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Produced by: Roger Sommers

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative:
GENRE: Hard Rock

    Disc 1:
  1. Cumin' Atcha Live
  2. EZ Come EZ Go
  3. Hang Tough
  4. Gettin' Better
  5. The Way It Is
  6. Song & Emotion
  7. Changes
  8. Call It What You Want
  9. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
  10. We're No Good Together Disc 2:
  11. Heaven's Trail
  12. Mama's Fool
  13. Freedom Slaves
  14. Signs
  15. Little Suzi
  16. What U Give
  17. Summer's Day
  18. Love Song
  19. Edison's Medicine
  20. Modern Day Cowboy

This is a 100% live album and God bless them for that! I love raw, live, non-studio enhanced records. This isn't quite the essential classic I had hoped for, but isn't far from it.
This album is a great collection of songs by one of America's best ever melodic hard rock bands. Although the band are only recently back together, there is plenty of life left in them yet, with a lot of extra guitar riffs and some general ad-libbing going on throughout this set of recordings.
Tesla are responsible for 4 of the most enjoyable and consistent straight-up rock albums of the late 80's/early 90's.
This is essentially a greatest hits live compilation, with the band showcasing their best hits and album tracks from those albums, all recorded on the recent re-union tour.
It's great to have the boys back, and now that they have flexed their muscle live and bonded once again, the next step will be a studio record.
I heavily favour live records without overdubs and without studio enhancements. Re-Plugged live fits the bill perfectly. This is raw, live, loud and in your face.
But even with my preference for albums of this nature, the sound quality could have been better and might raise a few concerns with some fans.
A clearer mix might have been an improvement. But still, I would rather this over Bon Jovi's stale recent live effort.
Of the songs included on Re-Plugged, there isn't much more you could ask for. 20 tracks of high-octane rock n roll, with every corner of the band's history covered.
Cool to see an electric version of the band's acoustic hit Signs included.
The only thing I could add is that although the atmosphere of the record is certainly there and it should please most long time fans of the band, I still doesn't match the spirit of their 'other' live album Five Man Acoustical Jam.
Tesla also have a habit of running over time with some of their songs. They do it on their studio records also...I would like to hear these guys stick to the 4 minute mark a little more often. When they do, like the opening two numbers, they really pack a powerful rock n roll punch.
BOTTOM LINE: Almost as good an album as you could ask for. The songs are all there, the performance is pretty good, and the album isn't over-dubbed to hell.
A better mix would be the only thing I could have wished improved.
A 20 track snapshot of a classic hard rock band looking to reclaim their trophy as one of the best live rock n roll bands on the planet. Long live Tesla!
DISCOGRAPHY:Mechanical Resonance . The Great Radio Controversy . Five Man Acoustical Jam . Psychotic Supper . Bust A Nut . Best Of . Re-Plugged

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