Stage Dolls Get A Life Musicbusiness
N 50002-2
· Produced By: Ronny Wikmark & Torstein

· Running Time: 44.29

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: AOR/Melodic Rock

· Links: Stage Dolls
Songs: 93%
Sound: 97%
Stage Dolls have more in common with Def Leppard than just their breezy high-tech pop/rock style. Twenty years together, there have only been 5 studio albums previous to this, not to mention frontman Torstein's solo album.
Each album is therefore met with much fanfare and applause and this album is no different. Once the band got to work in January, it was written and recorded in fairly quick time. Great for fans and even better that the album sounds like it has benefited from several more months of work, being that it features such a big sound.
This is classic Stage Dolls and classic AOR. For fans of breezy, feel good melodic rock with that big punchy high-tech feel such as artists like Bryan Adams and Def Leppard, it just doesn't get much better than this.
The songs are perfect and as simple as they are, the production feel and the band's delivery of them gives the whole album a much bigger feel.
In all honesty, this could be the band's best ever album. Dig was fantastic, but a little more laid back, Stripped was classic, but featured a few fillers and the self titled Stage Dolls was a little short at only 9 tracks.
The album opens with the anthemic rocker 24/7, and then cruses right into what is one of 2004's best songs Running Back To You. Song writers take note – this simple, moody AOR ballad has it all.
The album continues to grow with the uptempo pop rocker Get A Life, which features a perfect Def Leppard style guitar riff and anthem chorus.
Someone Like You is a great sentimental ballad and You're The One is another perfect feel good rocker (even though it has already been featured on the recent Good Times compilation).
There isn't a dud track on the album – every track is a winner for fans of pure, classic AOR and high-tech melodic rock. But most notable is the brilliant mid-tempo moody pop rock of Naked In The Rain, the heavier Def Leppard of Everybody Wanna R&R and the perfect melodies of Only.
The Bottom Line
A most welcomed return from the band that does little wrong besides not recording often enough! A perfect collection of feel good high-tech, classic style melodic rock and AOR, written and recorded without any regard for the fact it's 2004, not 1988.
A big production sound and the band's commitment to strong material means that the band are classic and contemporary at the same time. Essential for fans of the lost art of big budget pop rock.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Soldiers Gun
· Commandos
· Stage Dolls
· Stripped
· Stories We Could Tell
· Shoot The Moon (Solo Album - Torstein Flakne)
· Dig
· Good Times 'The Essential Stage Dolls'
· Get A Life

Line Up
· Torstein Flakne: Vocals, all electric & accustic guitars
· Morten Skogstad: Drums
· Terje Storli: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Stage Dolls
· Bryan Adams - Waking Up The Neighbors
· Def Leppard - X
Track Listing
· 24/7*
· Running Back To You*
· Get A Life*
· Someone Like You
· You're The One*
· Too Late For Love
· Naked In The Rain*
· Everybody Wanna R&R
· Only*
· Don't Fight
· Summertime Ladies
--*Best Tracks

09/09/09: Darren Preece -
Rating: 100
Masterpiece of the highest order, classy AOR super ballads, incredible production ..... this has it all. 100 out of 100, roll on the next release ....

01/01/06: The Sims -
Rating: 98

got damn right, i'm running back to Stage Dolls album and won't look back, absolutely mega fantastic.

01/03/05: guillermo -
Rating: 90
Buen album de rock melódico.Bastante mejor que su recopilación.

06/11/04: ton -
Rating: 99
This one really surprises me. I already had some earlier records from Stage Dolls, even a very good one from 1988. Get a life has a fantasticand warm sound. It sounds a little like Bryan Adams/Def Leppard but Adams can not stand in the shade of this one. For example listen to the ballad SOMEONE LIKE YOU - Adams is blown away from the stage (dolls)A brilliant album. Nearly the highest score possible.

19/08/04: JJ -
Rating: 100
This is just monsterous!! What a great new CD from my all time favourite Norwegian band Stage Dolls!!

