Tesla Forever More Frontiers Records
Produced By: Terry Thomas

Running Time: 50.56

Release Date: Out Now

Released: World

Musical Style: Hard Rock

Links: Frontiers
Songs: 94%
Sound: 98%
Tesla's return to active duty came with the acclaimed Into The Now release, an album that saw them update their sound like so may others before them, but I think in a manner which worked for the band at the time. It was a strong album in my mind and I still think that today, although opinion is somewhat divided over that.
Forever More sees the band cementing the position of guitarist Dave Rude in the band (who replaced Tommy Skeoch after Into The Now).
Last year's covers release Real To Reel is behind them and new material awaits.
This album continues the contemporary leanings of Into The Now, but the masterful production, direction and co-writing of Terry Thomas (Giant, Bad Company, and Tesla's own Bust A Nut) steers the album back towards the band's legacy sound.
The guitar sound is still fairly contemporary and is tuned down to some degree, but the overall approach is far more in keeping with the classic Tesla vibe and coupled with some truly great songs, this makes Forever More the best Tesla album since Psychotic Supper.
The opening hard rockers Forever More (mid-tempo), I Wanna Live and One Day At A Time (both uptempo) signal the intentions of the band to shake off the modern tag that Into The Now received. Nothing but classic Tesla all the way.
The moody So What is the perfect blend of old and new and would have been a hit single 10 years ago.
From here the album takes a moodier turn with some really intelligent songwriting mixing hard rockers with acoustic driven mellower tunes, but all with a focused intensity that makes the album as a whole a great listen. The ballad Fallin' Apart is particularly brilliant.
All Of Me picks up the tempo again, but also provides a break in the intensity.
The First Time is a moody track turn rocking anthem that harks back to the old days and is an album highlight.
Pvt. Ledbetter is a raw, emotional look at war and in this case, the Middle East. The poignant lyrics are among the best I've heard from Tesla.
In A Hole Again rocks things up with a wall of guitars and The Game is the second hard rocker to end the album on a powerful note.
The Bottom Line
I'm really pleased to see a band involving themselves with a great producer and allowing that producer to bring the best out of the band. That's the whole point. Terry Thomas does a great job of helping Tesla just be Tesla and in doing so the band have delivered a truly great album and another highlight for 2008.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Mechanical Resonance
Great Radio Contraversy
Five Man Acoustical Jam
Psychotic Supper
Bust A Nut
Times Makin' Changes
RePlugged Live
Into The Now
Real To Reel
Forever More

Line Up:
Jeff Keith: Vocals
Frank Hannon & Dave Rude: Guitar
Troy Luccketta: Drums
Brian Wheat: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
Forever More *
I Wanna Live *
One Day At a Time
So What *
Just in Case
Fallin' Apart *
Breakin' Free
All Of Me *
The First Time
Pvt. Ledbetter *
In A Hole Again *
The Game

--*Best Tracks

20/08/09: Feverdream -
Rating: 90
Not as good as the excellent return cd "Into the now", but still a high quality album from one of my favorite bands ever! Please guys stick with it and just keep doing what you are, to me there is no reason why they cant be another Rolling Stones and be around for a very long time!

07/02/09: Dave -
Rating: 93
I love Tesla and I really like this record. I would say it ranks behind GRC and right there with the debut.
I guess some might say it doesn't rock enough, and that I can understand. But I think the songs are beter overall on this one. I actually think Jeff sounds really good on this record, better than he did on Into the Now.
It's been a great year six months or so with this release, Extreme's new one and the new King's X as well. Hopefully it will get even better with Mr.Big reforming.

05/02/09: Dennis -
Rating: 88
I have been a fan of Tesla from the beginning and have enjoyed the many twists and turns this band has taken over the years in an attempt to stay viable. This band delivers the most when they forget the mainstream and play their brand of music. This album remains in that realm and produces some great songs. My favorite CD from Tesla will likely always remain "Bust A Nut", but this one ranks close in the consistent quality throughout.

17/01/09: Craig Chapman -
Rating: 99
The most genuine and warm album I've heard in a very long time - absolutely love it - thanks guys. It's somehow modern and retro at the same time and is the least contrived album of all time.

12/01/09: Wynnie -
Rating: 95
Long time Tesla fan, but I can honestly say this is their best album for years. Classics begining to end....nuff said. Definitely top 5 album of the year....BUY IT.

20/12/08: leo -
Rating: 95
Better then their last effort. That by the way was in itself spectacular. Love this cd for the exception of Private Ledbetter, but that song grew on me to after awhile. Good to hear a 80's band still kickin' ass.Nothing bad to say here. This is a must buy!

20/12/08: Nun Yo Business -
Rating: 60
Is it just me or does it sound like Jeff Keith drank a big ole glass of milk before he recorded his vocals. After the greatness of "Into The Now" I was stoked to give this one a spin, in fact I picked it up because of Andrews review. Sorry Andrew it's just not that good, Jeff's vocals are just not that good this time, he sounds like he is forcing it and can no longer sing in a normal tone. Don't get me wrong on the few tracks where he sings without the croak the songs are right up there with some of the classic ones. But to often he reverts to the croak and kills the song. So please Jeff before the next CD/Tour please get your vocal cords fixed I would love to rate another of your CD's in the high 90's. I have everything they have released so no matter what I go into automatic and buy their CD's let's hope with the next one I won't have to engage the kill switch to keep myself from buying another one like this.....

