MTM MUSIC 0681-20
Produced by: Gilby Clark

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd
GENRE: Glam Rock

  1. Shock The World
  2. Queen 4 A Day
  3. You Can't Stop Me
  4. Far Away
  5. American Man
  6. Nonstop City
  7. Lonely Night In Paradise
  8. I Don't Think I Luv U
  9. What You Want Is What You Get
  10. Steal The Girlz
  11. I'm So Good
  12. A Place Where Love Can't Go
  13. Tomorrow (Bonus Track)

Glam fans take note - this release is ESSENTIAL for you!
Glam rock is an acquired taste, and as far as I go - I love the heavier side of it with bands like Poison, LA Guns & Little Caesar etc. Otherwise it has to be pretty good to get me hooked, but this release really is as good as it gets.
This is pure and undiluted glam rock. The album is a huge step up from their debut album.
Queen For A Day has everything a glamster could want for - much better production (from Keri Kelli and Gilby Clarke), better songs, better singing and bigger and better sleaze rock anthems.
As for comparisons, you name it - Poison, Tuff, Motley Crue, Kiss, Bulletboys...they're all here.
The vocals of Steve Summers are just great. There's an even balance of raspiness, power and melody.
Most of the songs rock out, but there is the odd ballad places every 3 or 4 tracks to break the pace of the album up, which is an excellent move.
Guest appearances on the album include Gilby Clarke, Tracii Guns, Brian Tichy, Steve Rilley, Jani Lane and Eric Singer.
Add to that a bonus interactive area with behind the scene's video footage and a music video for the single Queen For A Day and you have the perfect glam rock CD package.
BOTTOM LINE: A seriosuly good glam hard rock album for all fans of the genre. The guest list includes most glam acts on the planet anyway, so I can't imagine any sleaze rock fan being without this album. Even better than the great debut album. Please note, the essential rating on this album goes out to glam fans! Casual observers or fans of the more traditional straigh ahead rock release might not get this at all. Glam fans however will...big time!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All glam rock die hards!
DISCOGRAPHY:Backstreet Anthems . Queen For A Day

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