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  1. Sea Of Desire
  2. Believe In Me
  3. Dancin'
  4. Waiting For The Sun
  5. Heart Of Glass
  6. What I Wouldn't Give
  7. Way You Feel
  8. Phases
  9. Inside Out
  10. Between The Eyes
Shotgun Symphony arrived on the scene out of the USA with one of the first releases on the Now & Then label.
The guys won substantial praise and have since for their subsequent releases.
After two albums outside the Now & Then fold, the guys are back with Sea Of Desire.
As I stated in the review for On The Line Of Fire, there is a mix of US and European influences and are combined with The promise and Departure in offering pomp rock fans a little something new.
Read the Departure review and you will get an additional picture of the sound.
They mix 70s pomp & prog with 80s keyboards and big over the top hooks.
Like Departure, these guys have also improved their sound and the quality of their songs.
This album rates over the last 2 and maybe even over the debut.
The opening track Sea Of Desire is huge!
Shotgun Symphony have a stronger keyboard presence than the other couple of bands and their lead vocalist reminds me again of the James LaBrie's and Geddy Lee's of this world, but also of Michael Sweet of Stryper.
In fact the Stryper album Against The Law has a similar feel to what I am reviewing here.
BOTTOM LINE: If keyboards, big hooks and over blown song arrangements do it for you, then this is another album to check out. Better and maybe their best album to date.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Shotgun Symphony fans, Departure fans, pomp/aor fans and maye even some Stryper fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Shotgun Symphony . Forget The Rain . On The Line Of Fire . Sea Of Desire

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