Tesla Into The Now Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Michael Rosen & Tesla

· Running Time: 55.41

· Release Date: March 9

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Tesla Sanctuary
Songs: 93%
Sound: 97%
Tesla really had a job ahead of them to come back after so long apart. The band's problems were widely publicized, none more than Tommy Skeoch's drug addiction.
Time has also moved on and 2004 sees a whole new playing field compared with the time when their last studio album was released – some 10 years back.
But the guys took the challenge of a return very seriously – evident in the time it has taken the band to write, record and chose this selection of songs.
I'm very pleased to say that I don't think the band could have done any better and have really made a great album for these times.
It's more contemporary than I anticipated it would be, yet retains enough of the classic Tesla sound to please fans and perhaps prove to be a fresh force on commercial radio again.
Tesla's band members all had their own solo things going, with Jeff Keith and Tommy Skeoch's Bar 7, Frank Hannon's Moon Dog Mane and Brian Wheat's Soulmotor both featuring more modern approaches than Tesla's classic hard rock sound.
I see the songs of Into The Now garnering influences from both Bar 7, the super heavy Soulmotor and the band's own classic sound - molding those styles into something fresh and new.
Into The Now is also heavier than anticipated and also uses more of the modern rock style tuned-down guitar riffs, but it's Jeff Keith's fabulous vocals and the band's rhythm section that remind us of what the band always sounded like.
Track By Track:
The band breaks into the album's heaviest and most modern track to open the album. Into The Now certainly let's listeners know where the band is at. The track features dark and heavy guitar riffs and a deeper than usual rasp from vocalist Jeff Keith. The chorus doesn't break the sonic attack at all. It's relatively short, but effective. There isn't any big guitar solos, but rather some production effects and vocal filters used mid-song. All very effective and cleverly done to prove Tesla can update and remain cool.
Look @ Me kicks off and closes with the same snappy guitar/drum beat. The guitars aren't quite as tuned down as the title track, but remain heavy and pack a punch. The chorus remains short, but is more typical of what we expect from Tesla.
What A Shame is even closer to the classic sound of the band's past. The chorus is stronger than either of the opening tracks and the song features that unmistakable electric/acoustic hybrid the band is famed for. A great song that has strong potential for rock radio.
Heaven Nine Eleven changes the pace of the album nicely. This is a dark and groovy hard rocker with a strong hint of the classic Tesla sound, just heavier. Things are varied up a little by the use some vocal effects during the chorus and a perfect build in intensity to the heavy chorus break. This track is another great example of the band updating their sound and using cleaver production techniques to blend the old with the new.
Words Can't Explain could be lifted from just about any of the band's past albums, given that's its acoustic driven with a riff-heavy chorus. The song builds and gets heavier as it goes and is really one for the old die-hards. Another potential hit song.
It wasn't surprising to see Caught In A Dream used as the album's first single. It's easily the album's most commercial track and is a really enjoyable acoustic ballad with a big chorus hook.
Miles Away is an interesting track. It clocks in over 6 minutes and is a lyrically touching track utilizing an acoustic verse, before launching into a heavy guitar riff bridge. Another musically intelligent and interesting track.
Mighty Mouse is a straight ahead rocker with a modern twist. Not the best or my favourite track from the album. Got No Glory is one of the album's heaviest tracks. Featuring a killer guitar riff, the song isn't one of the more melodic, relying more on the impact of those guitar riffs.
Come To Me is another acoustic driven, laid back number with a good chorus hook. While it is acoustic driven, it's another track that sounds new and features a great lead vocal.
Recognize is another darker and heavier track, even if the tempo is pretty slow. The song has a bridge-chorus set up, where the tempo picks up, with an aggressive guitar riff.
Only You closes the album with another new twist. This is an all acoustic track with strings and a truly haunting feel.
The Bottom Line
One feels a sense of satisfaction when reaching the end of the album. It's a fan pleaser despite challenging the listener to grow with the band. Some fans may take longer to warm to the new sound, while others will grab it enthusiastically first time around. Regardless of those issues, it rocks hard, is very well written and dare I say, perfectly produced.
Into The Now really is a great example of a classic band moving into the present, but without abandoning what is expected of them – their classic sound.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Mechanical Resonance
· Great Radio Contraversy
· Five Man Acoustical Jam
· Psychotic Supper
· Bust A Nut
· Times Makin' Changes
· RePlugged Live
· Into The Now

