Stan Bush In This Life Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Holger Fath

· Running Time: 50.21

· Release Date: April 20

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR / Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers Stan Bush
Songs: 96%
Sound: 97%
There sure are some quality releases around at the moment, so lap them up while you can.
Stan Bush is another individual that needs no introduction. He remains one of the genre's classic artists, delivering some of the best emotional AOR anthems around, over a period of some 20 years. Seriously, after just reviewing another album for another stalwart of the scene in Joe Lynn Turner, it does make me wonder how many modern rock artists will still be rocking in 20 or 30 years time like these guys still do. Mmm…not too many…they sure don't don't build them like they used to.
In the case of Stan, the man has the perfect voice for melodic rock – that hint of authority when needed, but otherwise dripping with emotion and providing melodies with almost every line sung. His new album In This Life sees him follow up what was deemed to be one of his best ever releases in Shine.
When an artist gets to their 9th all-original studio release, you are generally hard pressed to see them deliver their best work, but the last album and this record are just that. Stan has nailed what it is he should be doing, the style that fans want him to do it in, and most importantly, has delivered a record of 11 perfect AOR songs.
Not every song is an AOR anthem, nor is every track is stuck in a similar groove. This is a really well balanced record with a few ballads; a few killer anthems and some simple mid-paced melodic rockers spread in-between.
It makes you look forward to the next anthem, next ballad, or next rocker while enjoying whatever track is playing at the time.
This is also probably the best sounding Stan Bush record to date – production here is just perfect. Contemporary enough so that the material doesn't sound dated, but at the same time, you just know what decade the heart of the record lies.
Kicking off with the classic Stan Bush styled melodic rocker I'll Never Fall, it is like 1987 all over again, except underneath the familiar vocal is some production tricks that give the song an updated feel. The same can be said of the whole record – there are plenty of swirling 80s keyboard sounds, yet just as many attributes that place the record in a fresh setting.
You just don't get any better than the classic uptempo AOR of Stan Bush on I Got A Thing For You and This Moment, which to me are perfect reminders of Stan's best work on the Stan Bush & Barrage record and Every Beat of My Heart.
Then there are the heartfelt and lush ballads I Can't Cry and The First Time, which are straight out of the 80s soundtrack, lighters-in-the-air handbook.
A triple play of rockers comes late in the album with Long, Long Way showing a little more aggression that Stan normally delivers and Over You is another great rocker with an updated vibe.
Take It All The Way has a commanding presence and a powerful guitar driven chorus.
Then there is In This Life, a song that defines Stan Bush as an artist and instantly becomes one of his best songs ever! Another throw back to the best of his early days, but entirely contemporary at the same time, this song rocks and has a hands in the air chorus to die for.
After a passage featuring the rockiest tracks I can recall from Stan, Southern Rain is a tender and emotional way to close the album – with Stan's voice and an acoustic guitar left alone to deliver the song's message.
The Bottom Line
This record should have broad and wide appeal amongst readers of this site. It is the perfect example of how to make a great AOR record, staying true to the heart of the artist, but never sounding dated or stale. Stan sounds amazing, the production is crisp and punchy and the songs are varied yet consistent and all deliver melodies and hooks to die for. Plenty of guitar solos here too.
I'm raving over several releases this month, but all are truly deserving of the attention and this is certainly one of the best of the best. AOR album of the year?
Discography / Previously Reviewed
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· Stan Bush & Barrage
· Every Beat Of My Heart
· Dial 818 888 8638
· The Child Within
· Call To Action
· Heaven
· Language Of The Heart
· Shine
· In This Life

Line Up:
· Stan Bush: Vocals
· Holger Fath: Guitars
· Matt Laug: Drums
· Lance Morrison: Bass
· Dirk Nagel, Holger Fath: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Stan Bush
· Classic AOR
Track Listing
· I'll Never Fall *
· I Got A Thing For You *
· I Can't Cry
· In This Moment *
· Waiting For You *
· The First Time
· Long, Long Way
· Over You *
· Take It All The Way
· In This Life *
· Southern Rain

--*Best Tracks

31/07/07: Tom -
Rating: 95
Stan made a massive AOR album here! I´d stongly suggest bands like Bon Jovi and Night Ranger to listen how top notch songs should sounds like. Highly recommended.

