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MTM Music 0681-47
Produced by: Johan Sjoberg

Released: OUT NOW / Website
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. How Does It Feel
  2. Human
  3. Someone's Watching
  4. Eternally Yours
  5. Destination Nightmare
  6. Think About It
  7. The Undiscovered Rose
  8. (Shine On) The Dark Side Of Fate
  9. Wings Of Desire
  10. Last To Know
  11. Speechless
  12. Tomorrowland (Rainbows End)

Token are another hard rocking outfit out of Sweden. Seriously - is there a band at work in that country that doesn't have a recording contract?? Even more amazing is - there haven't been any bad bands come out of that country yet and Token aren't about to start that trend.
Vocalist HB Anderson should already be known, as he sang with Scuderio on their first album, Walking Through Mirrors. This album isn't as heavy or as progressive as Scudiero. It's more straight ahead, commercial Scandinavian hard rock.
Guitarist Johann Sjoberg has worked with Tommy Denander on his Radioactive project.
So the pedigree is there - are the songs? Mostly yes. Tracks like Human and Someone's Watching are very catchy hard melodic rock, while Destruction Nightmare is on the heavier side.
On The Dark Side Of Fate the guys show they can pul off rock anthems up with the best of them.
Some of the Swedish bands tend to sound very transatlantic and somewhat commercial, but Token's sound is far more in the tough European rock vein, with vocalist Anderson having a strong European accent to his vocals.
The presentation of the sound is great, with production strong and harmony vocals well recorded and well placed.
BOTTOM LINE: In this example, it will all come down to personal tastes, but for the lack of a better description, Token are on the heavier end of commercial Scandinavian hard rock.
Swedish/Scandi hard rock fans will be the ones to most appreciate this. Those that like more commercial or at the other end of the scale, metal releases will find this sits right in-between.
The music is tough classic European hard rock, with enough melodies to satisfy those that like to sing along.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Swedish/Scandinavian hard rock.

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