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Produced by: Various

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Himself

  1. I Won't Be Home Tonight
  2. Why Me?
  3. A Fine, Fine Day
  4. The First Day Of Summer
  5. Blue Highway
  6. Room With A View
  7. Heard It On The Radio
  8. Run With The Lions
  9. I Feel Good
  10. Trampoline
  11. Cold War Kids
  12. 20 Days
  13. Dust
  14. Boystown
  15. I Don't Want To Be In Love
  16. Man Camera

Tony Carey's career spans over 20 years, including a role as keyboard player in Rainbow, with this collection of solo tunes taking us from his debut 1982 solo album up until his last record Boystown.
I am a fan of Tony's, like his more harder edge AOR work like the Blue Highway album and songs like Cold War Kids, Heard It On The Radio etc.
But when listening to this compilation, you realize that the guy doesn't write bad songs. The mood varies, but the enjoyment is the same.
This is one of the better compilations I have heard for a while.
Anyone into Tony should check this out, even if you have a lot of the songs, there are some bonuses for you.
Firstly, there are 3 unreleased tracks of his usual high standard that complete the album and there are 4 other tracks included in their original demo form, rather than the album versions you might already have. The demo's take nothing away from the songs, they are still great versions. In fact, a couple aren't too different at all.
basically, this should be an essential for any Tony Carey fan and anyone who has liked a couple of his tunes, but passed on an album should get a lot of satisfaction from this.
For those unfamiliar, check out his website for sound samples. This is soft rock with a lot of melodic credibility and a few harder rocking classic AOR sounds.
My only fault with the album was that it appears to have a varied volume level between some of the tracks.
BOTTOM LINE: A classy collection of songs from a classy song writer. Another album that will appeal primarily to fans of the singer, but could be a good door opener for those familiar with only one or two tracks. One for the fans of the softer side of rock and those who look for a little depth in their music.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Tony Carey record owning fan out there!

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