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MTM Music 0681-12
Produced by: Stephen Teller

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Giuffria

  1. What She Wants
  2. In Your Arms
  3. Hello Heaven
  4. Why Cry
  5. Like It Or Not
  6. Wait Till You Find Me
  7. Corridor Of Windows
  8. She Sherea
  9. Never
  10. Where Is Daniel
  11. Private Eye
  12. White Liar

Well this release has been on MTM 's books for over a year, with the promise of it being a House Of Lords/White Sister style pomp album. That having been said, there was little other fan fare or information to go by. That's why when I go this release I was surprised how good it was.
I know there are plenty of pomp rock fans out here, from your old time Kansas fans to the more AOR versions like Giuffria and the House Of Lords debut, plus bands like Magnum, Departure, RTZ and Alliance.
Storyteller are Jerome Story on vocals and Stephen Teller on drums, vocals, Synthesizers, plus 12 string. Add Craig Campbell or keys and guitars, John Fagan on bass and J.P. on guitars and vocals.
The guys have a keyboard sound reminiscent of the great Greg Giuffria, parts of this album sound like they could have come from parts of either Giuffria album or the debut House Of Lords album (Like It Or Not).
Jerome is no James Christian though. His voice reminds me of someone, I just can't pick it. It's a softer more refined vocal.
There's a little Journey here also, the guitar solo from In Your Arms is prime example, plus there is also a little early Bon Jovi in the sound (Never).
Stand out tacks are In Your Arms, the huge orchestrated keyboard ballad Hello Heaven, the 80's commercial AOR anthem Why Cry and the killer track of the album - the title track Corridors & Windows. This track sticks in your head for days! A great AOR ballad / anthem.
The production is pretty good, although varies a little as does the songs style. I guess that is because the songs were written across a number of years. It shows. The nest album might be a more cohesive effort, but this is still pretty good.
BOTTOM LINE: Anyone who has a taste for orchestrated keyboards, mixed with AOR guitars and big choruses should egt into this. There are some sure fire hits, but maybe also a few tracks that don't quite make the cut. A good solid album for those it will appeal to, but I don't think it will appeal across the board like many other albums have.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of big pomp productions and keyboard drenched AOR.

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