Steelheart Wait Z Records
Produced By: Mike Matijevic

Running Time: 49.40

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Songs: 65%
Sound: 80%
This release is a case of good news, bad news. The good news is the album will now be more easily available, after an extremely limited indie US release and a short lived Asian release. Further good news is the fact that the running order will mirror the US indie release which was far superior than the rather bland Asian running order.
And lastly on the good news front you won't have to pay a silly price to own this.
Which is a very good thing, as the bad news is that the album really isn't overly special. It's certainly a long way from the classic debut and rates a distant third behind the band's first two albums.
The line-up has little in common with those first two albums; this is really Mike Matijevic's project. Style wise, it's far more contemporary mixing modern melodic rock with more classic rock tones, with a strong Led Zeppelin vibe on several tracks especially the more uptempo ones.
It's musically adventurous, quite complex and well written in places, but I fear that the majority of fans won't warm to the sound or direction.
The main cause for alarm for fans of the band's original sound will be the lack of big choruses or any sleazy anthem rockers.
By now you will be familiar with the album's opening track We All Die Young, which was re-recorded by Mike for the Rock Star movie. This version is the original and slightly more laid back.
Live 2 Die rocks nicely, but in a modern and experimental way that won't appeal to some fans. Ahh Song is pure Led Zep with a modern twist.
Electric Chair is an acoustic driven track that features a strong vocal and modern Led Zep sound.
Wait is a very laid back ballad, but nothing in the style of the old-school power ballad that might be expected.
Garden Of Delight is another musically interesting track, mixing that Led Zep feel with layers of acoustic guitars. Some interesting rhythms and beats are featured, but there's no distinct chorus in sight.
Take A Little Time is a heavy, aggressive modern rock track. Good chorus, but average effects filled verse.
Say No More is a heavy, slow to mid-tempo moody track that features strings and a strong lead vocal.
Shangrila is another Zeppelin influenced track no real major cause for excitement.
All Your Love is much the same except in ballad form. Again, nothing that's really catchy or amazing.
The Bottom Line
Those that dug the recent Lynch Pilson effort Wicked Underground might find something more to enjoy here. Devotees of the debut album however, unfamiliar with this album in any way, may be left scratching their heads. It's a solid representation of retro classic rock with a modern twist, but above all else, isn't the catchiest set of songs.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Tangled In Reins

Line Up
Mike Matijevic: Vocals
Kenny Kanowaski: Guitar
Alex Makarovich, Derek Austin: Drums
Vincent Mele Jr.: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Led Zeppelin, Wicked Underground
Track Listing
We All Die Young*
Live 2 Die*
Ahh Song*
Electric Chair
Garden of Delight
Take A Little Time
Say No More
All Your Love (Bonus)
--*Best Tracks

05/02/10: DANIEL TROCHEI -
Rating: 4
This album features some one of the best vocals in the business, mike as usual delivers such range and edge to his singing but the sound and players on this have a slick and very modern rock approach, hats off to production and engineers, Some of the acoustic tracks were a little weak but The aah song, and live 2 die , say no more make this album .
i.e this album fucking rules

19/11/04: Steve Hudson -
Rating: 100
After the first three albums, i was expecting something a little different. And "Wait" is exactly that. Too many bands do the same old thing record after record. Hats off to Matijevik for trying something a bit new. The more you play it, the better it gets. Trust me !!!!!

12/03/04: Jon -
Rating: 50
There are two great songs on this album: We All Die Young, and the remake of All Your Love. The rest was blah. The main problem is that it's called Steeheart and I expected something more like the first two albums, but instead got a Mike M. solo project. Oh well, at least the two songs were cool.

04/03/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 100
STEELHEART WAIT LP. " I can not say enough good things about this album, it's a refreshing slab of all things good rock n roll. But bewarned this ain't the STEELHEART you remember from the 80s. Besides the start off song "WE ALL DIE YOUNG" that was written for the ROCKSTAR movie soundtrack this lp is more in the vein of Led Zepplin and the Beatles. I know i know your saying "WTF" but trust me it works here. This is absolutely one of the BEST full albums i have heard in eons, it's that good. What makes it so good is you can just tell they made it without concern of wether it would sell or not. This is one hippy trippy album made for a rainy day. The vocals on this are amazing, the guitar playing is amazing, the production is flawless, this is the perfect album to put on for background music at a party. It's an album you can put on and it just flows along nicely so you can enjoy other things without paying too close attention to it, not alot of albums can do that!! It may take you a few spins to absorb all thats on this album and what it has to offer but once you do you will never get tired of it. This is definately tailored for the mature listener!! 10/10


28/11/03: Raul - 82901810
Rating: 100
Maybe the best Steelheart/Matijevik album, and please don't forget that this album was originally released in Asia in 1996!!! 7 years ago now, when the nubreed thing didn't born yet

08/11/03: Matt -
Rating: 80
No, this album is not like the first 2 albums. But you have to's not the same band either. I definitely think it's a good album and it's the type that gets better and better with each listen. This album is much more laid back. Don't expect to pull on the old leather pants for this one. Let's hope that the next Steelheart album (if it ever happens!!!!) throws in a few more rockers.

08/11/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 45
Same story as with the new Bonfire. This band can no longer be called Steelheart, cause the sound has totally changed ! What we get here is, once again !, a band playing modern rock, or at least trying to play it. And it sounds bad, people ! Gone is the melodic hard rock sound of the real Steelheart.
Even worse than Bonfire, and that means a lot ! Why so many bands with a certain name are jumping on the 'modern rock' bandwagon, is beyond me !

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