These guys, led by supertalent Torsten Flakne, have done nothing but fantastic albums throughout the years. The debut was rockin', bluesy and fun, the Commandos disc (one of the most rare to find on CD -why is there no re-release of this title or remasters of their entire so classic catalogue!?)was the definition of true AOR, the "Stage Dolls" disc with the so loved hit "Love cries" was an album that should have taken the guys to the TOP!!, Stripped was also very strong an album with plenty of fantastic melodic rock songs, the first collection CD was killer with two great new tracks, the Dig CD was no let down either - fresh, living and smooth AOR, and now... possibly their best CD ever or at least one of them, which in itself is a very good rating since they have never released a weak album in my opinion.

This CD contains 11 winners, no need to mention various favourites - they're all so good!!

Stage Dolls are very big in the native Norway, but should be big elsewhere too, one of the very best bands of all time!!!
Heja Norge!!!

18/08/04: Yumiko -
Rating: 100
I guess I misundestood What " Classic " means . Shame on me!
This is very " Classic " !! Perfect !! Thank you, Stage Dolls !

17/08/04: Yumiko -
Rating: 100
I think this album is one of the best they have made. I 'm very glad that this album is not classic one.They are just not "80's band". It's 2004 now! I respect all job they do! "Gratulerer gutter!"

11/08/04: Floppy -
Rating: 100
This is a MONSTER!

i've never heard Stage dolls, i heard the soundbyte for the 1st time of RUNNING BACK TO YOU....i run out and bought the CD.

been a week since i got it and it's the only CD playing in my car with my girlfriend...everytime the song NAKED RAIN starts, she kisses me, but i don't give a damn, cause my heart and ears are on the's that good.

BUY BUY BUY this one, otherwise.....stop visiting this site.

25/07/04: ian -
Rating: 95
The album that is playing as i write is without doubt the best album the Stage Dolls have put out in many a year . An album for hot summer days , driving down the highway top down belting out songs such as "GET A LIFE,ONLY,24/7,SUMMERTIME LADIES",[i wish]. what you get is a great rock n roll sound track for those long summer days and nights , i really can't say a bad thing about this cd ,along with Stan Bush contender for album of the year.

20/07/04: Dale Rethke -
Rating: 65
Not too bad but not near the CD that the 98 Stage Dolls release was.

19/07/04: John Elway -
Rating: 86
While I always liked these guys, I felt like their past albums were inconsistent. There were always three or four great songs on each album, but much of their work seemed bland. However, this is by far their most consistent record and features some great tunes. This is also their heaviest record yet, which is definitly a good thing.

05/07/04: Scott Watson -
Rating: 95
I had never heard of the Stage Dolls. After listening to the soundbytes Andrew posted and reading the comments on the message board, I thought I'd give them a try. This is a great cd. Perfect melodic rock.

22/06/04: Nando -
Rating: 90
For sure this album is as good as STAGE DOLLS -S/T (3rd cd). Good songs, great chorus, the kind of music that stick to your ears. TOO LATE FOR LOVE, SUMMERTIME LADIES , RUNNING BACK , just to mention a few. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

18/06/04: Panagiotis -
Rating: 99
Well I think we have a masterpiece here. AOR at its best. Probably their best album. Thank you guys. Keep it up.

17/06/04: JOHNNY -
Rating: 90
Norway Is Back On The Map Again. And This Time We Got One Of The Best Albums For A Decade. Can You Imagine A Mix Of Bryan Adams With Richard Marx and put some Mark Spiro and On The Rise on Top Of That. I Just Love This. Can Life Be Better Than This? Great! Now we just have to wait on RETURN to deliver...

17/06/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 85
Good melodic stuff. No competition for the real masters of the mighty USA or Canada, but very good. Melodic, good songs, good musianship, but not a classic one !

17/06/04: Hysteria -
Rating: 9
Very good record, liked it right away. 'Too late for Love' is my favorite.

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