Line Up
· Jeff Keith: Vocals
· Frank Hannon & Tommy Skeoch: Guitar
· Troy Luccketta: Drums
· Brian Wheat: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Tesla
· Bar 7, Soulmotor
Track Listing
· Into The Now
· Look @ Me
· What A Shame*
· Heaven Nine Eleven
· Words Can't Explain*
· Caught In A Dream*
· Miles Away*
· Mighty Mouse
· Got No Glory
· Come To Me
· Recognize
· Only You*
--*Best Tracks

25/03/05: Beth Malek -
Rating: 99
I've been with Tesla since 1986. For almost twenty years now they've been rockin out and singing the best love/hurt/hate songs. I've got to be their biggest, most faithfaul fan out there. I've seen them three times within the past six months, driving hundreds of mile to do so, adding these three shows to the list of ten from 1986 til now. My husband is so sick of hearing them and about them but yet he still goes to every show with me and still lets me put the cd in in the car. We have a four year old daughter who always says to put in Tesla, so of course she gets her way and we get to listen to it. What a guy! I really owe him, considering he's a Pantera/Ozzy/Metallica fan whose desperately missing DimeBag Darrell. Anyways, Tesla is not only me but him now. You can bring people in with you if you have the music, words and sound to do so. Frank is the greatest guitar player around. And, when I met him, he told me he really missed his wife and kids. How much more down to earth can you be? He's awesome. I met him while Moon Dog Mane was in town. I have Bar 7's cd, Moon Dog Mane's and every Tesla cd. Along with tank tops, baseball hats, ski hats and almost a tattoo. Love them!

19/03/05: Derek -
Rating: 99
This CD was played in my truck last year more than any other hard rock CD I own. There was more heart and soul in this disc than a majority of the discs released by today's bands. I even thought this was much heavier than Metallica's poorly mixed effort "St. Anger." I only compared them because both are Bay Area Bands. I know this review is late but that's because I did not even know Tesla was back together until recently and I accidentally came across this disc in Best Buy. I immediately picked it up and got addicted just as fast. Thank god for great blue jeans and t-shirt rock and roll like Tesla.

18/02/05: Toddwigdude -
Rating: 95
Great songs, great sound!!! Old Tesla with new equipment. All bands from the 80's take note: Make a CD this good.

20/11/04: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 96
This is one of the best releases for 2004 and an album that with the right would be high in the charts.All tracks on the cd are worthy there are no fillers here just straight out in your face rock played how it should be no machines..with some classic Tesla type ballads thrown in..a must for rock music fans..

03/09/04: Liz -
Rating: 98
I love the new album, Old Tesla sound fresh ideas.

07/07/04: Roy -
Rating: 95
I have always liked Tesla's non-hair band approach. Good ole straight forward blues based kick ass rock and roll. Nothing hair spray about it just what you see is what you give. I have always liked the rhythm section of this band and they sound better than ever on this record.

The CD kicks off with a great tune, Into the Now. Then goes into a good hard driven, Look at me.
One of the best songs on the CD, in my opinion, is What a Shame. Too bad, it could be a big hit with some support. Jeff Keith sounds better than ever. I tell ya , a lot of these bands get better with age.

Heaven Nine Eleven bores me a little. And not really sure what they are pushing for on Words can't explain.
Caught in a dream is a classic Tesla rock tune. Great feel. Miles away bored me also. Mighty mouse sounds like a Bust a Nut reject.
Got no glory has no direction and is a bit noisy at times. Come to me sounds like Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. On the song, Recognize, they go for a more modern sound but still has that Tesla heavy feel to it. the CD closes with a nice acoustic heartfelt piece titled , Only you.

