Street Talk V MTM Music
· Produced By: Fredrik Bergh

· Running Time: 47.07

· Release Date: June 23

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR / Westcoast

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 96%
Street Talk was the last album I played in the office Friday afternoon and now Monday morning it is still buzzing around in my head.
Leaving the legacy of this band where it was would have been a great waste of talent, but band founder Fredrik Bergh is not one to skip on quality and did not think he could raise the budget required to do a new album justice.
MTM Music wisely saw the value of the Street Talk name and came to the party and 18 months later here we have the new album.
To cut right to the chase, this is the best Street Talk album to date. While none of the 5 albums vary greatly from the straight AOR/smooth Westcoast path, this album still stands out for a couple of important reasons.
V is an album which I think is more consistent than any previous Street Talk release. While the musical path is no different, the extra time taken writing and recording the album means that the quality of the songs featured is better than ever. There is not a single filler on this album and I'm not sure I could say that of past releases.
Upon first inspection I think the listener will spotlight two particular tracks as the album's standouts. That's what I did, but second listen in there were now 4 highlights. Then 6 and now I have different favourites depending on my mood.
The other key to the consistency of this album is the wonderful, classy and faultless vocals of Goran Edman. He puts in possibly the best – if not the smoothest – vocal performance of his career on this record and is a joy to listen to.
And even better, Fredrik drops his predisposition to use at least one other vocalist per album, so Goran gets run of the shop here and that helps this album even further.
I often find the inclusion of different vocalists counter productive to the flow and consistency of an album, so I'm thrilled that Goran is the only man featured here.
More credit also to Bergh for an impeccable overall sound. While all the Street Talk albums have sounded very good, this one sounds truly great. It is layers thick with keyboards and subtle guitar parts, not to mention the perfectly mixed lead vocals and layered harmonies. What makes the album great is the thumping rhythm section, which really drives this record – not only through the uptempo numbers but also during the soft ballads.
Track By Track:
It is impossible to isolate the best tracks, which is certainly a compliment to the quality of the album. So one must talk about them all…
Responsible is about as up-tempo as it gets for Street Talk and so it is that this feel good rocker kicks off the album. Gloriously bathed in melodic vocals and pepped up by a simple guitar riff, the song just glides, with the more pressing chorus lifting the tempo further. One of the best AOR tracks of 2006 without doubt.
Don't Believe is somewhat moodier and less obvious, but just as melodic and equally glorious once you get to know it. Another cracking AOR classic that is the precursor to yet another gem in If I Could. This, along with Responsible is the two tracks I picked out as brilliant from the first listen. The verse grabs your attention, but then the chorus blows you away. Another 2006 classic.
At The End Of The Day is one of the band's best and smoothest ballads to date and another vocal jewel for the resume of Edman.
Family Business matches the tempo of the opening number and ensures this album is just that little bit pacier than previous albums. Goran again soars on the great chorus.
Just A Little Appetizer is extremely catchy, but creeps up on you…it's one you'll be humming without knowing it hours later.
The mid-tempo Westcoast pop of Something's Gotta Give is yet another smooth-as-a-baby's-bum track with yet another strong chorus.
Slow ballad time again with Groundhog Day – the chorus takes awhile to arrive but won't be forgotten when it does. Back to a quick fire tempo with the rocker Sniper, which as the title suggests will capture you in its sight and knock you out.
Oh Maddy reminds me of Journey on their Raised On Radio smoothest and is one of my favourite album tracks. Fabulously smooth and eloquently delivered. Closing out the album is the feel good pop rocker Brother Sun And Sister Moon, with a uptempo beat and a warm feel.
The Bottom Line
One of the highlights of the year to date without doubt. Certainly the best pure AOR and Westcoast release of the year and one which will be hard to beat. This is a shining example of how great AOR can and should be delivered to the eager fans. Smooth as hell and a great credit to Fredrik and Goran.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Collaboration
· Transition
· Restoration
· Destination
· V

Line Up:
· Göran Edman: Vocals
· Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards & Piano
· Sven Larsson: Guitars
· Christian Johansson: Drums
· Björn Lodmark: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Quality AOR
· Street Talk
· Goran Edman
Track Listing
· Responsible *
· Don't Believe *
· If I Could *
· At The End Of The Day *
· Family Business *
· Just A Little Appetizer
· Something's Gotta Give *
· Groundhog Day
· Sniper
· Oh Maddy *
· Brother Sun And Sister Moon

--*Best Tracks

05/09/07: Dave G -
Rating: 92
This is the first time I've heard these guys and I have to say it was a pleasurable introduction.
A very good example of Melodic Rock.
Favourite tracks: - Responsible, If I Could, Family Business and Just a Little Appetizer.

