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MTM Music 0681-39
Produced by:

Released: OUT
Relatives: Fair Warning, Jaded Heart, CITA
GENRE: hard Rock

  1. Bloodsister
  2. Lovers In Chains
  3. Never Give Up Fighting
  4. Lost In A Dream
  5. That Kills Me
  6. Desperation's Song
  7. In Vain
  8. Heart On The Line
  9. Bad N Sad
  10. Another Lonely Night
  11. Freedom Rising

Shylock are a new hard rocking outfit out of Germany and have been picked up by local melodic label MTM Music.
Given that Shylock are previously unheard of, not many people are going to have much of an idea what the guys sound like. There is also very little literature regarding the band about, so let me help things by describing their sound.
The and have their own style, but let me tell you that there are plenty of comparisons to help you decide whether these guys are for you.
All fans of European hard rock should at least try this out.
Shylock's style of hard edged guitar mixed with less prominent keyboards and a strong vocalist reminds me heavily of several bands like Fair Warning and Jaded Heart and even occasionally CITA and the Scorpions.
The album runs through high octane tracks like the opening Fair Warning-like track Bloodsister, to the mid-80's Alice Cooper like mid-tempo Never Give Up Fighting, back to a moody Jaded Heart style hard rock.
Lost In A Dream and That Kills Me are songs with the band at their softer mid-tempo best.
Like many European bands, the vocals are heavily accented. Best comparison there is the Scorpions, who despite being locally flavoured, still managed to conqure the world.
This album rocks in a great way, but it's never too heavy to turn off any commercial melodic rock fan. The extensive use of keyboards helps keep it melodic, without being intrusive.
BOTTOM LINE: A very strong debut release from a new band that given the chance should make some good inroads into the melodic rock fan base.
The songs are fairly instant; I was tapping my foot along first listen. A good selection of songs and solid running order help this CD to be one of the best European debut album's this year.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of strong, commercial European melodic hard rock. Some fans of Jaded Heart and Fair Warning.

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