Track Listing
· Klstrphnky
· Crave
· Rawdogs & Warhogs
· Damned If You Do (1)
· At Home There
· Cum N Gitya Sum-O-This
· Change My Sex (2)
· I Won't Go Away
· Pussywhipped (3)
· Goin' Down Hard
· Wang Dang Doodle
· My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz
· Sexpot
· Earthtones

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Spitfire Records SPT 15174-2
· Produced By: Ted Nugent, Drew & Chris Peters
· Running Time: 56.13 · Genre: Hard Rock
· Release Date: Out Now · Released: WORLD
· WebLink: Ted Nugent · LabelLink: Spitfire

In-between killing things and a failed stint in Damn Yankees, the true wild man of American hard rock, Ted Nugent spent the better part of the last 12 months working on material for this new studio album.
Craveman is a return to the best of everything Ted is – brash, in your face, over the top and above all else – loud as hell.
This album oozes so much attitude and energy, you can't help but get sucked in.
Of course, to fully appreciate this album you will have to hold some affection for Ted's ways…loud guitars, politically incorrect lyrics, over opinionated ramblings…
You'll also have to appreciate Ted's raw vocal abilities. This album contains 14 tracks, with Ted the only featured vocalist. As raw a singer as he is, he really suits these tracks.
The best thing about Craveman is that it is a huge guitar record, Ted plays his ass off, with some of the best hard rock riff's of the year featured here.
For me, this is Ted's most consistent record ever, with the album flowing nicely through a few changes in tempo – or variations of loud hard rock at least.
Highlights include the Damn Yankees penned tune Damned If You Do, the opening modern rocker Klstrphnky, the hilarious Change My Sex and Pussywhipped and the straight ahead ear bleeding hard rock of Crave.

The Bottom Line
It's a bit over the top places, but overall, you won't find a better example of Ted's guitar prowess.
If you want a great loud guitar record filled with catchy lead breaks and hard rock hooks, look no further.
Possibly Ted's best album ever - certainly the best I have heard.
Great artwork, great running time. Good value for money.

Line Up
· Ted Nugent: Vocals, Guitar
· Tommy Clufetos: Drums
· Marco Mendoza: Bass

Additional Ratings

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17/08/04: Terrible Ted -
Rating: 0
i don't no about you people but i have listen to alot of Ted, i see him at concerts alot and i jam out to his music, and since his new album craveman came out i only heard one song from that album and i sure didn't care for it, it was not Ted Nugent he is losing his touch when he starts playing like that even though he is in his 50's i think he should bring the old Ted out of the closet and rock the nation once again because he's the Revren Theoadocius SweattyUncleTeddy
oh yeah remember One Nation Under Ted

01/06/04: Tim D -
Rating: 99
I think this is Ted's best album and best band ever. Marco Mendoza & Tommy Clfetos definitely deserve credit here. They are talented and make the band tight. I've seen them live and they are what help give the album attiude, attitude, attitude!!! This album has so much attitude and intensity it'll make ya' crazy.....I already am.

Klstrphnky - Sounds more like he's saying closterfuckme is not the typical Nuge song but it cranks. Got love it. "If ya' say ya' like it faster, bigger! Ya' say ya' can't git enuf. Well I'm the world's biggest nigga, and all you dirty whiteys suk!" And no he's not a damn racist. Nuge will always tell ya' he's from Motown and he loves that soul. This song rocks!

Crave - Co written w/Jack Blades this song rocks too. The video & single. I can listen to this over and over after I listen to Klstrphnky over and over. Look, if ya' don't like Da Nuge, then don't by the CD.

Rawdogs & Warhogs - Classic Nuge all the way and it rocks. Has he ever been politically correct?

Damned If Ya' Do - (Nuge/Blades/Shaw) What? Is this one of those that never made that Damn Yankees CD that never came out. Look I don't care if I just used a double negative. You're Damned If Ya' Do - Damned If Ya' Don't!!!! Man I love this song and I'd love to know who's singin' that high background vocal. Damned If Ya' Do - Damned If Ya' Don't!!!! Kick ass.

At Home There (Nugent/Wells/Lynch) This is a really cool song where I think the credit goes all wrong somewhere. At least from what I've read in a couple of reviews (not here). I read where a guy said Marco Mendoza opens with some really cool bass riffs asnd slo said Ted sings leads throughout the entire album. I'm willing to bet that Ted's playing his Fender six string bass here and he's doing the really cool riffs and Marco sings the lead with Spanish lyrics in the second verse. There's no way that's Ted singin'. But Ted's whalin' on the geetar!!! Bluesy kinda really just wantin' hear this again and again.

