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Metal Mayhem Music
Produced by: Jamie St. James

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Black N Blue, Aerosmith, Michael Monroe
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Testify
  2. Generation Suicide
  3. Deaf, Dumb and Blind
  4. Hello Halo
  5. Magical Taxi Cab
  6. Losing Your Man
  7. Spinnin'
  8. Die Like A Star
  9. American Man
  10. Light Of Love
  11. Aliens

This is a new solo/side project from ex Black N Blue frontman Jamie St James.
To say this is a low budget release would probably be fair, as things sound pretty rough and certainly raw.
I would say that this is almost a live in the studio affair, with minimal over dubs.
But that isn't a bad thing, there's a lot of atmosphere to this record, you just have to be aware this isn't a major label release!
Jamie sounds is as good as voice as ever, delivered with virtually no harmony of backing vocal support. Like I said, this is a raw rock record!
The songs of St James are no nonsense, guitar driven, groove filled rockers, with touches of organ and the occasional keyboard.
There's the natural comparisons to Black N Blue of course, but the bio also suggests some Aerosmith. Sure, can't argue with that, but it's the funked up early blues Aerosmith, not their 80's/90's stadium personality.
I get the occasional vibe that fans of Michael Monroe's solo work might get a kick out of this, as both have that raw, live, blues punk feel to them.
BOTTOM LINE: It won't appeal to all fans of Black N Blue, but if you particularly dug Jamie's style and sound, then this should hit the spot.
A second warning must be issued for the production style of the album - this is very stripped back, very plain live in the studio rock n roll.
If a bit of good fun blues rock n roll is your thing, then check out this album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Black N Blue fans.

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