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Produced by: Fred Hendrix
  1. Eye To Eye
  2. Wild Thing
  3. How
  4. Love Sick
  5. Wasting Time
  6. Promise You Wait
  7. Right Now
  8. Breakaway
  9. Not Here With Me
  10. Holdin' On
  11. Those Were The Days
  12. The Real Thing
  13. Here's To You
Eye To Eye mixes the best tracks from the band's last and latest Japanese release. Judging by the sales result of Make My Day, their latest Japanese album, there are plenty of fans that are attracted to Terra Nova's mix of catchy hook laiden pop/AOR.
There is no escaping the European blend of pop hard rock, it's there throughout the record.
Eye To Eye is a cool little AOR tune. Nice melodies and harmonies, complete with anthem chorus that makes this song a highlight of the album.
Wild Thing is a mid paced rocker. Not as clearly pronounced as the opening track, but a good solid rhythm and overall solid track.
How is a soft, slick and heartfelt ballad.
Love Sick is a fun good time rocker. Harmless lyrics and a tune not to be taken seriously. But there is a great finish to the song, with lots of soloing and a frantic pace.
Wasting Time sounds a little like unplugged era Firehouse. If you liked Firehouse 5 than this track is worth a good listen.
Very commercial and less of a European feel.
Promise You Wait continues the uptempo party vibe.
Right Now is a little cheesy. A very nice pop rocker, but a fairly standard track until a cool Toto Seventh One inspired instrumental section towards the end of the track. Nice solo also, but then it's back into the average chorus and lyrics.
Breakaway is keyboard heavy but a little better. Nice harmony chorus, but nothing like the heights of Eye To Eye.
Not Here With Me is much better. A big AOR ballad with plenty of candle waving opportunities and some very good vocals and slow guitar soloing.
Holdin' On is good again. A more uptempo and guitar driven track, there are some good backing vocals and hooks in play. Not a huge chorus, but the whole song has quality.
Those Were The Days continues the improving quality of tunes as the album goes on. More solid hard rock.
The Real Thing rocks out as much as any track here. Heavy guitar and a changing tempo.
Here's To You is another sentimental ballad - a soft piano ballad. Not quite in the the league of the other two ballads, but pretty good anyway.
And that is the album....no...wait...a hidden track! Yuk! This is an awful 40 second accapella track. Sorry guys, but this is way cheesy.
But that's a minor point and any fans of the band will find a great collection of tunes in place here and anyone that wants a lightweight dose of good time European pop rock should look no further.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Terra Nova fans, European pop rock/AOR.

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