25/04/07: restless one - 95
Rating: 96
Brilliant AOR Album!! Best album from the guys. Superb production,Vocals & Guitar playing , just great songs!! Best AOR Album of 2006. Highly recommended!!

18/07/06: Pedro -
Rating: 93
I´m still thinking "Restoration" is even a bit better than this one, but must confess "V" is another AOR gem and sure a "must" for all the melodic freaks out there. Fantastic vocals by Mr.Goran always!!!

18/07/06: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 95
Thank God these guys reformed! Album of the year so far for me! What I like about Street Talk is the way that the production is so tight and clear despite the fact that everything is so massively multilayered (are you listening, Journey?!!). I'm sure they'd never reproduce it live, but that's another story...
Basically, if you like other Street Talk albums, you'll probably love this album. If you don't like the others, well, this ain't gonna change your mind!
For me, this album has it all...great songs, great singer, great guitar player and great production. They also sound like absolutely no other AOR band full-stop! No simple Journey or Survivor clones here... The only possible downside is that the production techniques on all their Cds do sound very similar, although the keyboards are slightly more to the fore on this album... Also the hooklines are just so bloody memorable!!
I have to confess, I'd been getting a bit bored with AOR the last couple of years as few bands seemed to be delivering anything really special any more. This album (and a couple of others I could mention) are restoring my faith!! Brilliant!!

12/07/06: Andrew Fortunski -
Rating: 75
I am really disappointed in this release. I totally respect Andrew's CD review's. He has turned me on to many bands because of his reviews but I don't see where the MUST BUY rating is coming from. I also own ALL previous Street Talk releases including the Greatest hits. I feel my opinion about this CD holds some merit.
The songs are very boring and tough to listen all the way through. You have a good verse and then a week chorus and the musical changes have almost no originality at all. Only 2 or 3 songs really caught my ear and I can't even remember them by name. The lyrics are very poor and would have expected more thought out of Goran and overall expected much more from this CD based on the time between this and the last release. Collaboration and the remastered greatest hits really are far and above this release. This CD left me tired and unenergized. Goran is still the master at singing but even his preformance cannot save this CD. Now put in 91 Suite-Times They Change and man what a breath of fresh air to melodic Rock.

09/07/06: Sims -
Rating: 90
you must listen to IF I COULD !!!!! for cryin out loud the best song ever!


worth the album price alone. think NEWMAN music with MICHEAL MORALES refrains and chorus.

i'd buy this song even for a 100$. it's that good.

the album is great too.

27/06/06: Ivan -
Rating: 98
Fantastic album, Goram Edman at his best.

23/06/06: Figge -
Rating: 92
What a nice surprise! This is how it should be done. Just great uplifting traditional AOR/Melodic Rock, with an updated sound. Göran Edman is once again showing what a brilliant singer (songwriter) he is and this time he gets to sing all songs on a Street Talk release.

It's very obvious a lot of time has been put into the process of writing/producing this album. It's better than previous efforts in every aspect. I totally agree with the original review (Andrew) about the use of only one vocalist is a real benefit for the overall feel and consistency of the album.

The best songs in my opinion:
DON'T BELIEVE - Love this one. Especially the chorus and the second verse, with cool background vocals/harmonies.

IF I COULD - A feel-good uptempo rocker with a great chorus hook

AT THE END OF THE DAY - Fantastic song! Love the sound and feel of this favourite for the day of writing.

Just A Little Appetizer - The first song that stuck in my head. Brilliant! I especially love the classic AOR feel of the verse.

Sniper - Cool uptempo rocker. Again, I love the verse, with the distorted vocals and driving rhythm section. Very cool guitars. Could've been a little rougher in the intro and chorus.

Oh Maddy - This is as good as classic (80's smelling) AOR gets. Excellent vocals by Göran.

A masterpiece and one of the absolute best AOR albums released last couple of years, no doubt. RECOMMENDED!


21/06/06: EDUARDO RUIVO -
Rating: 95
Brilliant AOR, Goran Edman is God!!!

20/06/06: Sonny - Cooper
Rating: 95
The album is a 2006 classic without a doubt! Aor don't get better than this these days! A must buy for sure!

19/06/06: AORSATAN -
Rating: 0
Listened to the samples a couple of times,
and things are sounding good.Can"t wait to
get my hand"s on this.Wonderful AOR.

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