22/06/07: Danko -
Rating: 50
A pretty boring album to say the least, not what i expected and certainly STAN BUSH had a lot better albums.

there are a couple of excellent songs, the rest are fillers and or boring songs, i wouldn't really recommend this album to my friends but i guess it is subjective.

1. I Can't Cry (top pick, best song in the album)

2. In This Life

3. In This Moment

worth buying only for these songs.

better luck next time. sorry. :\

29/05/07: Almir -
Rating: 92
Awesome album. Second best of the year in my list (New PC69 is the first), this have it all. Top notch songs that stick into your mind all day and sometimes all night! One of these nights I woke up to go to the bathroom and caught myself with one of it's songs running in my head. This only happens with outstanding songs. To say that Stan Bush has talent is redundant. The man doesn't have to prove nothing for anybody.
The hard part of this all is to pick one favorite.
They are all great songs.
And to close my humble review a little cliche:
Buy it now and without fear!

Rating: 100
best album of the year.... nuff said

14/05/07: Ton -
Rating: 85
Good old school aor. Nothing new, but it's all well done. Some highlights I can't cry & I'll never fall.For those who are searching for 80's aor: Stan 's the man.

09/05/07: Frank -
Rating: 90
Another great CD by Stan Bush. This is how an AOR / melodic rock album should sound. Night Ranger could learn something from this, but they probably won't. Favourite songs: I'll Never Fall, Over You and the fantastic In This Life.

01/05/07: guillermo -
Rating: 80
se me atraganta un poco lo nuevo de Stan no es que este mal pero para escucharlo de un tiron se hace un poco pesado. Deja algo de sensacion de deja vu. Pese a todo este tipo es un genio y es bastante Aor

30/04/07: Niraj Kapur -
Rating: 98
The first great melodic rock album of 2007!

I first heard of Stan Bush in 1988 when I bought the amazing House of Lords debut album. He wrote a touching ballad, Love Don't Lie, in an album full of memorable songs. Since then his work has been varied. Solo albums like Shine have left me cold. A great ballad with Philip Bardowell called I Gotta Believe in the superb In The Cut took place in 2005, plus, his work on James Christian’s solo album, Meet The Man, show his rock power.

In This Life is nothing less than spectacular. It’s what most rock albums should deliver. Great song after great song. Musically, he's turned it up several notches. In This Life, I Can't Cry (written with the multi-talented Tommy Denander) Southern Rain, Over You adn the stunnning opener, I'll Never Fall. I cannot wait to see his long-waited tour in the UK.

Jon Bon Jovi should buy this album and see how great modern rock music sounds.

24/04/07: Sava Karadzic -
Rating: 86
The best Stan Bush album so far!

22/04/07: Strunz -
Rating: 50
a 50-50 album, some of the songs are excellent like I CAN'T CRY (which is my pick of the album), some other songs are very good, but about half of the album is filler, songs sound very samey and at times STAN BUSH voice gets very annoying unlike other albums.

50% score.

21/04/07: pezz -
Rating: 96
awsome release by stan the man i cant fault this cd love every track if ure into the aor scene this album is for you

20/04/07: Nigel Verner -
Rating: 93
An essential purchase for anyone who loves the classic 80's AOR sound. Production is first class and not one filler on the album. My favourite tracks are I'll Never Fall and In This Life which I think is destined to become a classic. This album kinda reminds me of John Kilzers debut but with a more contempory sound. Now, if only Eddie Money could take a leaf out of the Stan Bush book of how to make a killer AOR album, I would be a very happy man.

20/04/07: Nigel Verner -
Rating: 93
An essential purchase for anyone who loves the classic 80's AOR sound. Production is first class and not one filler on the album. My favourite tracks are I'll Never Fall and In This Life which I think is destined to become a classic. This album kinda reminds me of John Kilzers debut but with a more contempory sound. Now, if only Eddie Money could take a leaf out of the Stan Bush book of how to make a killer AOR album, I would be a very happy man.

19/04/07: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 95
Good old time aor but very freh prodution.
If you like aor melodic rock from the 80s you must get this.
I will rate it alongside every beat of my heart but fresher and better produced.Not as good as the Barrage album mostly because of the memories i have from that album as the music is almost as good.

18/04/07: scuppanet -
Rating: 87
Pretty good. A trip down memory lane. Still listening so hard to give a full review but from what I've digested I'd say all Stan Bush fans will be VERY happy. Oozing with that late 80's/early 90's sound and feel. Hard to find this type of sound these days.

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