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Produced by: Marcie Free

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Signal, Mark Free

  1. Arms Of A Stranger
  2. Does It Feel Like Love
  3. My Mistake
  4. This Love This Time
  5. Danny - Guitar Solo
  6. Wake Up You Little Fool
  7. Liar
  8. Go Erik - Bass Solo
  9. You Won't See Me Cry
  10. Nobody Gets Out Alive

On of the great AOR albums of all time was Signal's only album. One of the greatest singers of all time is Mark Free.
This is the only unreleased Signal material available and the only live recording of the band, recorded on their tour of the US preceding the debut album's release.
Like Icon's Official Bootleg release, this live recording has been sourced from an unusual source. Icon's cam from a VHS master, this came from an in house soundboard recording of the gig. This is not the greatest recording, but it sure beats the hell out of the Icon release.
What is important here is the attitude of the band and the rare opportunity of hearing them live.
Marcie said this wasn't the best vocal performance, but if this is a bad night, then to hell with any complaints! These vocals beat the shit out of most singers on the planet on the best night of their lives.
BOTTOM LINE: The songs are all classics a long time ago, so no comments there, the question is the performance. And that is top notch. Great fun to listen to and a great trip back for all fans of great AOR. The only problem is that you keep wishing there was a pro-recorded version available! A minor point as the recording is really quite OK. A must for all Mark Free fans.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Signal and Mark Free fans.

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