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Produced by: Thunder
  1. Girls Going Out Of Her Head
  2. Another Shot Of Love
  3. Baby I'll Be Gone
  4. Stay With Me
  5. She's Like Ice
  6. Bigger Than Both Of Us
  7. The Fire Is Gone
  8. Stand Up
  9. She's My Inspiration
  10. Move On
  11. 5:15
  12. Future Train
  13. Can't Get By On Love
  14. Hand In A Glove
  15. History In The Making
  16. Between The Covers
Isn't it sad when a band releases a collection of unreleased, live and rare b-side material - and it turns out to better than the last studio album they released.
Well it has happened with Thunder!
Giving The Game Away was a major disappointment to me. This however is like stepping back 5 years and listening to Thunder in their peak period of their debut and the Laughing On Judgement Day albums.
More than their last few albums, this is essential to any Thunder fan.
And what is even cooler - I have a CDR of CD single B-Sides here and there is only one track from it on this collection of tunes.
So there is plenty more tunes to pick from if the label consider a Volume 2.
There is only 3 live tunes here - Another Shot Of Love, 5:15 and Stand Up - performed with a great acoustic groove.
Plus there is some previously available studio outtakes - namely the hard rocker Girl's Going Out Of Her Head, the less intense but still rocking Baby I'll Be Gone, Stay With Me - a Rod Stewart cover featuring the awesome Andy Taylor, Bigger Than Both Of Us, The Fire Is Gone, She's My Inspiration and Move On.
The remaining songs are unreleased tracks recorded from sessions for the first 3 EMI albums. Basically prime time Thunder and a bloody great slice of British hard rock. Let's hope they plug the guitars back in for their next album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Thunder fans and British hard rock lovers.
DISCOGRAPHY:Backstreet Symphony . Laughing On Judgement Day . Behind Closed Doors . Their Finest Hour . Thrill Of It All . Thunder Live . Giving The Game Away . The Rare The Raw & The Rest

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