobby and Luke shine, but their talents are wasted on a piece of crap. Why would anyone cover this?
7.)"Maiden Voyage/Butterfly"-I've always loved Herbie Hancock and Toto lick their jazz chops here. It's fantastic. Beautiful production, and a nice breezy, cool sound and nice and long. Paich and Luke are outstanding here and it's very true to the original.
8.)"Can't Get Next To You"-more crap. Bobby overdoes the vocals and the song is typically boring R&B. Nothing too bad, but again, why?
9.)"Living In The City"-what a cool choice. Stevie Wonder rules and this is a nice hard-rockin' cover. It's quite different from the original and Bobby sings his ass off.
10.)"Sunshine Of Your Love"-oh, man, this gave me chills! Yeah, it's a lame classic rock song, but the boys kick ass and take names here. Luke's vocals and solos are frickin' amazing and the odd backing vocals and keyboard loops are cool. Simon rocks on drums and the middle and ending jam sections are beyond words. Not sure how the hell anyone could criticize this one!
11.)"It Takes A lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry"-elephant poop. This so God-awful it makes me cringe. The songs sucks outrageously to begin with, but man is this an embarrasment. Paich deserves better than this. I despise this with a thousand hates.
Overall, worthwhile but not for every Toto fan. Still, it's imacculately produced and nicely packaged and I really do enjoy it, despite serious missteps. I felt "Mindfields" was one of the best albums of the 90s and I believe they have another one in them next time around!

11/11/02: jose j. maya -
Rating: 88
nice covers,is toto, the first tree songs is cool

02/11/02: ddregs -
Rating: 85
Well, listened to this record a thousand times before giving my two cents.
I can live without the last two songs, the Elvis Costello and the Bob Dylan covers, but the rest of the record is a shining example of perfection and innovation.
Musicianship, arrangements and that touch of modern in songs like Could You be Loved or While My Guitar ... are awesome.
Favorite songs? The usual Bodhisattva , which suits perfectly for a combo like Toto, and that Stevie Wonder song. Incredible.
The instrumental is very classy jazz. Sunshine of Your Love with that 7/8 mixed to a 4/4 tempo is the best version I heard, love it.
If they picked two different songs as the ending of the record it would have been perfect.

Now waiting for the new record, original songs now.... well, after this tour!

Best regards

27/10/02: Lex du Froix -
Rating: 80
Concerning Toto: it is by far one of the most coherent and balanced-out bands in existence, and examplatory for how a classic band configuration (singer, gtr, bass, keyb and drums) should perform. This makes every release of the guys - as long as it is produced by them or one of their seasoned producers - worthwhile. In terms of musicianship and technique, they have ALWAYS been above average, an aspect that often is easily and unjustly downplayed. These guys can <b>play</b>.

To me, the only questyion with every Toto release is what the material is, and how they've put it down. With Through The Looking Glass, I was particularly interested, because playing existing material would show what creative latitude the band really has. I was neither disappointed, nor overwhelmed; the record showed a great diversity and top-notch performances in different styles.

Although this diversity has never really been a trademark for Toto, it is exactly that for the members as individual artists; people unfamiliar with this should listen to Simon Phillips' and Steve Lukather's solo albums and all the members' contributions to various projects. I somehow expected this to be reflected in their interpretation of the material, and it was. Some tracks clearly demonstrate their ability to simply put down a song the way it is supposed to be (Burn Down The Mission, Bodhisattva), others how they are able to give old material a contemporary feel (Living For The City, While My Guitar Gently Weeps). Their creativity is mainly shown in Maiden Voyage / Butterfly and Could You Be Loved, but not overly so.

What I miss on the album is that one song: a (semi-)classic track, stripped down to its most elementary components, and then put together again into a showcase of what Toto is, doing justice to both the original and the tremendous scope of Toto's abilities and history. I guess it was too much to hope for - Sunshine Of Your Love seemed to point in that direction, but the original, although classic in every respect and certainly an icon of the period, is too limited for this.

Some of the less positive reviews I read on this site seem to be caused by an expectation the authors had, which was not met by the content of the album. One thing I have learned with Toto and, even more so, it's players: don't expect a certain thing in terms of style or feel, because they can - and often will - fool you. They are class artists, which have written classic songs in many different genres. This explains why so many people have so many different favorite Toto tracks - and with that, why there are ALWAYS people disappointed in a new Toto release.

