Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute SPV
Produced By: Skid Row

Running Time: 40.51

Release Date: October 24


Musical Style: Hard Rock / Punk

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Songs: 29%
Sound: 70%
Skid Row have an identity crisis. Their first album without venerable frontman Sebastian Bach was a bit hit and miss. The quality of the songs was there, but the direction was not. Part old school, part modern rock, it made the band appear indecisive as to what they should be doing.
The guys are now back with album number two featuring frontman Johnny Solinger. It seems they have the same problem with indecisiveness, but this time they also lack the quality of songs, making this album rather a mess.
Making the situation even worse for long time fans is the fact that the band barely acknowledge their traditional sound, this time flip-flopping between modern hard rock and nu-breed inspired 3-chord punk.
Throw in a couple of hillbilly rockers and the Skid Row as we once knew it is perhaps lost forever.
I'm not saying every track on this album is bad there are a few moments where the song demands attention and the guys certainly rock with passion and attitude.
The opening track Disease is little more than noise to me and the punk fuelled Another Dick In The System doesn't do much more, although the angst levels within the song are intense.
Then there is the frantic hillbilly rock of When God Can't Wait, which is more Green Day goes country than anything I would expect on a Skid Row record.
In fact, it isn't until the grinding hard rock of Shut Up Baby I Love You and the rocked-up cover of The Alarm's Strength that this album really gets my attention.
The punk metal of White Trash has a good groove and a frantic rhythm and then there's You Lie. This is the dorkiest, hokiest "metal" track I have heard since Leppard's classic Stumpus Maximus cover of Please Release Me.
Except this is an all-original number. This is the ultimate hate song wrapped up in an uptempo, feel-good country jamboree. You have to love the sentiment of the song and I love where the band takes it, but how can anyone take it seriously?
But what's worse, there is two versions of the track on the album. The album closes with the same song some 3 seconds shorter and with no discernable difference between the two. Some bonus track!
Pick of the whole album for me follows hillbilly hour. Nothing is a track that gets closer to the heart of what this band is capable of and is an example of where the whole album should have been going.
The Bottom Line
I don't doubt that some Skid Row fans are going to embrace this record as they did the last one and will do their best to enjoy it. But I think the majority of fans enjoyment aside - will continue to wish for a return to what made the band famous and the frontman that helped take them there.
Out of the 5 Skid Row studio albums available, if you had to pick only one to listen to, would it ever be anything other than the debut or the essential Slave To The Grind? All in all I gave Thick Skin a solid workout but now the review for this album is done, RPM just got shelved for good. And that's disappoints me greatly.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Skid Row
Slave To The Grind
Subhuman Race
Revolutions Per Minute

Line Up:
Johnny Solinger: Vocals
Scotti Hill: Guitar
Dave Sabo: Guitar
Phil Varone: Drums
Rachel Bolan: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Skid Row - Thickskin
Track Listing
Another Dick In The System
Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me
When God Can't Wait
Shut Up Baby I Love You *
Strength *
White Trash
You Lie
Love Is Dead
Let It Ride
You Lie (Bonus Track)

--*Best Tracks

02/12/09: DJ -
Rating: 10
Andrew was generous with that 40%. Can't believe this is what Skid Row has come to.Im not here to say who is a better singer Bach or Solinger or any of that drama.This is just simply a terrible album.No good songs,no vibe,poor production...and the list goes on.I know you guys will get it together again one day.Peace to ya

28/02/07: Vale_1776 -
Rating: 0
oh sweet lord, i thought thickskin was bad... what have they done. i swear, bach was king. i hear people slagging him off for being quote "up his own ass" but when you got vocal cords of his calibur then why not? he can sing like no other rock/ metal singer can, he can reach those high notes with ease and scream like a banshee when needed. skid row have never been the same since and i think its slander to call themselves skid row without half of the original line up. this album isnt worth destroying with fireworks, thats how depressing it is... maybe i'm "living in the past" wanting the original band to re-form and release more quality old style material, but that is what skid row was all about, not this mess of thrown together rubbish. it sickens me. and im done.....

