Indie Release
Produced by: Michael Riesenbeck

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Toto

  1. Endless
  2. Child's Anthem
  3. All Us Boys
  4. St. George And The Dragon
  5. Take My Hand
  6. Home Of The Brave
  7. I Will Remember
  8. I'll Supply The Love
  9. White Sister
  10. A Secret Love
  11. Hey Little Girl

I have to say that I am really impressed with this tribute release.
It came out of the Toto Internet Mailing List with a bunch of fans plotting to record some of their favourite Toto songs for themselves. It turned into an adventure that lasted 4 years, the resultant CD being featured here now.
Created solely for the fans, there is a limited run of 1000 of these CDs and I would like to add it sounds better than some tributes that have sold well in excess of 5000 units.
Some of the tracks here are obscure for sure, in this case that adds to the charm of the release, as it's not being done for commercial reasons.
I have found that a couple of tribute albums pay homage to the material of a band that is considered more trendy. Not so here, this is for the love of it and you can tell.
Guitarist and producer of this project Michael Riesenbeck must claim the credit for assembling the project and getting everything to sound as good as it does.
This is an independent release, but still some of the tracks are remarkably well produced. There are a few tracks that aren't as well produced as some others. I don't want to single those out, as I have already said, this project isn't commercial in nature, therefore that is to be expected.
But a couple of highlights for me were personal favorites Endless with vocals from Lars Safsund is a fantastic way to open the tribute, Home Of The Brave, I Will Remember and a close to the origial White Sister.
BOTTOM LINE: For Toto fans, this must be investigated. For others - well, it's not really aimed at others, but I can see most Toto fans getting a kick out of this. It isn't a big budget release, but what it lacks there is adds in heart and soul.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All die hard fans of Toto.

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