25/10/02: essbee -
Rating: 80
Well, I finally managed to find all the songs online to enjoy until the album comes out here in Canada, if ever.
I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews here, but after listening to this CD non-stop for the last week, I can honestly say that for the most part I am pretty happy about this album.
In short, Burn Down The Mission is my favorite track so far. Bobby sounds amazing, the drumming is phenomenal, and Luke cranks up the guitars at the end. A Masterpeice!!!
I hate the song 'House Of The Rising Sun'. Always did, until now. Bobby's vocals are again, simply amazing!! I really like this version of this song.
'Living For The City' is one of my alltime favorite Stevie Wonder songs. TOTO does a great version of this song with slightly different lyrics and a mean guitar. Again, Bobby shreds on this one.
There are a few songs on here that I find myself skipping thru a lot. 'Bodhistatva', 'Maiden Voyage', and the absolutely awful 'It Takes A train...', are songs that I probaly won't grow to like, but pretty much everything else on this album is worth a repeated listen.
Overall, I would recomend this CD to any TOTO fan, or music lover in general. Can't wait for a new studio album with TOTO songs on it. Playing and performing the songs that are on this album will probaly add to their songwriting capabilities. (99...ooooo...I've been waiting so long *grin*)Catch them live if you can!

24/10/02: Marc Boggs -
Rating: 60
Being a long time HUGE fan of this band, I am SO disapointed with this CD. Granted the production is great, but what's up with
the little 80's 'Miami Vice' samples? The whole thing just sounds dated and plastic. Bobby Kimball is an awful singer to begin with, who strains soooo badly to hit these high notes. I believe that this band was in top form when Luke was at the helm. They just sound UNINSPIRED on this disc and no matter what they do, the song choices are questionable at best. Bob Marley??
I mean, guys, common!!! It sounds like white boys trying to do reggae and we all know how bad that gets. But the inclusion of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "It Takes Alot to Laugh...." are just flat out awful. The song choices are just too predictable and there are alot of other bands/artists they could have covered and really given their all on. On a positive note, Luke has never sounded better and his playing on "Maiden Voyage/Butterfly" is some of the best of his career. Seing these guys live just recently, I know what they are capable of, and this album just leaves a flat taste in my mouth. I understand the reasoning and I respect this band beyond words, but I only wish they didn't dupe the fans by releasing this covers album. Please guys, give us the new studio album we all know you are capable of and reclaim your throne.

22/10/02: Steve -
Rating: 25
The 25/100 score is based on pure AOR criteria. If there is a web site out there that reviews easy listening, this CD should get a 95/100 score. Toto are a class outfit, but on this occasion this CD is not for AOR fans.

21/10/02: Goodluke -
Rating: 30
OK. I also handle myself to get a copy of the new record a few days ago and I have listened to it quite a lot during these days. I'm gonna writte a few of my impressions too and take note I'm not pretending to be polemic. These are my honest impressions after listening to it;

- A brief disclaimer: if you can't handle harsh criticism, TUNE OUT. Either way, you better be sitting down... -

First of all I have to say I have to say I just liked three of the original tunes, but not much. After saying this, my first impressions of the record were good... even better than I expected, but after a few listenings I can say that this is BY FAR the WORST TOTO album ever and it makes me question if I'm goin' to see the guys in full form someday, again . I feared that, but in fact, I can't see "TOTO's spirit" anywhere on the album. It quite seems a Luke album instead of a TOTO one... I can't stop asking myself "where's Paich? Pleeeease come back... ". Don't misunderstanding me, the playing is superb as all of us expected, but the album it's quite disappointing, sounding, IN GENERAL, falsely overproduced, anti-natural, with electronic (and too dated) exaggerated samples, too modern and artificial musical textures and production... I can even say for the very first time that the album sounds fake and soulless . In my honest opinion I don't expect this to be a hit album. I hope to be mistaken, but don't think so... Anyway, I'll make a brief track-by-track review:

1.- Bodhisattva: Listenable one. It has some good moments in the way it's played, but I don't like specially the song. The energy the song must have seems to be too compressed, sounding less alive.

2.- Could You Be Loved: This is just embarrassing. I liked the original tune, but this version sounds like SHAGGY... Horrible! Are you sure that TOTO is against MTV sound? This kind of sound and production only makes me think in profitable reasons about why it has been done this way. Just pathetic... In this tune I see a band without any kind of belief.

3.- While my guitar gently weeps: Frankly, the best momment of the album. I didn't like too much the original version, but this cover surprised me for good. Nice atmosphere, textures and vocals.

4.- Maiden Voyage/Butterfly: Enjoyable one, though the intro sounds like "bad newage documentary music" and the base is sometimes annoying.

