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Produced by: Jack Douglas

Released: OCT 10 / Website
Closest Relative: GNR, Lynch Mob
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Been There Lately
  2. Anything
  3. Shine
  4. One Mean Bone
  5. Break You
  6. The Truth
  7. Landslide
  8. Ain't Life Grand
  9. Speed Parade
  10. Serial Killer
  11. Something About Your Love
  12. The Alien
  13. Bleed
  14. What Kind Of Life

Slash's back with album number 2, which easily beats his debut album with better songs, vocals, production and consistency.
This album has more of everything - more hard, fast guitar, more solo's, more Guns N Roses style riffing and more in your face sleaze rock.
Some of the credit must go to new vocalist Rod Jackson who quite simply is one of the more over the top hard rock characters I have recently witnessed.
Everything on this album is turned up! The guitar is everywhere, the vocals are mixed to the max and the feel of the album is jus one big hard, fast party.
Fans of American sleaze hard rock are going to love this. There's a little AC/DC in there, some Lynch Mob, some LA Guns and lots of Guns N Roses mixed with heavy blues riffs for good measure.
The lyrics basically tell tales of a hard drinking, hard living lifestyle I don't doubt this band live to like religion.
Rod Jackson's whiskey and gravel soaked vocals aren't going to be for everyone, but it still kicks my ass. He sounds like Rod Stewart on acid!
Tracks like One Mean Bone, with it's hilarious intro and then pile driving heavy riff are just sensational. Landslide likewise.
It's a long album and it's hard to single out the best tracks.
BOTTOM LINE: A monster classic, hard rocking, sleazy, hard living, over the top American rock 'n' roll record. Nothing short of it. The best thing Slash has done post GNR and an album that will take some beating. Love to see these guys live, if you get the chance I don't doubt the music will become even more alive.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Sleaze rock fans everywhere and a good selection of Guns N Roses fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere . Ain't Life Grand

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