I know I seemed to speak negatively of this CD but I scored it high at 95 because Tesla has stayed true to their sound. They should get credit for that. They are consistent and you always know what you get with Tesla. This is a great CD for the diehard Tesla fan.

06/07/04: Scott -
Rating: 80
Sounds like the boys are getting a bit mellow. Nonetheless, this is a quality CD. However, just don't expect another Mechanical Resonance. Unfortunately, I've seen Tesla twice live just recently and they had a tendency to play most of their ballads. Kinda disappointed. This CD is worth the cash but quickly finds itself on the cd rack after a few spins.

25/06/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 80
Never was a huge Tesla fan but much admired their output, spirit, and no compromise attitude so sparse within the hard rock cock rock scene particularly during the onset of grunge.

I found Tesla to be a rehash of Leppard, simply an American spin on the hard pop machine of the UK lads, and although their output greatly outdid anything post Hysteria (in my opinion)it was still not enough for me to bow down the converted. But much respect regardless.

So Into the now could’ve gone either the way of the ‘past’, or, if you’ll forgive the pun, the way of the ‘now’. Gladly they’ve gone the expected both, and delivered a solid album of tunes that reflect well against their back catalogue, and display that necessary step forward. A damn, they really have packed a masterpiece.

The rockier moments truly rock, but as we’ve come to expect from these lads, it’s the middle of the road paced acoustic bombs that truly shine. ‘What a shame’, ‘Caught in a dream’ and ‘Come to me’ are a few of the finest songs here which put simply should leave even the heaviest of the leather clad metal head admiring what talent the Tesla boys have, still have, whichever side you're looking from!

Highlights are the first four songs. The title track kicks the album off with a good blend of punch and drive with a modern take on things (hated the record scratching during the solo break but have come to appreciate the bravery of such a move). ‘Look @ me’ pushes the heaviness further really leaning into the old 80’s groove in the guitar department and vocal melody and is truly the one song I think sticks it to those Leppard lads that no longer have any intention of being anything other than... sorry, I digress...

'What a shame’ is as stated a slower paced classic (my favourite me thinks!), which then brings us to the masterpiece of ‘Heaven nine eleven’.

Now I get concerned about a song so obviously leaning on such an event, I would worry one persons take on it would likely touch very little due to the so many varying emotions out there, but every man is entitled to their opinion and stuff me if this isn’t one of the best reflections on the September 11 tragedy I’ve heard yet. Being a sucker for heavy guitars helps, but it really is the marvellous lyric here that causes this track to blossom!

My wife is of the opinion the only thing 80’s about this album is Keith’s vocals. (Let me add, there's NOTHING wrong with 80's music, just an observation), but I feel there’s more to it than that. Mine is a decision based on experience with this band and of the genre of this kind of music, you’ll no doubt form your own opinion. A mate regards Into the now no different from the horrible X album by Leppard recently (have I metioned them enough already?), saying the lyrics are worse on no less pop than the X album. I disagree, these guys might play with simple words but for every track guilty of a bad lyric or lapse in creativity, there’s another imaginative enough it leaves you breathless and smiling in agreement.

There are some downsides, some of the tracks, some rockers in particular are less enthusiastic and although I’ve already defended the lyrics, there are some that do come across a little too cliché, but what the hell. I’ll bring this review to an end, knowing that (at least some) of the bands of the 80’s are still very relevant and very capable, and very much going to be a constant part of my every day listening.

If you're considering buying this record, I strongly suggest you do indeed buy it. For me it equals most of their previous output, in value for money equals the last Maiden record (and yes I am a big Maiden fan) and is better than Queesryche's Tribe (my choice of band of bands!).

SCORE; 83% and after a couple of months am still loving this album. Hope this helped!

26/05/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 90
Damn, now this is how to do a comeback CD. Mixing old with a little new, The boys in Tesla put the R back in rock!, and whoever says this sounds like like Korn needs to get their ears checked ASAP. "What A Shame" is the albums standout track, with many others in a close second. Can't wait to see em' live!

