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Produced by: Gareth Davies & Niall Mathewson
  1. Let's Talk About Love
  2. Kiss Me And Kill Me
  3. Hold On To Love
  4. There Goes My Heart
  5. When Love Takes A Hand
  6. Hold In My Heart
  7. Let The Night Go On Forever
  8. Only A Woman
  9. Looking Glass
  10. Arms Of A Stranger
Human Fire is the second album from the UK's pomp AOR fav's.
This is another one of those albums that will appeal to only a section of the melodic rock crowd. I don't think this has as wide spread appeal as some pure AOR or straight ahead rock albums.
The band's sound is very keyboard dominated, although there is plenty of guitar there also. More so here than on their debut.
Their sound has a big time pomp element to it, you know, big keyboards and synthesizers, layers of vocals and some guitar for good measure.
The opening 2 numbers are heavier than their debut and more straight up rock, but then is back to what you would expect.
When Love Takes A Hand is almost straight metal also. Quite heavy for these guys and some good guitar playing there.
Ballads like There Goes My Heart and Let The Night Go On Forever are OK.
The big thing for me is the vocals. I found them strong, but may for some, tend to become familiar too quickly.
Some songs were also a little too familiar and were losing some power by the end of the album.
Fans of their debut will either over look this point or fail to hear it altogether!
To me the band are at their best when they are doing the more mid paced AOR numbers like Only A Woman. This sort of track will be the ones to pick up fans with it's smooth verse and chorus and equally guitar and keyboard friendly parts.
Also checkout the guitar solo and harmony vocals of Looking Glass. Huge!
Pomp and UK style AOR fans will find plenty to like, with a definite progression from their debut. However there is still plenty of room to move and over successive albums the band should continue to improve and deliver even stronger records.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established Promise fans, prog/synth/pomp AOR fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:The Promise . Human Fire

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