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Versailles Records 689240710025
Produced by: Joe Viers

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: The Cult
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Fire Woman
  2. She Sells Sanctuary
  3. Sweet Soul Sister
  4. American Horse
  5. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  6. Peace Dog
  7. The Witch
  8. Wild Flower
  9. The Rain
  10. King Contrary Man
  11. Coming Down
  12. Outlaw
  13. Lil Devil
  14. Memphis Hip Shake

I start every review of a tribute CD with the same line. These tributes are basically aimed at already established fans of the band in question and in a lesser degree, aimed at fans of the artists that appear on each tribute.
A tribute to The Cult is no different. Established fans of the band will have the most enjoyment out of this, followed by fans of those appearing on this album.
Those suspects include: Jizzy Pearl, Enuf Z Nuff, Paul Shortino & Jimmy Crespo, Jake E Lee, American Dog, Jason McMaster, Gilby Clarke, Corey Craven, Jim Martin, Stevie Rachelle, Joe Lynn Turner and a few others.
Quite an impressive line up.
As they are already well established, the songs are of course classics. No debate there.
These tribute albums fall into two categories. Ones that have a few dollars spent on them and sound quite impressive and those that are done at a bargain rate, with two or three of them recorded at once. These are less desirable and less in demand.
I am happy to report that Fire Woman fits into the first category, the essential for collectors category.
In fact, I rate this tribute up there with the 3 or 4 best of them that I have heard. The money spent on the production and recording of this album will easily be repaid with the demand for the record.
Along with the Bruce Kulick produced Van Halen and Aerosmtih Tributes, this is almost as good.
Enuff Z Nuff rip through She Sells Sanctuary, Jizzy Pearl sounds right at home on the title track Fire Woman and Paul Shortino and bud Jimmy Crespo sound as fresh and as powerful as ever on Sweet Soul Sister - an album highlight.
American Dog provide most of the album's backing tracks, along with a gentleman by the name of Richard Kendrick, who as well as performing his own solo versions of a couple of Cult Tracks, helps out the rest of the bands with backing vocals and additional instrumental support. His vocals are enjoyable and should be a talent to look for in the future.
BOTTOM LINE: A tribute album that has the opportunity to appeal to more than just fans of the Cult, as it is well produced and well executed. Basically, one of the better tribute albums thus far released and in the top 5 as far as enjoyment received from listening to it. Top-notch performances of a selection material that spans The Cult's entire repertoire, not just one segment of it.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most fans of the Cult, fans of the artists within, and fans of good solid hard rock.

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