The Mob The Mob Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Kip Winger

· Running Time: 42.57

· Release Date: November 7

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
This is a difficult title to review. I envisage more than your average fan debate on this.
Just 40 seconds into the debut album it will become plain and clear why this release will find some melodic rock fans raving about the marvels within and others struggling to accept why this release isn't what it could have been.
What's all the fuss? Vocalist Doug Pinnick. Let's come back to that.
This is an album of contrasts. Different styles, an interrupted flow, and some less than perfect vocals mix with some cracking performances and some truly memorable songs.
The Mob is a project featuring a rather impressive line-up of talent. Winger and Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach; Night Ranger drummer and vocalist Kelly Keagy; Whitesnake's Timothy Drury and Kip Winger on bass, backing vocals and production duties.
Kings X frontman Doug Pinnick lends his distinctive vocals to the whole affair, aside from one track where Kelly Keagy takes the reins.
The Mob is a very groovy release. It features some amazing performances and the songs for the most part are very good examples of challenging, intelligent and original melodic hard rock. Winger meets Kings X? Sure…but there's more to it than that.
There are so many positives, but the driving force behind any commercial melodic rock album is the vocals. And Doug Pinnick's vocals are not the easiest to absorb.
While his appearance will draw in many fans, it might also drive some away. But I do hope that people will give this album time to mature, as it is far from instant and gets better the more time you invest in it.
The album opens with a couple of groove filled rockers and the third track features Kelly Keagy on a very fine commercial rock ballad The Magic. Fans of Night Ranger and Kelly solo will love this track, but it does stand out as being quite different from the rest of the material. It sounds like it has been brought in from the writing sessions for Kelly's next solo album. Buying the album on the strength of this great track might not be wise.
The highlight for me is the mid-album run of Never Get Enough through No Reason Why. These are some of the best melodic rock tunes currently being aired.
Pinnick's vocals are best when surrounded by the harmonies of the rest of the band and for those that aren't partial to his delivery; there are plenty of harmonies to help.
This album is drenched in harmonies, both during the chorus and the verse. Perhaps that was an intentional move to help the album's appeal.
As stated earlier, the album has a distinct groove and takes some listening to in order to appreciate what's going on.
Guitar Solo only runs one minute, but it still seems a little odd to include this track when there is already another full length instrumental. That track - Spaghetti Western - is a snappy (and groovy) song, but on an album where 3 lead vocalists appear in the line-up, is there really a need for an instrumental?
Highlights for me are the moody melodic groove of I Will Follow and from Never Get Enough onwards the album gets stronger and more consistent.
Looking over the album, a big issue for me - that ultimately knocks a few points off - is the track running order. The flow of the album is a little disjointed, with 2 instrumental breaks and a change of lead vocalist for track 3.
A revised running order with the instrumentals grouped together and Kelly Keagy's lead vocal closing the album might have given the material a better flow.
The Bottom Line
The selection of vocalist Pinnick will split some fans. And when you split fans, some sales are at risk. Doug's vocals are very much an acquired taste and a safer choice might have seen broader appeal.
That said, Pinnick was a bold choice and there is no doubt that Kings X have a large fan base which should be drawn to this release by their vocalists' involvement.
I have no doubt that some would have preferred to hear Kip Winger on lead vocals or perhaps more from Kelly Keagy. I'm probably one of those people, but that doesn't change the fact there are some really fine songs featured on this release.
If anything, it stands out in the cluster of melodic rock releases in 2005 for having its own identity. But not everything falls into place perfectly.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· The Mob

Line Up:
· Doug Pinnick: Vocals
· Reb Beach: Guitars, Vocals
· Kelly Keagy: Drums, Vocals
· Kip Winger: Bass
· Timothy Drury: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Winger - Pull
· Kings X
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Track Listing
· One Track Mind
· Wait
· The Magic *
· I Will Follow
· Guitar Solo
· Never Get Enough *
· Love Will Carry On *
· Turn To Stone *
· No Reason Why *
· Spaghetti Western (instrumental)
· I Want To Live Forever

-- *Best Tracks

28/04/07: Ray Gayo -
Rating: 90
This cd is great. The collaboration between all these name musicians is perfect. I have to give it a 90 percent because there are several mistakes in the drum dept which Im surprised KIP WINGER let go as a producer, which I was shocked when I heard them. But nevertheless is a very worth production to get and a great proyect. Looking forward for the follow up cd

15/06/06: Danimal -
Rating: 86
very good to my surprise. I like King's X, Reb is a bad ass, Night Ranger is OK, and Winger is an incredible band, and Kip is good solo. But I was weary of getting this and it's just great rock that doesn't cater or lean to the stylings of any of the mentioned bands above. However why not have had Doug play bass, Reb sing a few tunes also. But nonetheless a solid release.

03/05/06: Gen13 -
Rating: 90
Outstanding release. Love it! Reb shreds and Doug sounds as good as he did on the first few Kings X releases. Awesome. Why others don't like it is anyone's guess! Strong rockin' songs throughout. So disappointed that I left it this long to get hold of it. Blown away. Long live The Mob!

02/05/06: Brian -
Rating: 0
I've tried my best to like this due to being a fan of Reb's. I just can't get into it though! The guitars are watered down, vocals are watered down, and Doug just doesn't fit this band! The Mob's debut is just flat out weak...sorry guys!

