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AOR Heaven / Point Music 10164
Produced by: Patrik Tibell

Released: / Website
Relatives: S. Bush, Chicago, Harlan Cage

  1. Do Ya
  2. Send Her A Letter
  3. Illusion Of Love
  4. Refugee
  5. Always Pretending
  6. I Wanna Remember
  7. Foolish Love
  8. Lies In Disguise
  9. Postman
  10. Take Me Tonite
  11. Night After Night
  12. It's Only Love

This album is a real grower. The band is Patrik Tibell on vocals, keyboards and additional programming, with Roger Ljunggren on guitars and Ola Johansson on drums.
It took me a few listens to appreciate the record, but once it sets it's hooks in, there is no letting up.
The album was recorded in the studio late last year and earlier this year, yet it captures the feel of classic late 80's AOR and artists like Taxxi and Stan Bush.
The darker tones of the moodier side of AOR sum up what T'Bell are all about.
Like fellow keyboard driven rockers Harlan Cage do now and like Taxxi did in the 80's, T'Bell produce a blend of classic ballad rock that found it's way onto so many soundtracks in the AOR heydays.
The album's twelve tracks stick to a certain formula, but that formula should please AOR die-hards no end.
You will be doing well to find tracks catchier than Do Ya, Illusion Of Love and I Wanna Remember anywhere.
The last couple of track son the album head towards a softer Westcoast edge similar to the likes Of Chicago. Others really match Harlan Cage.
This is not a major label release. If it was, we wouldn't get to hear it, it's too far from fashionable! Thank God for that! Thanks for the good guys at AOR Heaven for unearthing this album.
BOTTOM LINE: A surprise blast from the past, recoded just recently and therefore containing a better production sound. Classic old style AOR as only done by a few artists these days. It's dominated by mid-tempo ballads and keyboards and if that does it for you, this certainly is worthy of investigation.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of moody, classic 80's style keyboard AOR.

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