The Poodles Metal Will Stand Tall Lionheart
· Produced By: Johan Lyander

· Running Time: 42.55

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 95%
There is a real renaissance happening in Europe, with some young guns doing great business actually playing traditional melodic hard rock. What a concept!
The likes of Wig Wam, Brother Firtetribe and The Poodles are uniting old and new fans alike and collectively are kicking America's ass.
The Poodles are 4 of Sweden's best session guys (members of Talisman, Lions Share, Zan Clan, Dalton), who first started playing together as a cover band to huge audiences. Best known to readers to this site will be guitarist Pontus Norgen who is famous for his work in Humanimal and Great King Rat among other things, and incidentally is also Europe's live sound guy.
Metal Will Stand Tall is an apt title. Along with the two aforementioned artists, this album sees the guys deliver the best style and attitude of the classic era of commercial hard rock mixed with an updated and gigantic production sound.
There is no reason why any fan of the old school glory days shouldn't like all three albums as all three are equally brilliant.
Where The Poodles are a little different from Wig Wam and perhaps even The Darkness is their approach to the music.
The Poodles are a little darker, a little more serious and a little heavier than Wig Wam and more guitar orientated than Brother Firetribe.
A few tracks stand out first time around, but a dozen listens in proves there are no fillers present at all. This is a pretty varied album and the change in vibe between tracks takes a little getting used to.
At first glance, you would perhaps deduct that the album is not as consistent or cohesive as the awesome Wig Wam album, but after living with this for a few weeks I'm inclined to think it is every bit as good.
I generally prefer things a little darker and moodier and while there are a couple of great feel-good party rockers here (Metal Will Stand Tall, Number One), the overall vibe is more serious and tracks like Echoes From The Past, Night Of Passion and Shadows all rock hard and feature very memorable choruses, but also have a serious edge to them.
The band has their own way of doing things. Take the intense moody rock ballad Song For You. It features the same dark groove apparent throughout the album, but in a twist features guest vocals from Jonas Samuelsson-Nerbe, who I guess is the Swedish answer to Pavarotti!
The uptempo and anthemic Lie To Me has a strong contemporary edge and Rockstar is a brilliant melodic pop rocker with a slow beat and quirky melody. Even the cover of Ultravox's 80s new wave pop hit Dancing With Tears In My Eyes has a darker, more menacing twist.
The big power ballad of the album closes things out. Crying is a radio hit in waiting and complete with orchestral parts ensures the album ends on the highest of highs.
I love the crunchy guitar sound, I love the very melodic but powerful lead vocals and i love the pounding rhythm section.
The Bottom Line
In a word - essential. For all those that crave fresh talent, but with the attitude, sound and energy of the classic era of melodic hard rock - these guys are for you. I would recommend this to all fans of the genre, be it American or European or elsewhere. The guys have major crossover appeal and the huge wall of sound featured here, mixed with some classic rockers makes for a truly joyous record.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Metal Will Stand Tall

Line Up:
· Jakob Samuel: Vocals
· Pontus Norgren: Guitars
· Christian Lunqvist: Drums
· Pontus Edberg: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Wig Wam
· Classic Melodic Hard Rock
· Brother Firetribe
Track Listing
· Echoes From The Past *
· Metal Will Stand Tall *
· Night Of Passion *
· Song For You
· Shadows *
· Lie To Me *
· Rockstar
· Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
· Don't Give Up On Love
· Number One
· Kingdom Of Heaven
· Crying *
--*Best Tracks

Rating: 98

20/02/07: Bill McCormick -
Rating: 90
A great album. I just got this after hearing about it for awhile. I definitely was not disappointed. The previous poster is dead wrong. All melodic rock fans should grab this.

08/01/07: Paul -
Rating: 66
Maybe I just don't get this group. The reviews here have been unanimously great. So I bought the cd, put it in the rotation for a month. After a day or so, I found myself wanting to just skip this cd. It's boring, bland, generic, uninspired, whatever you want to call it. The songs aren't bad, but there aren't any exceptional ones either(except maybe Crying). The musicianship isn't terrible, but it's not great either. The singer sounds like a cross between Axl Rose and the lead singer of any high school band playing the Junior Prom. The production isn't bad, it's just flat. This cd just sounds too safe, too formulaic.
Like I said, maybe I'm just not getting it. With that in mind, I think I'll skip picking up Wig Wam. Track by track:
ECHOES FROM THE PAST- A nice start to the cd. Would've been a rock radio single back in the day, though not a very successful one.
METAL WILL STAND TALL- Starts out like a Sammy Hagar rocker and melds into an upbeat party rocker. Not bad, but not great.
NIGHT OF PASSION- Pretty generic... I don't know what it is about these guys, they just don't seem to be bringing anything new to the table.
SONG FOR YOU- The pace slows down here, and the results are mixed. Not a bad song, but I just can't envision this getting any airplay on any radio format.
SHADOWS- An okay mid-tempo rocker, but, again, lacking originality. It just feels like everything these guys are doing has been done before.
LIE TO ME- Plain, bland, boring...
ROCKSTAR- I actually like this track, though I can't really find anything memorable about it
DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES- Some old school pop sensibilities in this song, it just doesn't seem to reach its potential.
DON'T GIVE UP ON LOVE- By this point it just seems obvious that these guys are a hard rock/metal band trying to be mainstream. Not ready for that prime time yet.
NUMBER ONE- Great intro, I got all excited at first, but then the rest of Number One was a big number 2.
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN- Blah, blah, blah... more of the same. Every song on here sounds alike.
CRYING- The cd's highlight, without a doubt. How sad that a sappy ballad is the best track on a hard rock/metal cd.