06/05/04: Dan -
Rating: 65
I'd 1st like to say I was really looking foward to this disc,realising that Tesla were criminally overlooked in the 90's because of "grunge".An 80's band with their heart in the 70's(check out Frank Hannon's UFO T-shirt!).Anyway loved "Mechanical"
"Controversy" ,"Bust" & " Physchotic",cool videos too ! Unfortunately this is not in the same style or league as the other albums,I'd almost chokingly compare it to the new Metallica
Nu -breed etc.Hopefully other stalwarts won't be as disappointed
as was myself.Lead guitar-what's that for ? Guys don't bend,you WILL be rewarded by your fanbase !

30/04/04: Brian Burgess -
Rating: 75
I really wanted to like the new Tesla cd "Into The Now". Sadly though this still hasn't struck a chord with me after many listens. Not alot of guitar solos and a more modern sound don't bode well with a hard rocking band like Tesla. The songs don't really flow and not there are not alot of stand out tracks that you would expect from a great band like Tesla. Hopefully this is their experimental cd and their next release is a return to form for them. I am happy to see the band back though and would still pay money to see them again. They were awesome in 1987(Badlands, Tesla,Great White). Hopefully their next release will be a stronger one.

20/04/04: Ken -
Rating: 100
I am a huge Tesla fan, have been for many many (oh my god I'm getting old) many years. Each new cd brought a great bunch of songs and "In To The Now" is as good, if not better then all of Tesla's past works. This a great CD with a great sound mixed between the old and new sound of rock.

08/04/04: Marshall Faulk -
Rating: 85
TESLA LIGHT!!! I really like the songs and the production quality. Jeff sounds great here. My biggest issue is WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GUITAR SOLOS??? Come on people!! All these reviews from so called Tesla fans and NO MENTION of the lack of SOLOS on this record?? For me what made this band so special was Tommy and Frank DUELING back and forth with that amazing fretwork. What we have here is a record where MOST songs have little or(gulp)NO solos at all. BLASPHEMY!! This record could have easily been SO MUCH better. They already gave us 'Bust A Nut' they give us 'Lost Our Nuts'. Im sorry but when you have 2 players as good as Tommy and Frank you gotta let em cut loose. The result here is a nice little record...nothing more. Tesla Light. Sigh~

05/04/04: Steve15 -
Rating: 80
Waited a long time for this. A little too soft for my taste. 2 Many slow burning tunes that really don't get your adrenelin pumping. Still there are some cool tunes. There killer live!!!
Looking forward to the new Dio / Dokken cds. Wonder why Tommy & Brian didn't contribute more to into the now >

03/04/04: Dave -
Rating: 94
I've been waiting on a new Tesla Cd for a long time just like all the other Tesla fans out there! No one should have expected a bad outing, everyone should have expected some new elements. Hey! It's been 10 years, times and music change, the thing is to keep a certain sound intact that a band or artist has created for themselves, but to also try and evolve and try new things without destroying that sound. Tesla has done just that! What the side project Bar 7 was missing was all of the elements that make Tesla great: All of the original members. Into The Now can fit into today's rock format's and top 40, and also keep most of the long time fans/older fans. Not everyone likes any and every release so that is always expected, but Tesla has proved with Into The Now that they are worthy of the critical praise of the late 80's and into the 90's, and that they were one of the better bands to come out of that era. This isn't a hair band, nor an 80's band, Tesla is just a down and gritty damn fine rock band! Well done guys! You've upheld the TESLA legacy with INTO THE NOW

30/03/04: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 75
Having been a long standing fan of (classic!) Tesla and finding out that they were to put out a contemporary(WHY???) album in 2004 I decided to approach this album with caution.I was a little worried when I heard the intro to the title track and thought oh no Kerrang will love this (and they did),but that aside ther are some classic Tesla tracks like 'What a Shame', and I don't mind some modern sounding tracks but only one or two on an album.I hope their next album is in keeping with the classic Tesla sound e.g. more hooks and less modern songs.Why do Tesla need to change their sound ? Good songs are after all good songs.This is still a good comeback album which grows on you with each play, I only hope that they keep 'gettin' better'!!!.

