TNT Taste Marquee
· Produced By: TNT

· Running Time:

· Release Date: Out Now (JP)

· Released: JP

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 98%
Taste is just that - a taste of TNT circa 2003 before a full studio album arrives later this year. The EP is out now in Japan and will be released minus one track in Europe first week of June - and under an alternative title - Give Me A Sign.
The songs contained on this EP were all recorded earlier this year, apart from Destiny, which is an unreleased track from the Tell No Tales sessions.
The style of the songs is nicely varied. This is not a repeat of the more modern sounds of Transistor or Firefly, but rather an updated sound for 2003 that still relies on strong melodies. It's not that far removed from the same vibe that made the last Westworld album such a success.
Track By Track:
Live Today is a cracking rocker in any one's language. A subtle guitar intro and restrained, somewhat dark and moody verse bursts into a classic TNT chorus. While not being an over the top anthem, the songs nevertheless sticks in one's brain as if it was.
Hey Love is a slow and dark rock ballad which continues the style of the opening track, but in a heavier, slower vibe. The chorus takes a few listens, but it's another strong rock track without doubt.
Satellite is genius stuff! From the darker opening tracks comes a complete turn around in this happy go lucky guitar driven 3 minute pop song. Happy, feel good and possibly the most commercial pop track the band have ever recorded. Features a very catchy beat and chorus.
Give Me A Sign is the band turning to their more modern side, with another dark and moody rock track, with some hints of the Transistor vibe, yet with a more accessible melodic guitar tone. No big chorus, but one that still sticks.
Magic Little Nightmare is another change of pace for the band - an acoustic ballad. Moody again and highlights a new side of the band.
Destiny is a track left over from the Tell No Tales sessions and clearly doesn't match the sonics of the rest of the EP, but is still a worthy inclusion and a gift for fans of the band's classic era.
Yes it has dated somewhat, but it's still a cool flashback on a great period of hard rock music.

The Bottom Line
This Taste really does wet my appetite. It clearly demonstrates that there is a lot to look forward to for the full length album later this year. The band haven't returned to old styles, as Tony Harnell has always said the band will continue to move forward, but they have definitely shown a willingness to create some fine new music filled with hooks and strong melodies.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Knights Of The New Thunder
· Tell No Tales
· Intuition
· Realised Fantasies
· Firefly
· Transistor
· Taste

Line Up
· Tony Harnell: Vocals
· Ronnie LeTekro: Guitar
· Diesel Dahl: Drums
· Morty Black: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Westworld
· Tony Harnell
Track Listing
· Live Today
· Hey Love
· Satellite
· Give Me A Sign
· Magic Little Nightmare
· Destiny

17/09/03: Michael Horseman -
Rating: 98
I knew about this EP for sometime, & all I can say is WOW!!
Great Vocals, Great Harmonies.This is TRULY a return to classic TNT!!Not much more that I can say, that the other reviewers haven't.If you are a fan of TNT, this is a must!!!
Great job Tony!!!;)

28/08/03: dan colwell -
Rating: 90
I love it. cant what to hear the new cd only reason for the 90 is it's to short.

09/08/03: don watson -
Rating: 95
One of my fav bands of today. Like all their newer stuff (firefly on) Tony is the best vocalist hands down. Looking forward to a full length cd!!

02/08/03: John -
Rating: 100
As I've grown older I've found that when I listen to the older TNT material, I really just don't like when Tony goes into his higher register. It's almost painful for me to hear a song like 'Everyone's a Star' now. Well, he's hitting the high notes again, BUT it works with these songs amazingly well. Good record. Can't wait for the full release.

11/07/03: Delirious Nomad -
Rating: 0
I admit that after Firefly and Transistor, I was not really expecting much,....I was only hoping. I can definitely say that I my hopes were answered. This is a great CD. Although the style is not quite like "Knights", "Tales", or "Intuition", it is closer than the more recent CD's. I enjoy this CD every bit as much as those as the early ones.
The only thing wrong with this CD is that it is too short.
If you are a TNT fan, you MUST buy this. You will not be disappointed.

27/06/03: TNT_6 -
Rating: 98
This is all great songs!
Live today : The rocker!
Hey love : The awensome!
Satellite : The happysong!
Give me a sign : The No. 1!
Magic little nightmare: The Beautiful!
Destiny : The old good one!

TNT rules!!!

18/06/03: PhantomRider -
Rating: 98
This CD is shows how a band can come full circle in sound. It is mature and produced to perfection. JUST BUY IT!!

13/06/03: Mats Bruér -
Rating: 95
Just amazing, hope this is a sign of what to come later in 2003.
The track "Give me a sign" is just too awesome to belive. I love this CD already , only after two spins. Can´t wait for the new album , this EP is way too short, fully packed with such exellent songs. The missing 5 points is for the quality of the demo track, would have been better with a "new" song.

12/06/03: tin00can -
Rating: 88
Since this is an EP, it loses big points for weak songs. The first four songs are great, classic TNT - strong vocals, inventive guitar, driving rhythms. "Satellite" is just awesome and alone is worth the price of buying this on import. The last two songs lose a little steam to my ears, but the other four really whet my appetite for the full-length album later this year.

12/06/03: Dee Snider -
Rating: 99

11/06/03: Paal Kristiansen -
Rating: 96
After the changes the band has made during their 3 last albums, Realized Fantasies, Firefly and Transistor, I was very excited on what to expect from their new EP Taste, which actually is supposed to be a taste on what to excpect from their upcoming full album.

As an old time fan of the band I am very released to say that the album blew me away immediatelly. Even though Knights of the New Thunder, Tell No Tales and Intuition always has been among my favourite albums, the new one is even better in my eyes. It's just awesome! It has the typical TNT sound and it's a mix of older stuff and Transistor in a way. TNT anno 2003.

The songs:
Live Today:
Even though a great songs, it doesn't kick me out of the chair. In some way it doesn't have that "special extra thing" that makes it a 100/100 song.

Hey Love
Beauteful peace of art!!! Rock ballad the way only TNT can make them. My favorite track from Taste.

Catchy, great song. The most commercial one and the one that you can sing-a-long after listening to it only one time.

Give me a sign
Killer track. I especially love the intro and vocals on this one.

Magic little nightmare
The Japanese bonustrack. A beauteful ballad, but as with Live Today, it's missing that little extra to give it 100/100.

Why on earth was this one left over when they released Tell No Tales? TNT classic style at their best.

This album will go straight to the heart of everyone who love melodic metal. One of my favourite albums ever, and I have listened to a few ..

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