Track Listing
They All Fall Down (1)
Tomorrow (2)
My World
Hello Hello (3)
She Was Dead
The Best is Yet To Come
Broken Handed
In My Mind
Non Toxic

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Honor Among Thieves
Now You See Inside (1)
Tomorrow (2)

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Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered
RCA 07863 68130-2
Produced By: Mitch Allen, Butch Walker, Neal Avron
Running Time: 46.13 Genre: Nu-Breed
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: SR-71 LabelLink: RCA

SR-71 are back with one of the most anticipated Nu-Breed releases of the year. Behind Butch Walker, I don't think anyone was looking forward to another nu-release more than this.
Having the great Butch on board for some of the production duties only increased the anticipation.
Which is why I am probably disappointed in this release.
Sure enough the album rocks like hell, but the variety and more melodic tones of the debut are not present. As far as what I hoped for, this record is not what I had anticipated.
It's still a great album and I will be sure to play it quite a lot, but not nearly as much as I spun the band's first album.
Why is this so?
Well, the album rocks hard no doubt about it. In fact, it rocks much harder than Now You See Inside, to the point where the band is almost unrecognizable.
That's great, but their unique brand of Nu-Breed rock n roll is somewhat lost and some of the album's charm goes with it.
Even though he only produces 4 tracks, the Butch Walker influence is all over this record. It's loud, in your face, aggressive and more modern in its sound.
No doubt that album co-producer (and vocalist) Mitch Allen was greatly influenced by Butch.
The charm of the debut was the band's modern rock approach, mixed with the very classic melodic rock style of Mitch's vocals. Unlike many other bands, his voice stood on its own merits.
On Tomorrow, Mitch sings so aggressively much darker, heavier and unfortunately is in places, so buried in vocal effects, anyone could be singing.
The melody has been all but removed thanks to an overload of vocal effects and sub-industrial screaming. This has left the songs having to work harder to be hook friendly. And I don't think it works as well.
Repeat listens helps bring those melodies out, but they aren't as strong or as instant as the last album.
There is nothing like Last Man On The Moon or the catchy pop rock of Right Now to lighten proceedings up.
There is nothing wrong with the album it's awesomely produced, immaculately played, well packaged and features 11 new songs.
I put any fault down to the style of the production and the lack or variety within the band's attempts to be more modern rock friendly has seen them abandon the parts that made the debut stand out from the pack.
Those complaints out of the way, there really aren't any duff tracks on show all 11 new tracks and the one bonus (unnecessary) remake of Non Toxic are solid - just not as memorable as they might have been.

The Bottom Line
The band's attempts to mark time with fellow modern rockers like Creed means that they have somewhat left their unique identity behind. That means some fans who flocked to the fresh and original debut are going to be left out in the cold.
There are few modern rock/nu-breed albums on the market as good as this, but I feel that the majority of the band's fans will favor Now You See Inside over this. That's certainly how I feel.

Line Up
Mitch Allen: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Beauchemin: Guitar, Vocals
John Allen: Drums, Vocals
Jeff Reid: Bass, Vocals

Additional Ratings

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25/04/05: Adam Lovely -
Rating: 78
I listened to this on way to Scotland with my mate Baker it's was good. I love SR71.

30/05/03: Geoff -
Rating: 95
Okay, so I'm a little late but at least that gives me a good view of the album after owning it since it's release and looking at it and how it stacks up in the long run. Basically, I loved it when I got it and played it every day for a few weeks and it still batters my ears regularly now. The album is a monster, simple as that.

Must confess that I do prefer this one to the excellent debut, mostly due to the added power and few more 'aggressive' angry kind of songs in there, which you can really get stuck into. Yes, the debut had a few too and is undoubtedly an amazing album, but this one really hits the right spot.

A fact I just realised, if reviewing both CDs, I'd probably give 'Now you see inside' a higher rating, but me personally, I prefer this one. Great nu melodic hard rock I call it.

'All fall down' and 'Goodbye' are 2 of my top 5 songs of 2002 - brilliant stuff, 'Lucky' should have been a single as large as Everest, 'Broken handed' is brutal metal flavoured 'nu-breed' at it's finest, 'Tomorrow' reminds me of Linkin Park but ever better, great song, 'My world' is a lovely balladic (or as close as it gets here) tune which is a delight, 'Hello hello' and 'Truth' are both cool, probably my least favourite tracks of a near flawless CD, 'She was dead' is another killer punk flavoured track with cool lyrics, 'The best is yet to come' is another spectacular ballad-type track with all the balls of a walrus, as is 'In my mind'. And we all know 'Non-toxic' - one of my faves of the debut and as fine as ever hear too.