09/12/08: ryder -
Rating: 25
Good lord...I like Tesla but...huh...this smokes??? Smokes what? Must be the Frontier Records water...again rave reviews for a horrible CD...ok two good songs - then off a cliff into the dump.

06/12/08: Charles Williams -
Rating: 95
Super effort. Each song has it's own story to tell and is crafted to be appealing to different musical tastes. I have never disliked a Tesla album, but this one in particular seems more mature and refreshing. I didn't like that there was no true balled per se at first, but the large number of midtempo tracks make up for it in the end. Maybe the last two tracks weaken the effort as a whole, as they clearly are the two least appealing of the set. I loved Into the Now, but i was actually releived to see the techno-like loops gone this time around. Great effort. Tommy is not missing here as stated by others, Frank Hannon is the man in this group anyway!!

06/12/08: frytz -
Rating: 100
esp. considering the fact that they went into the studio without really finished song ideas and during quite a lot of touring, it's just amazing that these guys come up with such a strong record. There's something on offer for everybody here and the welcome "return" of guitar solos brings alot of energy and kick ass rock'n roll! Is absolutely love Breakin Free!! And most of the other tracks are also very well crafted and delivered. Close to being the best album of 2008 for me!

03/12/08: Derek -
Rating: 60
After the powerhouse called "Into The Now", I had every hope that this new cd would continue to build upon the modern Tesla sound. But, this is not the case. This cd lacks many aspects that can only point to the absence of Tommy. I cannot find a single song that is a standout hit or honestly, even that rememberable. There is no doubt that the new guitarist is a talented individual, but the twin complimentary sound that existed between Frank and Tommy is just not there.

The only caveat to this is that I have heard and seen "I Wanna Live' in heavy rotation at my gym. Evidently it is getting a lot of requests and it is weird to see Tesla sandwiched in between Britney Spears and Coldplay day after day ... but I only wish the band the best of luck and no matter what I think of this cd, I'll keep buying each and every release that comes out.

30/11/08: Jon -
Rating: 90
This is a far better album than Into the Now, which suffered from a lack of divirsity in tempo, and a dearth of catchy choruses. Forever More makes up for both of these problems in a big way. There are four or five uptempo songs on here, plenty of great choruses, and to top it off, not too much accoustic stuff either. My favorite is All of Me, a great uptempo hard rocker. Other faves include the sassy The Game, the poignant Pvt Ledbetter, and the touching Fallin Apart. Great album!

29/11/08: Chuck Park -
Rating: 70
Give me a break, are we even listening to the same album? I tried hard to like this album but unfortunately, it's way too mid tempo for my liking, and a lot of songs sound forced and uninspiring. "I Wanna Live" is a good song but that's probably about it. Not awful, but not good either.

28/11/08: Sonny -
Rating: 89
One of my favorite bands of all time. That being said, I can definitely tell that Tommy is not on this album. I was hoping for something as good as Into the Now, but this missed the mark. This still is Tesla, so it's still a good album, but without the original lineup, the sound is lacking. I like Dave, but he's no Tommy. Bring Tommy back for the next album.

27/11/08: Eric -
Rating: 100
CD of the Year. Every track is outstanding!!! I just recently saw Tesla in concert and they performed seven tracks from Forever More and "usually" news songs get a warm reception but I was shocked to see people embrace each song like it was Modern Day Cowboy or Love Song. I can't recommend this cd enough.

27/11/08: doug vogel -
Rating: 80
the production is good, the songs are ok.nowhere near the last cd.if you liked bust a nut which i didnt,then you might like this. into the now strecthed thier sound, this one goes to far.

26/11/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
Awesome album from the beginning to the end."I Wanna Live" under different music circumstances it would defo be a number one hit!!!

26/11/08: Nik -
Rating: 98
I've only given it 98 for the sole reason can anything be perfect?
Well in Hard Rock cirles this must come pretty close. I thought Tesla were pretty bold with 'Into the Now' by giving the album a seriously modern feel but keeping their sense of melody. Time has shown it to split opinion with the fans.
Forever More manages, in my opinion, to do the near impossible. Be all things for all people. It keeps a modern feel and follows on well from 'Into the Now' but it also seems to embrace their origins like 'Mechanical Resonance'
My faves differ slightly from Andrews, being:
'I Wanna Live','All of Me','Breakin' Free' & 'First Time' oh and 'Fallin' Apart'
And the most important part being that after 40 or so listens it's still near the top of the playing list.

So a great album from a hugely underrated band.

26/11/08: Chris -
Rating: 100
This album smokes from start to finish. Can these guys even make a bad album? The are one of the few bands from the 80's that if you didn't know any better you would think that they are brand new, if you hadn't seen a picture of them. They flat out make great music no matter what decade they make it in.

26/11/08: Jeramie -
Rating: 100
this is another great cd from the tesla boys everything that you would want and more and still able to be relavent

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