10/04/06: yulog -
Rating: 65
wow i hate when you have this great supergroup and they dont use there people to full potential too much kings x influence theres no night ranger in here 1 kelly song that doesnt fit the album at all----big disappointment

08/04/06: John Elway -
Rating: 86
What an interesting release. This has all the elements of an 80's record yet has modern elements and features an extremely unique vocalist. Not a classic (Can't quite put my thumb on it, but these guys are missing that special something.), but darn solid for those who like melodic, rocking songs with tasteful ripping solos (Reb Beach is awesome.). A couple of clunker tunes, including the boringing Kelly Keagy ballad, but otherwise, strong.

09/03/06: Drew -
Rating: 92
I am a confessed King's X junkie, and I also am fond of Winger, Night Ranger, and Reb Beach's tenure with Dokken, so I was stoked about this album. I think this album has a lot of really good tunes and musicianship, and could have been better. Doug Pinnick's vocals are outstanding on this release...the best I have heard from him in a long time. They are clear and passionate. However, Andrew is right in that sometimes they are even better when enveloped in harmonies. With Kelly Keagy and Reb Beach, you would figure that the harmonies would be thick and lush, but to me the harmonies almost seem an after thought in some places, and are set very low in the mix. But the album itself is rockin'. The songs overall are very good. My personal fav is Turn to Stone, a great rocker which starts with a melancholy verse that springs to life in the chorus (probably the best background vocals on the dics). Reb Beach's guitar playing is jaw dropping on this record and he takes advantage of the freedom he had in creating this material. Keagy's drumming is very solid he takes the opportunity to add some nice fills. If you listen only once you will not appreciate this album. Give it a few spins and you will get hooked on a great record.

04/01/06: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 89
Overall a great cd with some refreshing rock tracks and it is one of those cd's that gets better with every listen which is a good thing.some cd's you love first listen then you don't play after a few weeks..this one you would play more often..interesting cd that is recommended

31/12/05: mark -
Rating: 90
being a big kings x and winger fan i bought this cd. after the first listen i thought it was ok. but after several listens this thig is fantastic! very melodic and very well produced.dougs vocal's make the record to me. buy it!

15/12/05: Andy -
Rating: 92
Very good selection of songs. Doug's vocals, although I wasn't fond of at first, really do fit the songs well. His style really differentiates this whole CD from what could have been just a good rock album and brings it up a notch. Reb's playing, as always, is spectacular and the rest of the band rock too. Definitely worth checking this one out, and if you aren't wowed at first, give it a couple more turns in the player!

12/12/05: Tom -
Rating: 90
I've always been a fan of both Winger and King's X so I don't have a problem with the vocals. I'll allow that Doug's voice is a lot deeper than the average hardrock singer, but is that a bad thing? Nope.

Musically this sounds like the perfect follow-up to Winger's "Pull" album. And you could very well hear Kip singing this stuff. Although I hear some typical King's X type riffs in there too.

Reb Beach totally ROCKS on this album, man! He definitely showcases why he's one of the top dogs in rock guitar.

I like the first instrumental called "Guitar Solo", but I'm not so sure about "Spaghetti Western". As much as I'm a shred guitar lover, the tune's a bit redundant here... And also... It has very little to do with the title. It does have a kick-ass solo though.

Other than that, good tunes all around. Very melodic. Good hooks yet nothing too average.

It will probably take more than 1 listening session to fully appreciate this album.

04/12/05: Ross S. -
Rating: 95
Utterly fantastic. This record sounds great, has strong songs, and really captures each individual player's strengths. I agree that one more Kelly Keagy vocal would have added balance - perhaps on "I Want To Live Forever?" That said, Doug Pinnick - who I like anyway - sounds fabulous. This beats the new King's X record. Reb Beach's riffs have a lot of groove, and he gets a good tone on this album, which is my favorite among those he has done. This one is essential for both AOR and hard rock fans.

30/11/05: craig kuhlman -
Rating: 95
great album. like a breath of fresh air!!! pinnick may not be for everyone, but i have always enjoyed him and he sounds great here. one of the best of 2005!!!

30/11/05: Ling_Chung -
Rating: 92
Excellent guitar playing but it's the vocals that are the real revelation. Anyone who loves melodic heavy rock should give this a listen...... Superb.

30/11/05: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 74
Well, I expected a bit more than this rather average piece of work, to be honest !
The line-up is impressive, but the result is not as strong as expected.
It's a bit one-dimensiol hardrock, with some modern touches.
Not bad, no, but not enough to be a great record, although some find this quite good.

30/11/05: Kevin Vaudry -
Rating: 90
I picked this CD up because I'm a big fan of Night Ranger and Winger, and also of Reb Beach's solo album "Masquerade."

At first Doug Pinnick's vocals seemed out of place. I found myself expecting to hear a more "polished" vocal; but the CD still makes a great first impression. There are some instantly likeable songs such as One Track Mind and The Magic, and others such as I Will Follow and No Reason Why that take a few listens before you truly realize how good they are. When all is said and done Pinnick's vocals work with the music and I am really into this CD from start to finish.

My only complaint is that there are two instrumentals on the CD. It would have been cool to have one of those instrumentals replaced with a track featuring Reb Beach on vocals.

Bottom line, buy it and give it a chance. You'll be happy you spent the money.

29/11/05: MadMeavy -
Rating: 77
Nice to hear Doug Pinnick singing Melodicrock sings in the mood of Winger! Some great songs, but not catchy enough.
Maybe need to hear more often!

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