Stoney Records
Produced by: Chip Z'Nuff

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Enuff Z Nuff, Cheap Trick
GENRE: Pop/Rock, Nu-Breed

  1. Mr. Sunshine
  2. Running Away
  3. Good Luck Goodbye
  4. Spotlight
  5. I Will Never Let You Go
  6. Always Be The Same
  7. If Only
  8. Someone Out There
  9. Memory Lane
  10. Reprise

Sixty-10's debut album has been produced by none other than Chip Z'Nuff and released on his own label Stoney Records.
The 3 piece band recorded this album in 5 days. The combination of information suggests what we are in for musically and the album doesn't disappoint.
Sixty-10 run through 9.5 fuzz pop rockers in the best tradition of Enuff Z Nuff and Cheap Trick.
The opening track Mr. Sunshine is a great example of nu-breed pop rock while Somebody Out There and If Only keep the tempo high.
In between the album is a little mellower and darker than Enuff or Trick, but the catchy melodies and tone of the album remain consistent throughout.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a great little guitar driven pop rock album with some great songs in the inevitable Beatlesque rock style of bands like Enuff Z Nuff.
If this style of music is your bag, then I would recommend you check these new guys out. They are attracting a lot of attention and I expect that only to increase.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of power pop and fuzz/rock like Enuff Z Nuff and Cheap Trick.

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