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Produced by: Tony Franklin

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Paul Gilbert, Rubber
GENRE: Modern Rock

  1. Red Letter Day
  2. Hello Hello
  3. Inside Of Me
  4. Listen With Your Heart
  5. Free Together
  6. Maybe
  7. Sunshine Lady
  8. Peace Boulevard
  9. What Are We Waiting For
  10. Brave New Tomorrow
  11. Mystified

Tony Franklin has previously been known and famous for his killer bass work on many hard rocking projects and his involvement in one of hard rock's best ever hard releases - the debut Blue Murder album.
This is Tony's debut solo album and as you generally do with solo albums - Tony has departed his traditional ways to record a very musically personal record.
There is great depth and maturity shown here and for the first time Tony can shine as a solo performer, handling the vocals as well as keyboards, all guitars, clarinet and percussion.
Helping out are Gregg Bissonette on drums and Heidi Franklin on backing vocals. The rest is Tony. Impressive!
The style of the album is a departure for Tony. This is a modern pop rock record with hints of 'nu-breed' rock within it.
What this does remind me of is Rubber with Pete Lesperance on vocals, yet with an occasionally more acoustic driven and stripped back feel.
It also has a similar feel in places to the Paul Gilbert solo releases. A modern touch, but undoubtedly based on classic pop songs.
Some tracks like Sunshine Lady have a more hard edged alternative slant, while others like hello, Hello are simply great little happy & catchy pop songs.
BOTTOM LINE: There is no denying the quality of the songwriting here. Tony proves himself again as a solo artist with a selection of modern pop rock songs with catchy hooks and likeable sing along lines. I recommend this release to any fans of the nu-breed sound and such albums with a more pop rock approach.
A solid album of pure pop rock class.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of the nu-breed of pop rock, some fans of Paul Gilberts solo records.
DISCOGRAPHY:Blue Murder; The Firm; Gary Hoey; John Stykes; Carmine Appice; David Coverdale; Warren Demartini

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