20/03/04: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 100
YES! Tesla are back! Album of the year for sure :)
Nuff said!

15/03/04: Mel -
Rating: 95
I have been a Tesla fan since 1986. When they split into Bar 7,Moon Dog Mane and SoulMotor I was bummed that Tesla didn't exist. These releases were good but not up to par. With Into The Now-WOW!! Awesome cd!! Production is A+ and the band is still killer!! Glad to have them back!

13/03/04: Chris -
Rating: 98
Great GREAT disk. From the opening song Into the Now, to the different ballad Only You it's all good!!! Someone else reviewed it here and said it didn't have as many hooks and I agree but times change as the band says. Agreed with his comment on the peein in my pants when i heard that middle hook on Shine Away. What a rush. This album has a new sound and some of the old sound. My personal fav is Look @ Me. Now that ending is a hook. Easy, and it catches you bangin the steering wheel. Heavin Nine Eleven is a great tune. I hope they release one of those or Into the Now for a single. We want rockers damn it!!!

12/03/04: Andrew -
Rating: 91
Tesla have always been my favourite rock band, so after waiting 10 years for a new album I could feel a lump in my throat as

soon at I heard the letterbox clang. It was in the cd player within a minute, volume up just one notch higher than normal

and sitting in a position of anticipation I waited for the first sound.

Almost immediately you realize why NO MACHINES is ommited from the album sleeve. Not that it's a bad thing, but I've liked

Tesla because of the simplicity/cleanness of the sound. 'Into the Now' is a great openner and songs like 'What a Shame' and 'Heaven Nine Eleven' are exactly what I expected.

At times though I think Tesla had too long to think about this album. Some of the songs are so typical that they blend into

one. I'm asking myself - is this because all of the songs are great or because they're medioca?

I know ten years has passed and maybe music doesn't invoke a such passion as it once did, but I expected something more akin to 'Shine Away', or maybe Bar 7.

Sounds negative, I know, but expectation was very high for this album. This IS a GREAT album and with each listen it gets better.

11/03/04: RL - n/a
Rating: 85
I love this band... from day one till present. My only reservation on INTO THE NOW was the effort to add some trendy new elements to update the band's sound. I believe when a band is blessed with A CLASSIC SOUND, there is no need for current sounding embellishments... (loops, scratching effcts, downtuning, etc.) Aside from that somewhat experimental move on the heavier tracks (the other stuff reminds you of classic TESLA and is untampered with), the album is solid and features some of their best mellow and mid tempo songs ever: What A Shame, Caught In A Dream, Come To Me, and the amazing orchestrated ballad, Only You, stand out amongst the others. Here's to many more years of TESLA, but with less deliberate experimentation and a return to the old promise of "NO MACHINES".

11/03/04: Jon -
Rating: 85
A damn good album, but only gets an 85 for three reasons:

1. There aren't as many hooks as I expected from a tesla album. Remember the interlude to "Shine Away" from Bust a Nut? That big riff in the middle was so killer and catchy that I nearly peed my pants the first time I heard it. That's missing from this album.

2. No great accoustic melodies. Think of the intros to "Love Song" and "Little Suzy," and the intro and verses of "What You Give." All of them have great accoustic melodies. Most of the accoustic stuff from this album is chrod strumming.

3. Absolutely no up-tempo songs. Where's "Commin' Atcha Live," "Don't DeRock Me," "Flight To Nowhere," and "Cry?" Every album previously had 2-3 great up-tempo songs. This one has none, and the slow tempos take away the variety.

Now, after saying this, it's still got some great stuff. "Into the Now" especially is killer. No, it's not perfect, but it does rock, it is catchier than most stuff you hear nowdays, and I still recommend it.

08/03/04: Vami -
Rating: 90
GREAT piece of art. Tho' the live demo of HEAVEN is 100000000 times better than the album version :)

07/03/04: Brad Hutchinson -
Rating: 97
Tesla have proved that they can mold the past and present of music into a blend that will please most fans with this release.Amazing production, songwriting and mix seems to be a priority with these guys, and again they have achieved this.Great songs, great musicianship, great performances = great band!Personal fav songs are What A Shame and Into The Now.All Tesla fans and fans of great melodic hard rock should buy this cd!

