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Target Records 0210
Produced by: Paul Sabu

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Shania Twain
GENRE: Pop Rock

  1. Rock Hard
  2. Drop Ya Like A Habit
  3. Turn Me On
  4. I Can Never Dance Enough
  5. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  6. Roll Dem Bones
  7. Childlike Faith
  8. Heartbreak Hall Of Fame
  9. When Love Goes To War
  10. Midnite In Your Eyes
  11. Heaven Knows

There is a definite sense of deju-va when listening to this album. At the start of last decade, singer / songwriter / producer Paul Sabu took aside a talented new vocalist on the scene. He co-wrote an album's worth of songs with her, produced the material and shopped it to labels. The material had a high-tech AOR edge to it, but it's heart was firmly planted in pop. Maybe a new-country edge to it even...
That vocalist failed to secure a deal for the songs, but they realised a good thing dived head first into the then developing pop-country scene and became a star.
Her name? Shania Twain.
Now in 2001 (CD was released late last year), history repeats itself. Sabu is back and his new project is none other than his wife Teri Tims.
The material is exactly the same. High tech pop with melodic rock/AOR leanings, all in the production style of Sabu's Only Child days.
And yes, the country tinge is also present and suits Teri's style and delivery.
Tims vocals, like the opening Rock Hard, sound like something straight out of the Alannah Myles songbook, with a dose of southern charm and country living.
Tracks like Turn Me On could easily have been part of Shania's last two albums.
Sabu plays all guitars and some strong backing vocals and provides a duet lead vocal on the soft closing ballad Heaven Knows.
It's great to hear the guy sing AOR again - how about a ne solo album Paul?
I wouldn't recommend this to all fans of Sabu's previous work, more so those that love female fronted pop rock. But there are touches of his AOR best amongst the album's songs and overall, this is a strong record for it's kind.
Take note that the drum sound is all programmed.
BOTTOM LINE: Shania Twain's demo's with Sabu were eventually released on CD and if you have those songs, you need this.
Otherwise, check your tastes before purchasing.
But if history does indeed repeat itself, could we be looking at pop/country's next big superstar?
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Sabu and female fronted pop rock, fans of Shania Twain and high-tech pop.

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