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Kivel Records
Produced by: John Kivel & Stone Angel

Released: OUT NOW / Website
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Imagine Us
  2. Hey You
  3. Argument (As I Am)
  4. Turning Point
  5. O' My Love
  6. Carry On
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. I Know You (Live)
  9. Feeling The Way I Do
  10. On Hold
  11. Hey You (Acoustic)
  12. The Pill

Stone Angel are another artist on the Kivel Records roster. These guys have a slightly different sound to that of Attraction, a little heavier and a little rawer.
The album also sounds a little more like a well produced showcase album or label demo.
The songs are of course the main thing and they shine through loud and clear. The guys have a good sound with some more intricate guitar parts going on in the background adding a good depth to the music.
It does however need a little more production work.
Tracks like the opening pair of Hey You and Imagine Us are hook and melody filled and the more you listen the more memorable they become. These guys have a great future.
In fact I am having a hard time trying to compare them to anyone, so I won't do them the injustice of any comparison.
Safe to say that the guys are traditional hard rock with plenty of melodies and some solid lead vocals from Koz, who's voice is in the upper regions as far as pitch - something like Geoff Tate of Queensryche, but the music is definitely straight ahead rock n roll.
If you liked Attraction and bands like Tuff and Warrant then these guys are worth checking out.
Other highlights include the very melodic In Your Eyes, Feeling The Way I Do and the cool acoustic version of Hey You.
The packaging is excellent and the disc is added to with an extra enhanced portion with a live clip, album lyrics and a very impressive interactive portion offering bio's live pics and band notes. Like I said, very impressive!
BOTTOM LINE: Definite potential here. I would be keen to hear the guys next record if thy can up the production budget a little. As for songs and talent, these guys clearly have both in their favor.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Anyone looking for some new talent, fan of hard rocking straight up US rock.

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