Track Listing
Loser (1)
Everybody's Laughing
If I Can't Feel Love
Shooting At The Sun (3)
The Pimp And The Whore
A Lover, Not A Friend
Shake The Tree
Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor (2)
The Man Inside
Out Of My Head
Blown Away

(*) Best Tracks

Studio Discography & (Rank)
Backstreet Symphony (1)
Laughing On Judgement Day (2)
Behind Closed Doors (4)
Thrill Of It All (5)
Giving The Game Away (6)
Shooting At The Sun (3)

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Shooting At The Sun
STC Recordings STC2003-1
Produced By: Luke Morley
Running Time: Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: April 7 Released: UK
WebLink: Thunder

I am a long time Thunder fan, right from the debut single of their debut album. But I wasn't so happy with the band's last couple of studio releases, nor the side projects that followed those.
Not that they were bad releases, just not in the style that I most enjoyed of the band.
So a Thunder re-union was announced although impressed, was still unsure what the result would be.
The first release EP was great and any further doubts were erased with the opening track off Shooting At The Sun.
To cut straight to the point, Shooting recaptures the sound, the energy, the style and the essence of the band that were present on their essential debut and the very good follow up Laughing On Judgment Day.
Track By Track:
Loser is the ultimate opening track. A thumping beat, a hard guitar riff and those vocals! Loser is darker and heavier than the band have been since the debut and aside from an updated production sounds like it could have come from that album. A great heavy rocker.
Everybody's Laughing is representative more of the sound of the later years, but contains the hooks and melodies I couldn't find as easily in those releases.
If I Can't Feel Love is a typical Thunder semi-acoustic ballad, drenched in organ and that soulful rock sound the band portray with ease.
Shooting At The Sun starts slow and builds to a harder rocking chorus with another good hook and the feel of their earlier work.
The Pimp And The Whore was featured on the EP and is nothing short of classic uptempo Thunder.
A Lover, Not A Friend has a retro rock feel. It's a slow to mid tempo rock song that builds towards a rockier finish. More strong lead vocals and some fine organ work.
Shake The Tree again starts slow and builds in intensity. Not as strong as some other tracks, but ok.
Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor is another album highlight. Featured on the EP late last year, this track just keeps getting better, with a killer chorus hook and some wonderfully satirical lyrics. Also sounds like the Thunder of old.
The Man Inside is a bluesy rock ballad with a touch of soul and a good retro vibe.
Out Of My Head sounds a little like the retro bluesy style of the Luke Morley solo album, Taylor/Morley sessions. A definite jazzy tone to the song. Cool track with a strong chorus.
Blown Away is another typical Thunder ballad. Acoustic as it starts, building to a rockier chorus then acoustic again, always building as the song develops.

The Bottom Line
The closest the band have sounded to their much loved debut, er, since the debut! The guys have captured the energy and the feel of those early years and thanks to the songwriting of Luke Morley, have matched the style with the quality. The songs remain some of the band's catchiest and most enjoyable in years.
The sound is back, the production is excellent and the enjoyment of this album is pure from the opening track to the closer. Welcome back guys!

Line Up
Danny Bowes: Vocals
Luke Morley: Guitar
Ben Mathews: Guitar
Harry James: Drums
Chris Childs: Bass

Additional Ratings

22/01/07: Jenny Sheehan -
Rating: 100
This was not the first time thunder had come to my attention but i have to admit there was not one bad song on here
i have never understood why they never made it over here in the
U S A We are so behind you guys. Even when you take the oldies and remake them the best even better than the band that came out with it and made it a hit
wish others could feel you for a day
you are by far the best

03/10/03: Wardy -
Rating: 70
I agree with Freddydee here, although this is a good album it's not essential, and agree with Freddydee and disagree with Andrew in regard to the rating, this isn't a classic so to my ears not worthy of a 90+ rating. Loser had me salivating but I found the remainder of the album, although sporting some worthy tunes, not on par with opening track Loser, and me being the hard-head metal fan I was left disapointed. Hey, but I agree this is a return to some form for the boys, and hopefully Morley and Bowes will get their softer tendancies sorted with their coming duo-solo album, and Thunder will be ripping it up again in the near future. Good album, shows promise!

13/04/03: Marshall Faulk -
Rating: 99
This is EASILY the best Rock record I have heard in a LONG time. Im not sure what people who come to this site expect...but if you come to MELODICROCK.COM for...well...MELODIC ROCK...then THIS IS IT!!! TO give the new Harry Hess release THE SAME RATING AS THIS is a CRIME...a JOKE...a SIN!! This is 20 TIMES the record as the Hess thing. This is 10 TIMES the record that the last Harem Scarem release was. Song for song this has it ALL!! Amazing lyrical content and outstanding musicianship. Lacks NOTHING!! If a better record comes out this year...ILL FAINT!! Truly a BLOODY DAMN SHAME that these fellows cant get noticed in the US. Thank God for the internet and THIS WEB SITE for introducing me to this first rate brand of GOOD OLD ROCK AND ROLL!!

05/04/03: John Elway -
Rating: 84
A really solid record with some great, hard rocking blues tunes. Songs like "Loser","Somebody Get Me a Spin Doctor", and "The Pimp and the Whore" really stand out as they smoke and showcase the band at their rocking best. The only thing that keeps me from giving this a higher rating is the massive amount (four of the 11 songs) of skipable ballads and slow numbers.

02/04/03: Ian -
Rating: 99
This is the way to come back! Thunder show everyone else how to do an album and that it is still possible to write proper music. Danny's voice is as outstanding as ever - these guys rock!

16/03/03: Terry K. -
Rating: 99
Just to have this fantastic band back is such a plus to rock n' roll!! Do NOT hesitate to get this new c.d.-it holds up VERY well to their best works (LOJD & my fav-'Behind Closed Doors').This one is a keeper...LONG LIVE THUNDER!! Now if only we can get them noticed here in the States.

14/03/03: ian -
Rating: 78
If you enjoy a heavy rock riff then yeah it's for you, personally i enjoy the more accoustic and bluesy type ballads of which a few are included in the album. A little too heavy for my taste as I am more used to the El Gringo Retro and Moving Swiftly Along albums written by luke morley. As for is it classic thunder? Maybe it's down to personal taste and judgement

14/03/03: Darren Johns -
Rating: 95
The best of 2003! Thankfully Thunder is back. Hopefully they get the attention that they deserve (after being under appreciated for so long), especially in light of this awesome album. No other rock band can compare!

13/03/03: frytz -
Rating: 100
perfect album for the summer 2003! one of the best 2003 that`s for sure!

13/03/03: Inge Hassel -
Rating: 98
After listening to it 3 times I'm pleased to know that this is the best they have done after LOJD, maybe even better... Now I'll only have to listen to it more because this is something that nobody can afford to loose (go and buy it)

12/03/03: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Indeed a good comeback, but further nothing special here. A bit blues based and typical Thunder. But a rating of 92 stands for a classic and this record isn't a classic at all. Certainly not better than the new Drive She Said, the absolute highlight of the year so far ! Good, but not essential !

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