Silver Gold MTM Music
Produced By: Michael Voss

Running Time: 48.21

Release Date: September 26


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 92%
Silver have now raced to 5 albums. Amazing in this day and age especially when some of the very acts who released an album at the time Silver released their debut have yet to come up with a follow-up.
Once again featuring the raspy rock voice of Gary Barden and the musical muscle of the great Michael Voss, Gold is an album that sees the band re-energized and more focused after a couple of average releases.
Silver's music has varied from dark and gothic influenced rock to Rainbow-esque hard rock.
I find Gold to be infinitely better than the last couple of albums and perhaps as good as the band's debut, albeit with a slightly altered sound than before.
While this band is never going to be straight ahead anything, this collection of songs is definitely their most accessible bunch and for that reason I think the guys might find some new fans with this album.
There remains some dark and gothic tones, especially when Andi Broon and Mike Bar (Sisters Of Mercy) participates.
But there remain some straight ahead out and out rockers on here, such as the opening track Creep. A super tight production and in your face guitar delivery are bound to impress. Joshua is another example of the new approach, with some menacing vocals in play and a hard edged guitar sound also present on the band's solid cover of Bowie's China Girl.
The addition of some female lead vocals (courtesy of Michaela Schober) seemed odd at first, but after getting to know the album, seem well placed. The dark and symphonic All That I Wanted best highlight this and draw further Sisters Of Mercy comparisons.
The mid-tempo Setting It Up is another moody winner as is the closing track Daydream Believers.
The guys include a couple of great melodic ballads with Wouldn't You Agree being the very best. A very smooth chorus and memorable hook make it an album standout.
There are some modern production tricks used to good effect on Gold, touches which help give the album a contemporary feel.
Guitar wiz Tommy Denander guests on three tracks to add extra muscle to the release.
The Bottom Line
The band has always had a quirky twist to their sound and won't appeal to all, but if you have some time for the works of Voss and Barden, this album should definitely impress. The guys have managed to re-start momentum after a couple of average albums and have gathered some fine songs to drive the album. There is definitely a return to the darker vibe and song quality of the debut.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Dream Machines

Line Up:
Gary Barden: Vocals
Michael Voss: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars on 'All That I Wanted', 'Joshua', 'Daydream Believers'
Mike Bar: Sequencing, Programming
Andi Broon: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Gary Barden
Sisters Of Mercy
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Track Listing
All That I Wanted*
Wouldn't You Agree*
Golden Days
Setting It Up
China Girl*
Save Me
Daydream Believers
--*Best Tracks

28/02/07: valster -
Rating: 80
Sadly Bernie Torme is not on this release.... the pedestrian guitar playing on this opus seems to lack the 'whaling' aspect.

01/11/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 80
Maybe not as strong as their previous efforts, but still a nice and very decent record.
It's more laidback, not really melodic rock. It's even AOR at times !
The songs are beautiful, take your time to listen to 'em !
When you hear the record for the first time, you may be disappointed, but give it a chance !
It's less powerfull than expected, but charming.
Nice one again !, but a bit different than we were used by Silver.

01/11/05: AORAndy69 -
Rating: 90
This is one of my "TOP TEN" album of the year. Songs like ALL THAT I WANTED and DAYDREAM BELIEVER are very intensive and with an incredible refrain. Every AOR Fan could own this incredible CD, that push SILVER in the MELODIC HARD ROCK gotha.

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