Cum N Gitya Sum-O-This Again with the six string bass but cool! More guitar whalin'. This band is tight!

Change My Sex I don't think anybody's gonna Ted!!! Look, I think I saw somebody say there's no good hooks on this CD. Ted write's some funny lyrics alright but this song and the next one got some really good hooks. Forget the lyrics anyway one thiis one. He must of been watchin' a Jerry Springer or somethin' and trying to make a statement here? LOL. But hey! There's a really cool break here where him and Toomy due this thing... I mean it's a thing I mean a thing... well, anywho, it's tight!!! I'm a drummer and it's tight. I don't give a s--- if he's singin' about Charmin, this song rocks.

I Won't Go Away - (Ted Nugent / Damon Johnson) I don't know if the "New" Damn Yankees will ever get together but this is a really k-ewl song by them. I think Ted's always better live and I have seen hmmm, five songs from this CD live and this is one of them, before it was released, and I couldn't wait for the CD.... augh, hell I had to wait. I still love it.

Pussywhipped - Somebody told me all this song is, is Kiss My Ass. And your point is? Everybody is Pussywhipped!!!! Look, I still love it! It's just that Nuge sense of humor and rockin' sense of rock 'n' roll. It's Ted.

Goin' Down Hard (Nugent/Reed/Lutz) Are we bored yet? I'm not. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read another review that said the guy thought this song was good but he forgot about it after the CD was over. Uh-huh. List to it again ya' idiot!!!! Crank it up louder then!!! I also liked seein' Michael Lutz name there. He's a cool guy. Good musician and this is another cokin' kick-ass song. No I'm not f'n bored yet. Yer just gettin' too old. Go listen to Phil Collin or somethin' for Pete's sake.

Wang Dang Doodle - Okay, yeah, uh-huh, so it's Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang revisited, like Ted says "I don't give a damn. Heard all before say it all again" I love it. It's music to my ears. If you haven't seen or heard Ted in years then nows the time sucka. He plays better than he ever did and he gets better musicians.

My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz - (Nugent/Mendoza) Well, this is why I give the album a 99 instead of 100. It just doesn't come off on the CD. I liked it when I saw them play it live (funny, Barry Sparks was the bass player) but I just don't really like listening to it too much. Gotta be in the mood for it. Sorry Ted. I saw him play a song many years ago before his first Epic album was released. Band line up was Vic Mastriani, Derek St Holmes, & Rob Grange. That song was really cool. Don't know the name and he's never put it on an album. Put that one on an album damn it!!!

Sexpot No Nuge album is complete w/o a song about sex. Wait, I think there was already one about sex. Hmmm, Cum N Gitya Sum-O-This, Change My Sex, Uh, oh well, got another one. I like this one. He's kinda singin' like Ray Charles or somethin'.

Earthtones - (Nugent/Mendoza) When I first saw the title, I thought, what? Sounds liie crayons or something. Oh no. NOT! It is so cool and why does everybody have to compare everything to Homebound? Doesn't anybody know about Hibernation on Tooth, Fang, & Claw & or Free Flight? Those are cool instrumentals too. So is Migration. Don't tell me that was when he was with the Maboy Dukes. Ted was the Amboy Dukes. They simply dropped the name. Okay, let's not get into that. Anyway, this is a great instrumental. No, I never got bored because I skipped My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz.

Overall, though, if ya' like Da Nuge, this is his best album/CD (whatever) You'll like it.

29/09/03: CUTTER -
Rating: 50
This album does'nt move me one bit, all the songs sound thrown together half assed and rushed. Teds vocals on this one are crappy too and the lyrics,lmao come on? A very dissapointing Nugent lp. And i have ALL his other lps and this is the weakest one to date!! SHAME on you Ted,lol. m/ m/ P.S Lets not bash people for their opposing veiws on these reviews, its all about fun and not fighting after all wer'e not children are we?