As I said, killer CD all round and probably my fave 'nu-breed' one out there, close to Butch and M3. Love it.

03/05/03: Russell Barnes -
Rating: 45
Like 100's of West Coast bands, it has a sound and song structure that does not stand it out from the crowd at all. The first album was good, but this follow up is a step backwards.
Get Butch Walkers album instead. Much, much better.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 78
I must agree with the majority of these reviews: this is harder than their last outing (a good thing), but nothing is very is catchy or memorable. In fact, it's only been about two weeks since I listented to the disc, and I can't even remember any of the tunes without checking the back cover.

05/02/03: David -
Rating: 95
This is a very good album and it is significantly heavier and darker than the debut. Although I welcome the harder sound, I have to agree with Andrew in regards to the debut being the better of the two albums.

Specifically, I think that the songwriting was much better on the debut. I think that the music on "Tomorrow", especially the arrangements and the drumming, is better and more complex than the debut. However, this improvement does not compensate for the decline in songwriting.

To put things in perspective, I think the best song on here is the live version of "Non-Toxic". Normally, I would consider releasing a live version of a song off the previous album to be a bad idea (for example Boston's "Living For You", however, this is a *bonus song* and it is indeed a spectacular live recording. I think that it definitely accomplishes its goal which is to try and coax more people to come out and see them on tou. I haven't seen SR-71 live yet, but I will definitely see them when I get a chance. If they sound anything like they do on this live recording, it must be a great show. I am amazed by Mitch's vocal range and I specifically had my doubts in regards to him being able to pull this song off.

28/01/03: Andrew McNeice -
Rating: 0
Hi folks.
I don't normally follow up reviews with any comments, but to answer Marko's review - you strongly disagree, yet your rating is only 2% above that of mine.
For the record, it's not how heavy this record is (I love that), it's the lack of strong hooks and memorable choruses that the last album had.
And WHEN Rick does release his new hard rocking album, you better believe he won't forget to include endless hooks and harmonies within every track ;)

28/01/03: Marko -
Rating: 85
I have to disagree strongly with Andrew on this one. This album "spanks" the debut. Much much stronger, ballsier, rock songs. The power this album has is nothing short of amazing, in a world of acoustic-popper power pop, this thing has edge. For those who like Rick Springfield - his new song that he's been performing on tour - would fit on this album. I hope this album grows Andrew, or you might not like the new RS when it does show!

01/01/03: Andrew -
Rating: 88
Let's get this out of the way, THIS IS NOT "NOW YOU SEE INSIDE". If you compare these two albums (i just dated myself) they are definitely different. "Inside" had that poppy feel and this one has that also, but a much harder, crunchier bass and drum element. The influence of new drummer John Allen is unmistakeable. He pounds those skins like a hammer. If they didn't put their name on "Tomorrow" it would be a great album by itself. . Every song has a melodic edge to it and some are really melodic enough for radio like "Lucky" and "Goodbye". Forget it's SR-71 and just LISTEN!

01/01/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 40
Sorry, but this is once again pure nu-breed crap, the 'music' I hate totally. No keys, so, it leaves me cold as ice. No songs, and the terrribe mr. Butch Walker is involved. Aaargh !!!!!! If Hirsch Gardner only gets a rating of 58, how can I give this more than 40 ! ? You guys don't like pomp, I don't like that modern crap, but the worst is that a lot of people try to force us and to believe us that this is the real stuff !!! Oh boy !!!! Call me old fashioned or blink-eyed, I only love pure AOR, melodic hardrock and pomprock (also lots of progressive stuff), done with class, with good musicians, a great singer, class songs and lots of keyboards. This is not what I get from SR-71, they offer us a kind of punk ! (can't believe mmy ears !). Like all other nu-breed, it will never my cup of tea, because it's false music, created to sell and not from the heart. And if it's gonna sell, I doubt it !!!!