07/12/06: Velvet Revolver -
Rating: 0
This is arguably the worst band in existence. It's disgusting!!

02/12/06: Splash777 -
Rating: 0
Another horrible album from a band that is soooo much better than what is on their album. This isn't Skid Row its part alterna country meets hillbilly punk meets We used to be a metal band sounding guitars. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?"

25/11/06: cutter -
Rating: 0

24/11/06: Red -
Rating: 10
I used to adore this band but they have become a laughing stock and this latest effort is hands down the worst album of the year.

Utter shite!

21/11/06: Brian -
Rating: 0
I sampled this at Wal-Mart of all places and it sounds pathetic! I grew up listening to Skid Row, but this isn't Skid Row! If the band actually thinks this is good then they need to hang it up for sure. I don't have a problem with bands such as Europe, Harem Scarem, Stryper, and Gotthard updating the sound of their music, but Skid Row's RPM has no substance whatsoever! Don't waste your money on this junk!

19/11/06: Park Hanuk -
Rating: 0
This record really doesn't deserve any rating because you pick any 5 guys who're struggling in the street and you just hand them out some instrumentals and recording facility and they'll be able to release much better album than this piece of trash. Yeah I really mean it. I was shocked that Rachel Bolan actually thinks that this cd is way better than Subhuman Race and is on par as Slave to the Grind. Here's my 5 words to Rachel. What are your ears for?

16/11/06: JD -
Rating: 50
very, very disappointing. i love this band but this aint sounding like skid row. its not even skid row 'evolved' - it sounds (both sonically and song wise) just like Rachels 'Prunella Scales' album from years ago. i suppose thats no surprise as he appears to have written most of it on his own, and i know its reflecting his passion with the drag racing scene but it just doesnt cut the mustard with me. probably about half of it is listenable the rest is filler material that sounds like it was written and recorded on the spot. im not living in the past its just that this is a poor effort, and if its a drag racing soundtrack full of fast spitting punk efforts there are far better records out there than this. i enjoyed thickskin (more mature songs with better production and melodies) and was really looking forward to this disc but im sorry and sad to say it really is a major letdown from a once great songwriting team.

14/11/06: Edu Ruivo Nicolau -
Rating: 60
Some good songs (disease, another dick in the system, Alarm cover strenght, shut up baby i love you) and some bad songs (you lie, when god can't wait). THICKSKIN is so much better, where's the goo goo dolls influence in this new album??

13/11/06: Rob K -
Rating: 0
The number of Revolutions Per Minute this CD is going to receive from me here-on-in is ZERO. Avoid this at all costs. How these guys can call themselves Skid Row is beyond me. Baz must be loving this.

10/11/06: CJ Plain -
Rating: 0
This is quite simply, the biggest piece of crap that I have heard in the past 20 years. I would rather be tied to a chair, have my testicles hooked to a car battery and be forced to listen to Kevin Federline's rap CD than to ever have to hear this thing again.

10/11/06: Rick -
Rating: 65
I loved the direction on Thickskin, but this album is the worst skid row album ever. There is not one song on the album that catches the ear.

10/11/06: looksthatkill -
Rating: 0
Again we wonder why this band is bothering putting anything out under this once great name, Bach was the "Youth gone wild" and the reason skid row came to the top.
Get him back in the fold and then we will listen.

10/11/06: Disgruntled Ex-Fan -
Rating: 20
"Hello. Are you there Sebastian, it's me, "Snake" Sabo. Look, we need ya back in the band. This thing is becoming a farce."

10/11/06: steve15 -
Rating: 1
PAID $13.00 & SIMPLY PUT AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

09/11/06: Sava -
Rating: 3
No Sebastian Bach = no Skid Row! This is so evident on both post-Bach Skid Row releases! And "Revolutions Per Minute" is even worst than "Thickskin"!

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