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Metal Mayhem Music MM00022
Produced by: James Christian

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: early Lynch Mob & Motley Crue
GENRE: Melodic Rock

  1. Show Me The Way
  2. Life In The Motion
  3. Through These Eyes
  4. Life Ain't Easy
  5. Devil's Child
  6. Pleasure And Pain
  7. Love Has It's Reasons
  8. Flashback Heart Attack
  9. Promised Land
  10. Empty Garden

I must confess to only recent listening to the band's debut album Take Another Bite. Like this new album, it was also produced by House Of Lords frontman James Christian and was also mixed by Jeff Cannata.
The album was an ok collection of Motley Crue style in your face sleaze rockers...
Considering the producer, I thought the sound was a little thin. maybe it was the recording budget at fault.
Anyway time up now for album 2 and I am pleased to report that everything on this is improved over the original.
This is a much better sound, mix and production quality - with the same names all involved.
The guitar is now right up in your face and the band have turned away somewhat from the Motley Crue-isms of the debut.
This is still right in your face American hard rock with a built in sleaze rock factor, but the band seem to have a better identity of their own.
This is more melodic and features more structured hooks and much better backing vocals, thanks to Robin Beck offering her talents throughout the album.
A special mention for Through These Eyes, which is a great melodic rocker and a duet with the aforementioned Robin Beck.
James Christian also supplies backing vocals on Empty Garden.
Tracks like Pleasure And Pain (not the JC song) remind me of the style and approach of Lynch Mob, as do a couple of other songs on the album.
BOTTOM LINE: The guys till have that sleaze rock air to their sound, with some tough talking vocals and in your face guitar riffs, but this album also feature better hooks, better songs and an overall stronger sound.
Fans of the Motley Crue school of hard rock will find some cool music here, but now fans of the harder edged melodic rock style will also find some great songs.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of American/LA style hard rock with a little in the mix for sleze rock fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Take Another Bite . Bombs Away

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