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Now & Then / Frontiers FRCD 044
Produced by: Ralph Santolla

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Dokken
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Heaven's Not Enough
  2. Sadie
  3. Romeo
  4. Man Of The World
  5. Vampire's Lullaby
  6. Tell Me It's Over
  7. Monday Mourning
  8. Heart On A String
  9. Beggin'
  10. Pride

Teer's debut album is produced by Ralph Santolla of Millenium, so these guys are obviously going to have the goods musically.
Depending on tastes, this is going to appeal to many melodic rock fans.
These guys touch on a few bases, but the major influence and when they sound best is in the vein of classic Firehouse - the era of their first two albums.
The vocal style and harmonies certainly match that.
But for fans of the heavier side of things, there is the added bonus of plenty of hard rocking riff's and speedy solo's a la Millenium/Eyewitness & Dokken at their most melodic. Just check out Heart On A String.
Of the best tracks - Romeo is possibly the best one to point out. Guitar heavy with some good hard riff's the chorus is a series of harmonies and melodies showcasing vocals and lead guitar.
Vampire's Lullyby is similarly good.
Man Of The World is also a great Firehouse style pop rock ballad. On Tell Me It's Over the guys play out a Van Hagar flavored rocker.
BOTTOM LINE: Touted as one of Florida's and indeed the USA's best new talents, their debut album lives up to that hype. 10 tracks with no fillers, these guys I predict will only get better and bigger.
Great US stadium rock in the vein of Firehouse that is heavy enough to please most classic commercial hard rock fans.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of classic American commercial hard rock and some fans of Firehouse and Millenium.

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