15/11/06: restless one -
Rating: 95
This is a great cd i listen to in the car nearly everyday. Night of Passion is a absolute Killer!!!. Crying is a big hit waiting to happen....One of the best for 2006.

07/10/06: Figge -
Rating: 90
One of my absolute favourites of 2006. Some of the best commercial hard rock songs the last couple of years in my opinion. The problem is that there is also some low points on the disc.

Echoes From The Past, Night Of Passion, Shadows, Lie To Me, Don't Give Up On Love, Kingdom Of Heaven and the superballad Crying are all EXCELLENT melodic hard rock songs.

"Metal Will Stand Tall" will definitely be featured on my top ten list of 2006. I can also recommend people to go and see this band live, if you get the chance.

09/09/06: GONÇALO -
Rating: 96
Ladies and Gents!!! Beleive me! This is a real masterpiece. This guys really know how to rock, and that voice is realy powerfull, and at the same time melodick as hell!!
Gave us more 10 albuns like this one, and hard rock is back, for good!

Gonçalo (Portugal)

18/08/06: Zok -
Rating: 90
a big "wonder why" how Sweden not could send The Poodles to the Esc. Big mistake, they had the best song and the best performance in the pre finals.
But I could never believe that the record could be this good as it is. Its not often that artist who are in the ESC realease good records. But this is a must buy!

31/07/06: Chris -
Rating: 95
Outstanding...have never before heard of these guys...just one MP3 " Rock Star " and I am converted into a Fan, bought it and this Record tops everything that has been released this year, everything...I am seriously blown away.

Just imagine a mix between Def leppards Hysteria, Hardline`s Double Eclipse, Gotthard`s "G" and parts Non Jovi and Poison...please let this music never stop...


27/07/06: Ken -
Rating: 98
I give the Poodles a 98 because I wish I could go back and tack on a few more points on Wig Wam review (which is still getting better after each listen). Just when I thought I found the band of the decade in Wig Wam, the Poodles come out of no where and give them a run for their money. The CD is simply awesome from start to finish. This release along with both Wig Wam CDs I recently picked up are the top three CDs of the year by a long shot. The Poodles have a great mix of creatvity and sound on this release. Each song is excellent in its own way. I'm ready to pre-orde the next CD!

25/07/06: patiscat -
Rating: 95
Great killer album which I play nearly every day.

20/07/06: Jukkis -
Rating: 98
One of the greatest melodic hard rock album I've ever heard! I didn't know anything about this band until I saw them live in Swedenrock Festival. They just knocked me out with their killer choruses and unbelievable stage charisma! Best songs are Night Of Passion, Echoes From The Past, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes and Metal Will Stand Tall.

18/07/06: RockMan -
Rating: 95
This was one big surprise. I knew Norgren had the licks but the arrangement of ALL the songs are fantastic. Pontus, Echos of the Past is a bombastic use of the tried and true E, C, G chord progressions. Great job! I found this, as a whole, a more enjoyable listen than the wonderful Wig Wam release. I know a lot of head bangers don't like, "Song For You" but it is a faboulous extension of Jakob Samuel's range. His voice makes this tune stellar and not just another ballad. It's a little bluesy without the standard guitar arrangement. Nothing bad to say about this! Keep the songs like, "Echos of the Past" coming!

18/07/06: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 95
A strange name for a band but then again I suppose the superb Wig Wam have a strange name too,so don't be put off like I almost foolishly was.This is a very catchy melodic rock album.Andrews review is spot on.I like the style and direction of the music.It's hard to pick a favourite track although personal choices would be 'Echoes from the Past','One Night of Passion' and the awesome ballad 'Crying' of which this song is worth the price of the cd alone.Not the biggest fan of covers so I would have preferred another Poodles written track in lieu of 'Dancing with Tears',that said it has still been covered very well and fits in along side the rest of the music.
It is hard to make comparisons to The Poodles as they are slightly different, yet still melodic, so you will just have to trust me when I say it would make a great addition to any self respecting rockers collection.More like this please..

18/07/06: Robin McGhie -
Rating: 90
Hype is correct, top notch release. Throwback to the good old Scandie Rock Heydays. Not a rehashing of old ideas however fresh vibrant songs with plenty of variety. Cant make up my mind which I prefer between this and Wig Wam, which is praise indeed.

18/07/06: David -
Rating: 90
Great release. A bit better than the Wig Wam and just not as good as the Brother Firetribe. So far it is my silver medal cd of the year.

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