04/12/02: Gaz -
Rating: 95
I love the likes of Butch Walker, Stroke 9, Bowling for Soup (songs produced by Butch) etc and the last SR-71 was a strong melodic pop CD. What it needed was some more balls, other than Richt Now and Politically Correct the album was full of ballads and even though these ballads were strong the guys needed to get meaner. hat's why I like this album more than the first, because it's "tougher" it's good to see a band actually go heavier instead of turning pussier. It keeps the melody and the production values but has stronger songs. I think it's great !!!
p.s - Ia gree with the other person - I hear no CREED in this album. Sorry

03/12/02: Ken Lewis - angekisryc
Rating: 95
I Love this album! I have been listing to it almost everyday for a week!!
There is many styles on this cd! I love Track 1,6 Goodbye is a Killer tune!

27/11/02: John Dee -
Rating: 95
Damn, this 'nu-metal' stuff is really growing on me ( who croped up this term and what does it mean)?
As I listened to 'Tomorrow' last night, I really related to the lyrics, they're especially awesome (seems to dis females
somewhat inadvertantly for the first half of the album, it's OK by me, and is not by any means malicious).
The writing is comparible only to Butch Walker's most recent release. Then now, why am I not suprised he's affiliated with this release.?!
Could Butch and Mitch maybe sometime soon hold a candle to the likes of Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul)? Give these man a
medal, for the exquisite metal. SR-71 experiment a little with a slight industrial touch on a few tracks, thus a heavier feeling.
More obscure, but quite fresh, and I say thumbs up. Personally, I would suggest a band that's gets heavier and remotely changes
the artistic impressions with the passing of time without selling out (IE 'heavier') is one that has either evolved or become enlightened...
And the guys from SR-71certainly have. The boys have just made an album that generally 'rips'. Get it or ya ain't got it. "Tomorrow" and
'Butch Walkers' most recent, I'd actually go out and physically shell out the coin 4 (the few amongst the many).

What was that about oblivion, you must be oblivious.

* Thanks for the great site, 'Melodic' R-Rocks!

25/11/02: Will Matson -
Rating: 80
I agree with the reviewer, Andrew. This album doesn't measure up to the debut, "Now you see inside." The songs aren't bad, they are well written but there is not that killer song that makes you want to go out and buy the album. I work as a radio dj in the US and I had a real hard time finding anything I would even remotely consider a radio single. Yes, I know this record was not made for radio, at least according to what some of the guest reviewers say. However, after doing radio for so long, I judge an album based on how good I think it would sound on the radio. My listeners did not respond to this one favorably at all and it really didn't work even though I tried more than one track. The best one for radio was probably "In my mind." SR71 needs some killer songs for the next album otherwise they are going down fast and will fade into oblivion. However, after listening to this album and also seeing the sales figures so far, it could already be too late, which is a shame considering I liked the first album.

23/11/02: Carl1 -
Rating: 92
I was worried about this album after reading some of the comments posted on this site over the last few weeks. However, I need not have as this is simply brilliant. Yes it's heavier than the last album but the songs are awesome and the good thing is because it takes a few listens to get used to it, it won't end up in the "heard it once and that's enough to remember everything aboutit" pile. I may be in the minority here but I think this is better than the last cd.

23/11/02: Big Dog -
Rating: 90
I was disappointed with the first listen, since _Tomorrow_ was clearly a departure from _Now You See Inside_. After three or four listens though, I have gotten my ears around it and I like what I hear.

_T_ is harder rock than _NYSI_. _T_ is also less poppy. I remember reading band interviews from the first release. The band listed influences that were harder than the music in their first release. Given the combination of the first two releases, I can see their listed influences now and I can see where this band on balance is at musically. I do not think this band wanted the "pop" label that maybe their record company forced them into on the first release. My guess is that their third release will be combination of the first two, versus more of the second.

BTW, I hear absolutely no Creed in _T_. If anything, I do hear the harder approach of Offspring, like in the song _She Was Dead_.

23/11/02: Kula -
Rating: 95
OK! Think I'm the first one to rate this one higher than "now tou se inside". This one rocks hard! The sound is not changed and the cathy melodies is stronger than ever. Can't realy agree that there is'nt any songs like "right now". On "now..." there were only "Right now", on "Tomorrow" you got a least three songs in the same vein... It would have got a full score if there has been a song like "Last man on the moon"... Cool Album!

22/11/02: Aaron -
Rating: 80
Have to agree on this one, while "Tomorrow" is certainly a good album that will recieve much play, it just didn't hit me the same way that "Now You See Inside" did. I don't know if it's the usual "2nd Album Blues" or not. That being said, there are some great tracks here, my favorites being "Tomorrow", "My World", and "Lucky". Hopefully, future projects will be able to blend more of the melodic sound of "Now You See Inside" with the harder edge they were going for in this effort.

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