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Z Records
Produced by: Torstein and Lars K.

Released: OUT NOW / Website
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Burning Childhood
  2. No Sorrow
  3. Fire
  4. Slumber With The Lion
  5. Hopeless Kind
  6. Lazy Stacy
  7. Love You To Much
  8. Gimmie Lovin'
  9. Talk About Girls
  10. Stranded
  11. Hunger For Love
  12. Baby Wanna Ride* * European Bonus Track

Welcome back Sons Of Angels! Without skipping a beat, the guys are back, picking up where they left off 10 years ago!
This album and the songs contained within were recorded over a long period - in fact the whole period the band has been away from the scene. A couple of tracks hark back to 1989, others were recorded last year. Importantly, they all flow evenly within the context of the album.
Sons Of Angels know how to write a catchy hard rock song and with Solli at the helm, you know it isn't always going to be straight forward.
Their debut album was recorded for Atlantic Records under the production guidance of Kevin Elson. Label problems entered the fray and the band went AWOL. But they kept themselves busy and Solli sang on several other projects.
They were made to look like your average LA band (even though they are from Norway!), but never sounded like it, with a knack of sounding just a little above those bands they were competing with.
On Slumber With The Lion, the band's sound remains planted in commercial European rock territory, but they have toughened up a little. With age comes maturity and Sons Of Angels are no different.
Their sound is tighter, the songs a little more refined and the package as a whole is certainly updated.
Burning Childhood open the album in fine fashion - a good fun up tempo hard rocker with the sound of the band's debut not far away.
No Sorrow is darker and heavier and also about half the pace of the opening number. This is an example of how the band have evolved and a taste of a darker more modern sound.
Fire falls somewhere in between the opening two tracks. Moody in delivery, mid tempo in pace, but featuring a catchy but simple chorus and an unmistakable Solli vocal.
Slumber With The Lion is another example of the band in 2000/1. Heavy, slow, dark and intense. Thankfully, the band know how to write good songs and there are still hooks here to latch on to.
Hopeless Kind is a u-turn from the last couple of songs. This track is a pretty acoustic ballad with a hummable chorus hook. It picks up pace a little as the songs develops, but is primarily an acoustic ballad.
Lazy Stacy is another darker mid tempo number, with a heavily accented lead vocal and a hook reminsicent of the band's occasionally funky debut.
Love You To Much is another track that harks back to the sound of the debut. Another good fun rock track with one of the bigger anthem choruses of the album. An album highlight.
It's big ballad time with Gimmie Lovin'. This could be my favourite track of the album as it features a very strong lead vocal and a big anthem chorus, complete with strong harmony vocals and a big - no scratch that - a huge finish!
Talk About Girls is a harmless groovy little rock number that isn't one of the better songs of the album, but a good pace changer nevertheless.
Stranded is ballad number 3, but with all three ballads sounding a little different than the last. This is another good softer sounding acoustic driven track.
Hunger For Love is an example of what the band do best - another good fun funked up guitar driven rocker.
Baby Wanna Ride is a European bonus track. The production sound is different than that of the rest of the album, so I am not sure where it was lifted from. Still, it's a good enough song and a groovy little number with a good chorus hook.
BOTTOM LINE: Welcome back guys! The band have reformed and picked up where they left off, only stopping to update their sound a little. The production of the album will never be able to complete with a 1990 budget including Kevin Elson, but it's still pretty strong and better than many releases out there.
As for the songs - they are all there. A good, strong collection of songs and melodies that should entertain every fan of the debut, and maybe re-introduce the band to some new fans on the scene.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of the Sons Of Angels debut and fans of European hard rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Sons Of Angels . Slumber With The Lion

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