5.- Burn Down The Mission: I liked the original, but this cover left a sweet'n'sour flavour in my ears... I expected this one to be better in TOTO's hands, but it doesn't differ too much from the original. A bit dull. The best part for me is the ending.

6.- Sunshine of your love: d**n... what the hell are those backgroud samples prior to some vocal parts (bah bah bah... )? Never use them again please... Burning solo on this one... But the song is not my cup of tea

7.- House of the rising sun: More classic rock stuff. This kind of melodies are not for my ears. TOTO arrangements didn't make the song better and didn't impress me that much.

8.- Watching the detectives: OK. Funny stuff, no more. Listenable one, but nothing I dig on at.

9.- I can't get next to you: Don't like the original. Don't like the cover. Horrible intro, horrible song. Typical blues stuff I hate. WHOOAAAAH!

10.- Livin' in the city: Love the original, but the cover is quite disappointing. I expected this one to be better, but it sounds anti-natural, plastic. It doesn't have the vibe of the original. The "nahnahnah" part doensn't have the charm of the Stevie Wonder version. And please... turn off those background effects... they're ugly!

11.- It takes a lot to laugh... : Is this a punishment fot the fans? This song is horrible. It's a complete filler. What did we do to deserve this? Paich voice sounds crap, the tune is crap... What's goin' on Master Paich?

Well. As I said this album is quite disappointing and it only seems great musicians playing covers. It has Zero personality... probably because they are covers, but can't see TOTO anywhere. We, the fans (at least I) want to hear those TOTO trademark melodies'n harmonies, that heartfelt tunes you used to gave us. I love this band more than anything, that's why I'm being that harsh. And it seems that Paich is quite far and away from the band. At least I can't feel him at all. I hope there isn't "a new David Paich" with different esthetics and tastes... Please Dave, come back and share with us those wonderful and solemn songs you used to. I miss Jeff enough. Don't want to miss you as well...

On a side note, I got 2 days ago one wonderful unknown instrumental demo from 1986, which sounds pure and deep TOTO. It's an instrumental and hopeful piano tune, with the unmistakable Jeff's signature on it. This one is delightful... I would love to see the band developing things like this one, again . By far this song/demo made me A LOOOOT happier than the whole new album... delightful!


15/10/02: Armin Klahr -
Rating: 1
I have been a Toto fan since the beginning and this is the worst thing i have ever heard. I am dreading even more the Lukather solo cd Santamental (come on Steve,Christmas songs from the world's best guitarist).Get a grip guys before you lose all your fans.

15/10/02: Philippe Carret -
Rating: 58
Toto is my favourite band but this was not what I was waiting for. Best songs are: While my guitar gently weeps, Burn down the mission and House of the rising sun. Let's hope the next album will be like The seventh one or Isolation.

14/10/02: Morten -
Rating: 50
To hear Toto play Costello and Marley is what will make me stay away from their concert next month....

Someone should ask Dream Theater to make some Toto covers :-)

10/10/02: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 45
With all respect, this is indeed Toto, but not the Toto I love !All covers, and no new material, that's very easy and it looks to me of making easy money ! Besides, I really don't love most of the original songs at all, so you can understand my rating. All I want to say is this, come back with an original CD and don't try to win easy money on the back of your fans !!! One advice : avoid and don't buy, then Toto will be back soon with their own (better!) material. But it's all up to you !

10/10/02: HelmondDEgekste -
Rating: 75

This is not my first choice album but what the hell it's TOTO.
I think after their break with sony they can make this album.
The feel/vibe of this album is very good, steve and the gang have fun as you can hear.
There are a number of songs i like and a few i really don't like.
My favo song is WATCHING THE DETECTIVES!! luke's vocals are f***ing good, really makes me laugh and i love tot play reggae!!
COULD YOU BE LOVED is good but not to play it every day, i think the songs has been released to late, summer song summer vibe.
House of the rising sun rock much more than the dull original, bobby's vocals are really good (sounds nice live!!!!)
While my guitar gently wheeps is also a better number and for the rest of the numbers are good but 2 songs here i really don't
Burn down the mission (sorry andrew :))and maiden voyage are t2o songs i really skip when hearing the songs
For the rest it rules!! nut not as good as their own written songs!!

