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Produced by: Ken Tamplin (Who Else!)
  1. Dreams For Sale
  2. More Than Kisses
  3. No Way, No How
  4. I Just Want To Celebrate
  5. In The Brave Days Of Old
  6. AD/BC
  7. Tell Me Why
  8. Y2K
  9. In Movin' On
  10. If We Only Have The Faith
  11. Seeing Is Believing
  12. Sometimes It Just Hurts
  13. Loving You, Loving Me
  14. Just A Little Bit More
  15. I Believe In Freedom
I have to admit to being a big Ken Tamplin fan. He's the Christian Jim Steinman. 2 volumes - loud and louder and 2 styles - big and bigger!
From Shout, to Ken Tamplin and Friends, to his indie solo releases, the guy knows how to make a great tunes and also how to include a message without preaching (too much!)
So here is Ken, back with the guys from Shout, to give the 90's a shot. Or is that a shout?
Firstly I am a little surprised. Ken has managed to tone his act down a little! Amazing!
Gone are some of the vocal summersaults and over the top chord changes and harmonies. The sound has definitively been updated.
But, here is where the big compliment comes...Ken is obviously one smart dude, because in updating the sound, he ha lost nothing of the catchiness, the hooks and the good fun vibe that Shout records bring.
So this record really does deserve a shot. Check out the fantastic anthem like rockers No Way, Now How, Dreams For Sale and AD/BC; while other tunes like Brave Days Of Old try a hand at a more 90's feel.
I also love the acoustic rocker I Believe In Freedom. Nice way to end the record.
I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of this album. Ken's style isn't for everyone, but for anyone who has a single Shout or Tamplin record in their collection, then this should be added to it.
Did I mention it's also quite the hard rocking album?
Yep, there is barely a chance to take a breather between the opening tack and the last few notes. Quite an impressive pace.
Maybe a track or two too long at 15 tracks, but that's a minor issue.
BOTTOM LINE: Ken Tamplin proves what a smart cookie he is by updating the Shout sound without taking away anything that made the band popular first time around.
A fresh mixture of the old with the new makes this an enjoyable release and on that would sound good released in 1989 or 1999.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Ken Tamplin and Shout fans. Christian rock fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: www.kentamplin.com/disco.html

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