07/03/04: frytz -
Rating: 100
This is the perfect Tesla album for 2004! The songs are awesome, the sound blows me away, the vibe (especially the modern elements) is just up to date and feels right! Just buy this album, it ROCKS!!! The best album of 2004 so far!!

05/03/04: Henrik -
Rating: 98
This is amazing, a perfect bridge, between old & modern Rock.
Tesla has managed to take the best of old Tesla and mix it with todays modern rock sound. This is Tesla best since the first one ( still in my top 20 of all time ). A true new classic CD from Tesla.

04/03/04: Mike Wolfer -
Rating: 95
What a great follow up to their classic "Bust A Nut" release! A more modern sounding cd but still retaining the key ingredients all great songs include...MELODY AND HOOKS! Get this! It Rocks and is up there with the forementioned "...Nut" cd and "Mechanical Resonance"...

04/03/04: vagabond -
Rating: 96
After so many disappointing releases from my favorite 80's bands(Dokken, Queensryche, Ratt,etc.) this is a breath of fresh air. I love it, and this album has it all - great lyrics and riffs, and a few solid ballads, epecially Only You. This ranks up there with Bust a Nut and Mechanical Resonance as Tesla's best!

27/02/04: Matt Stone -
Rating: 95
It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since Tesla's last studio album. I remember the day I bought Bust A Nut. I thought it was a monster, and I still like it to this day. They seemed to go out on top. When I heard they were getting back together I hoped they would not rush a new album and ruin their legacy. Not to be disappointed. INTO THE NOW is the essential Tesla album. They have successfully crossed into the (now!) modern arena of rock. They have blended their trademark sound with some of the conventions of modern hard rock. The major difference between this album and Bust A Nut (and there really aren't many) is that this one is less melodic in the sense that there are fewer (if any) background vocals. Jeff Keith is really up front on every song, and thankfully he sounds better than ever. The album is very heavy at times, but then again, Tesla has always been one of the heavier 80's band going all the way back to the Mechanical days. I especially love the title track with all of its effects. It really sets the tone for the album. My favorites are What a Shame, Look @ Me, and Come to Me. Plenty of good rockers and ballads here. Don't make the mistake of passing up this instant classic.

Rating: 100

26/02/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 55
No, no, no . . . !!! Is this the fantastic Tesla I once loved and respected ? ! Can't hardly believe it ! This is a modern, very modern, alternative record, even with distorted voices etc., à la Korn and others. Gone is the melodic hardrock sound ! No, major disappointment, this one ! Way too modern sounding !!!

05/02/04: Charlie -
Rating: 98
This is without a doubt the best release from this Awesome band since their very first disc. From start to finish on this disc there isn't one piece of filler to be found. If I had to pick the worse track I would be hard pressed to find one, although the opening of the first single "Caught In A Dream" is a little corny it is still an excellent example of a band that spent an entire year perfecting their first CD before they would release it. The album opens with "Into The Now" which easly could of been on their Debut disc right along side "Modern Day Cowboy" and closes with "Only You" another song that would of fit right next to "Gettin' Better" or "Little Suzie. My daughter who at 15 heard "What A Shame" wanted me to give her my Disc. We had to sit in the garage until the track was over so she could hear the whole thing (I almost went deaf as she turned it up to about "15") She does have a soft spot for Tesla to begin with when she was still a baby she would sit in her car seat and every time the chorus came to "I know" in "Love Song" she would sing right along with Jeff Keith she knew great music even at 2 years old. If I had to list best tracks in order my #1. What A Shame #2. Into The Now #3. Words Can't Explain #4. Miles Away 5. Caught In A Dream 6. Only You and the rest would be in 7th I would rate the disc as a 100 except for unlike most bands this disc is far to short. Fifty Five minutes just doesn't seem long enough after waiting for so long for new material. Thanks guys for another GREAT Disc.

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