22/08/03: Marshall Faulk -
Rating: 90
I must concur...db dalton IS a jerk off. Hey DB...Id love to comment on YOUR body of work...but YOU HAVE NONE!! Ted is 'rehashing' his Stranglehold riffs?? Are you retarded? Does your house have beads hanging and lava lamps fired up? Do you wear bell bottoms and tye dyed shirts? GET OVER THE 70s!! LET IT GO...ITS OK NOW TO MOVE ON! Ted did some great things in the 70s...but his body of work contains plenty of quality stuff SINCE. I must LMAO at ANY FOOL who would sit and pick apart the TECHNIQUE and 'MELODIC METER' of a TED NUGENT RECORD!!! I think you need to get a life or a hobby. Might I suggest smoking some real good green bud? Bottom line...LOOSEN UP BRO. You must keep your pocket change in your ANUS...cause you are a MAJOR LEAGUE ANAL RETENTIVE CLOWN. Its a TED NUGENT RECORD!! Its a ROCKING,FROLICKING good time. Its meant to be CRANKED and enjoyed,not picked apart note by note. Im not sure what WORLD you live in but EVERY ARTIST uses similar riffs and sounds from their body of work...over and over. Im wondering if you chide Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani or Steve Vai or Billy Gibbons or Joe Perry or Phil Collin for using similar riffs that they came up with 20 or 30 year ago as well?? Please announce your next MAJOR RELEASE for us we can compare it to YOUR previous body of work. Dammit...I have NONE! Get over YOURSELF man...this is a fun record...not a SYMPHONY. You and Freddy DeKyzer need to get together. Hey you like ANYTHING you buy?? Good Lord.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 90
This is a great Ted record. The songwriting is consistent, and the playing is great. Of course some of the lyrics are horrific ("Whang Dang Doodle" and "Pussywhipped" come to mind), but that's to be expected. If you liked any of Ted's records pick it up, the songwriting set it apart.

05/03/03: Mark -
Rating: 60
I Grew up listening to Ted,Kiss,Zep,Bad Company,Angel,Legs Diamond,Van Halen 1, Sabbeth, etc....I can go on and on. Being 41 Im still into music New and Old......Have to say I bought this CD, and sold it to Disc Replay within a week. I just couldnt get into it.....He can do soooo much better!

12/11/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 60
Another big disappointment. Is this Ted Nugent ? What are all these bands (Bon Jovi, Harem Scarem, Leppard, Hagar etc. etc.) doing these days ? Trying to be modern and forgetting their roots. This is another work from a guy trying to sound like the alternative bands. Why ? Have they no personality at all ??? The guys who gives this a 100% rating must go to their doctor. Probably they're so young that they don't know what's Ted capable of. Listen to Stranglehold etc. and that's the real master. Not on this platter. A big disappointment again. Come back seventies and eighties !!!!

11/11/02: Jon -
Rating: 80
This album has a lot going for it. First, it's hard. I mean, there's no chance of this album being mistaken for, say, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, or Def Leppard-the Nuge still knows how to do it. Which leads to my second point. If you like any of his stuff in the past, you'll probably like this. I mean, Rawdogs and Warhogs oozes classic Nuge. He's one guy who's never sold out, bless his heart. But, my main concern with the album is that it doesn't have a lot of variety, and some of the songs lack a good hook. It would be nice if one or two of the songs had a more serious atmosphere (while still being hard), and had more distinctive hooks-something that when you hear it, it's instantly recognizable. I admit, that I liked Damn Yankees better than any of Nuge's stuff. They could have a serious song, with more distinctive hooks, without losing the heaviness (think High Enough, Come Again, Mister Please). My favorites on the album are Crave, which has a killer riff (which is what I'm referring to-the album lacked riffs and hooks like this song has), and Earthtones, the instrumental that ends it. I like the melody, almost a feel good song. There are others I like, but nothing spectacular. BUT, there's nothing horrible to bring the score down, either, thus it's decent score of 80.

02/11/02: VJ -
Rating: 100
It was worth the wait. Best NUGE output since "Weekend Warriors".
Intensity, attitude, power, fun. Period.

28/10/02: Dave Dalton -
Rating: 65
Hey Jeff.. You call me a jerk off? Thats a great way to display what you know. I have been listening to Nugent for 33 what? This is not his best work. Its a copy of stuff he has done before. When he discovered the Stranglehold riff, he has used it's base fingering dozens of times in various other songs. Raw Dogs is but one of them. If you truly listened to Nugent you would "know" this, but you are simply reguritating the Nuge Line with your "attitude" pronouncements.

Nugent's most consisent album was "Ted Nugent", thanks to Tom Werman. Nugent's most intense album was Marriage on the Rocks, thanks to Andy Solomon.

If you think PUssywhipped is a great example of Nugent's ability, I would say that it is typical of his laziness.