I think it's a shame that the album is online for download already (don't blame me for downloading it. I WILL BUY THE ALBUM OFCOURSE!!)
i don't know how that is possible but what the hell, i know fan's will buy it and i know there are a lot of them!!

toto ownzorssss

10/10/02: Mark -
Rating: 86
I really like most of this Cd and feel TOTO have done a splendid job with production and sound although some of the songs might have been better picked from a TOTO'S fans perspective, however this is a Cd the guys wanted to do to pay tribute to THEIR OWN favourite artists. It is true everyone expected a new TOTO CD with new material, that being said, it is still nice to have a TOTO Cd and tour with a promise of a new DVD to be released next year with a new STudio cd with their own tunes due soon thereafter.
Also worth mentioning, The 99 homepage is reporting that Sony is releasing a 3 cd boxset at the end of October/02 which includes a DVD of what Sony Canada informed me would be the South African tour in 1997 and 8 unplugged tunes as well. Sony should be ashamed of themselves, they have not supported the band for many years and are obviously trying to make some money off of the new deal TOTO struck with EMI. TOTO fans have wanted a DVD for 25 years and Sony chooses right now to release one. As a very loyal and avid TOTO fan I admit I will buy it, but I will definetely buy the one being filmed this year with lots of their 80s classics on it.

Anyway back to the review, I will start with the songs I love (The Great)

1) Burn Down The Mission- Best song on the Cd, Bobby singing is fantastic + a classic TOTO sound.
2) Bodhastiva- An old Steely Dan song given new life by TOTO, sound is great and again Bobby is fantastic.
3)Could You Be Loved- I like Bob Marley and the sound production and rearrangement make this a great song. Bobby, James Ingram and this Rapper Master J are all great.
4)Maiden Voyage Butterfly- I absoloutely love this song. It is very different than songs like Jake to The Bone and Daves Gone Skiing, a Jazzy song with some R&B, Mike Porcarro and Simon are great on this
5)While My Guitar gently Weeps- S. Lukathers best song on the CD and Steve Porcarro works magic on this song, a very moody song with Lukather at his best, the guitar work, sound and production are phenomonal.
6)House of The Rising Sun- Bobby rules on this song, i was not a big fan of the original but after a few plays this song clearly stands on Bobby's vocals, the man can sure sing.
7)Livin For The City- A very well done song, the middle section is all about 09/11 and very deep, oh ya and Steve L riffs and raw sound rule on this song!
8)Can't get Next to you- If you liked High Price of Hate off of Mindfields you will like this song, powerful horns, great vocals
8)Sunshine Of your Love- This is where I dont agree with Andrew, this is a brilliant version with great solo's and vocals by Steve

(The Bad)

Watching The Detectives- Elvis Costello sucks and this song sucks. Yes, Steve sounds like Elvis and the sound is good, but really, how many TOTO fans like Elvis Costello.

(The Ugly)

It Takes alot to laugh and a Train to cry- First of all the TOTO guys recently played this song on the Tribute To Jeff CD.
Bob Dylan is worst than Elvis. I *&^&*& hate Bob and more so this song, especially sung ala Leon Russell. Dave is a good singer, Spanish Steps Of Rome, Africa all great songs, but this song deserves to be burned.

My overall impression of this Cd is that its a great sounding and very well produced. A must have CD for any TOTO fan and it will pick up some new fans along the way. I however, do not want to wait The usual 4-5 more years for a new CD. Personall I hope the next cd is not rushed and they give the fans what they want, a classic Cd with no fillers.

10/10/02: Bart Holwerda -
Rating: 75
As a huge fan of the band, I have to admit this surely isn't one of their best albums. I also hate the concept, but the promotors told them they had to record a new album, and since the band didn't had any 'new' songs done yet, and there wasn't much time, they almost had no other choice. Okay, still I hate the concept, but the result is much better than I expected. COULD YOU BE LOVED, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN and especially WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS kick ass. And that there's a big variety of songs on the album, and that not many fans have such a wide taste just is b*ll! TOTO has so many different styles, that any real fan of them (and there are a lot) likes that different styles. Many fans love them because of that! Sure there's no second TOTO IV and no second SEVENTH ONE, but I love it! With many bands I listen to their music for a copple weeks, and then I put them away again for the next 3 months, cause I'm bored. TOTO always has some albums I really love to listen too. So I think many fans won't really like the concept, but love the result. Still compared too TOTO IV, Fahrenheit and The Seventh One this album isn't great, but I think the 65% is much too less. Songs like WHILE MY GUITAR, CYBL and HOUSE OF THE RISING sun can make an average album a good album, and that's what happened with TROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS too. ps. WHILE MY GUITAR doesn't really remind me of the Beatles' version, the production is way different, the vocals and solo's are different and the warm feeling you get listening to TOTO's version can't be found anywhere near the original. The song kicks ass huge and maybe is one of TOTOs best songs ever!!

ADD YOUR OWN REVIEW! (Ratings out of 100)