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Spitfire Records SPT 15175-2
Produced by: Ted Nugent

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Himself
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Klstrphk
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Snakeskin Cowboys
  4. Wang Dang Sweet Pootang
  5. Free For All
  6. Yank Me Crank Me
  7. Hey Baby
  8. Fred Bear
  9. Cat Scratch Fever
  10. Strangehold
  11. Great White Buffalo
  12. Motorcity Madhouse

It doesn't get much easier to review than this.
Ted Nugent live. What does one expect? Loud loud loud guitars, raucous vocals, 110% attitude, and a general sense of out of controlness.
Not to mention Ted interrupting every now and then to fire up the crowd with expletives and unruly behavior.
You have to love that! That is Ted and that is what you have here.
This concert was recorded last year, featuring the power trio of Tommy Aldridge on drums and Marco Mendoza on bass.
Killer stuff for Ted fans, but the non converted still won't get it.
It's a simple 12 track hits package, with most of Ted's big solo hits included. No guest vocals, just Ted at his raw best and one instrumental. That instrumental (Klstrphk) is one hell of an intro - the master at his best.
BOTTOM LINE: So Ted fans just want to know if this is worth buying - very much so. It's raw and live as such albums should be and the atmosphere is great. The production and sound quality is superb, while retaining a true live album feeling. So if you haven't got it yet and Gonzo does it for you, then why are you waiting?
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Ted Nugent fan on the planet.

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