28/10/02: Jeff Watson -
Rating: 100
First, this dbdalton jerk-off has his right to his own opinion, even if it is blind and incredibly, intensely incorrect. This is THE most consistent Ted cd os his entire career, period. I have been listening, watching, & breathing everything that is Nuge for ove 20 years, and I must say that RAWDOGS, DAMNED IF I DO, PUSSYWHIPPED, CRAVE.......oh hell, pick one....these songs are full of attitude and some of if not the best guitar playing of Ted's career. Oh, did I mention the attitude!!?? Some people are not going to be able to handle this attitude, those people are weak, and should either adjust themselves and come over to the ONLY side, or, go away. To put it simply" Well I don't care if you respect me, I'm branded like a dog." Rock on Ted, PLEASE!! P.S.: SPIRIT OF THE WILD IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV, HANDS DOWN!!

22/10/02: Dave -
Rating: 85
Ted is...well Ted! You ahve to like what he does to get into his music. This is a damn fun cd to jam to. Turn it up at home or in the car and annoy neighbors and other drivers on the road! This has, as Ted would put it..Tednacity!!

16/10/02: Dave Dalton -
Rating: 65
In a perfect world, he DID open for Kiss.

14/10/02: Kent -
Rating: 100
Pussywhipped is a masterpiece!

11/10/02: Dave Dalton -
Rating: 65
With the exception of the tune Craveman, this album is a reguritation of many older Nugent riffs that are found throughout his career. Nugent borrows freely from his own songs like Funlover (RawDogs and War Hogs), ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid" (Goin Down Hard), and Hendrix's Band of Gypsy's wah-wah exploits (Sexpot). He also intersperses many lyrical references from past songs and even interchanges words between songs on this newest offering. Boldly going where Billy Gibbons went 27 years ago, Nugent even shamelessly injects the ZZ Top trademark from "La Grange", ... "haugh, haugh, haugh"

The guitar playing is vintage Nugent; fast, furious, lots of attention to vibrato twinged note choices, but the song writing is lacking depth. Riffs do not make complete songs, and it seems as if Nugent simply phoned in the structure to serve as a launching pad for the next lead break. The song lyrics appear as an afterthought, and although they contain some of Nugent's penchant for bravado and defiance, many songs stop making sense after the first line is delivered.

We all understand that rock and roll is mostly about the groove, but if the words are simply there as window dressing, why not just leave them out altogether? 21 repetitions of Klstrphkme growled into the microphone is enough to wear out even the most intrepid mosh pit participant.

In essense, the songwriting is a mostly a rehash of the typical Nugent Stranglehold riff or variations on Just What the Doctor Ordered. The lyrical genius that declares "my baby likes my butter on HER gritz" is not only sophmoric, but also fails in melodic meter. (the emphasis on HER was just TOO much to bear).

The production seemed a bit thick and uncustomarily (for Nugent) over-processed with pedal effects. At times the guitar seemed buried under a wash of bass and drums and it would have been nice if some EQ had been judicially applied here and there. The vocals, as always when Nugent is the singer, were left down in the mix and in many cases un-intelligable. I have no idea what Sundries are, but Mendoza's bass was interesting in several places, primarily where the fretless one was featured.

If people want a better representation of Nugent, the 70's issue Tooth, Fang, and Claw, Survival of the Fittest, and Marriage on the Rocks display Nugent's guitar in a much more ferocious manner. This newest CD is more of a carricature of Nugent. His best work is either behind him or in front of him. He has the capability of much much more. He just needs to put his mind to it.

11/10/02: Rob Mallory -
Rating: 96
I have heard one of the most heavy and intense albums of the year. Metal at it's very best, the way it should be. But you're not going to believe who it is. Or maybe you will. The "Motor City Madmen" himself, your uncle and mine, Ted Nugent.

The lyrics are everything you have come to expect from Nuge, but the music is unreal. With thrashing guitars and vocals that will leave even the most diehard KoRn fan bowing before the master, Ted Nugent is back.

Heavy Metal anthems like opener "Klstrphunky" and "Pussywhipped" are certain to become instant classics.

That's not to say that whole album is a metal feast. There are some truely touching moments, like the melodic instrumental "Earthtones" which is one of the most impressive things Nugent has ever done. And the slowed down (but still metal edged) "I Won't Go Away", plus the bluesy "Sexpot", put this album all over the board.

So throw aside any prejudices you have about the true masters of rock not being able to play with the new big boys. I would gladly pick this disc over anything your new bands have ever done. Yes ladies and gentleman, Ted Nugent is the master, and in a perfect world, he'd be opening for Kiss this time.

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