Z Records
Produced by: Bob Ezrin, Kevin Beamish, Pat Regan, SR

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Kiss, Sabu
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Still Alive
  2. Unchained
  3. Whiskey Woman
  4. Livin' For The Moment
  5. At My Command
  6. Is It My Body
  7. When The Night Is Over
  8. The Hunger
  9. Remember Me
  10. I'm Back

Silent Rage are back at work after an absence of several years. Are they older? Yes. Are they wiser? Yes. But do they still rock like it was 1989? Yes indeed.
Silent Rage were a band that have retained a strong following, despite never really breaking through to the A-List as far as hard rock sales and magazine exposure.
But to their credit the guys are back with the same attitude they left with - playing good time, good fun, hard rocking USA arena rock.
This album is comprised of brand new songs and some unreleased material from sessions with famed producer Bob Ezrin, that never made it past go previously.
Other tracks were produced by the band, plus Kevin Beamish (nice to see that name mentioned again) and Pat Regan.
For anyone that was disappointed with the direction Dokken have taken, this might lift your spirits somewhat.
In the fine musical tradition of the Gene Simmons sung Kiss tracks, or the raspy melodic rock styling of Paul Sabu's unique voice, with an added dash of Shark Island sleaze, Silent Rage are LA style and attitude completely.
Tracks like Still Alive and the very catchy Dianne Warren penned Unchained feature some great lead guitar breaks and strong song hooks. Whiskey Woman turns a little more Aerosmith-blues with a ballad twist, while At My Command rocks hard and fast in the style of the band's acclaimed classic material.
BOTTOM LINE: While the song consistency and production quality of Silent Rage doesn't touch that of fellow Z Records label mates Humanimal, this is still a solid collection of tunes on the heavier side of good rock n roll.
The songs vary in sound a little, a result of the different sources. Production is solid - most guitar and vocal parts are cranked to be right in your face!
At times it sounds a little muddy, but the attitude shines through.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every established Silent Rage fan, some Kiss fans and fans of American stadium rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Silent Rage . Don't Touch Me There . Still Alive

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